Lightning Chases Snow Through A Palace In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By Ishaan . June 10, 2013 . 8:02am

Square Enix have released a new E3 gameplay video for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that shows off the Yusnaan palace and new monsters that Lightning encounters in her pursuit of Snow.



Additionally, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available tomorrow for 1600 Microsoft Points and $19.99 via the PlayStation®Network. The new All-in-One Pack DLC will also be available tomorrow and select DLC items will be reduced by up to 50% off.

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  • DriftSlave

    I like what I see, too bad I gotta wait till next year to play it…

  • Musashi234

    Still kinda upset that we now have 3 Final Fantasy XIII games over something else. I don’t hate the XIII series just find it really odd as i didn’t think XIII even needed a sequel.

    • John Diamond

      a 3rd entry in the chrono series would’ve been cool

      • Guest


        There’s only Trigger and Cross

        • powerlessbump

          Radical Dreamers.

          But in this day in age I would rather let Chrono rest and a new IP be thought up instead of tacking on successful names to half boiled games.

          • John Diamond

            I digress, i believe that making several sequels isn’t that bad, provided there is some time between each installment. dragon quest , final fantasy and xeno games are good examples of that

    • Altin

      A new Valkyrie Profile by a good team would be nice.

      • Musashi234

        I would love that ever so Much!

    • Detrimont

      While I agree that XIII didnt need a sequel(and XIII-2 was a flop imo), LR:FFXIII actually looks pretty awesome so far

      • Musashi234

        While i do agree with you there LR:FFXIII could’ve been a different game entirely.

      • komiko12

        Yup XIII-2 complicated things in many ways.

    • Ty Austin

      I think we might see this a little more often going forward. FFXIII, as a current gen rpg, no doubt cost a huge amount of money to develop. They want their millage to take them as far as possible for how much they invested in the core game.

    • LightningFarron19

      14 hours later:

      Tetsuya Nomura: FF15 (formerly Versus XIII) and KH3 for PS4 everybody!

      I guess the FF13 sequels WEREN’T as bad as everybody called it huh? XD

  • Tincho D

    I like how SE seems to have improved the lightning effects.

    • Curan_Altea

      Not sure if that’s a typo or….

      • Tincho D

        Well played

  • new_tradition

    Guess I get a second chance at grabbing the DLC content. I only grabbed the Episodes the first time around. Is it worth it to get all the Coliseum battles? Don’t really care about the weapons and costumes…

    • Guest

      If you want the characters the Coliseum provides then yes :)

      • Guest

        Pounce, why do you bounce?

  • While this game still looks fun, I’m very disappointed with the “feel” of combat that I got from the trailer. Though my final judgement will be reserved for the chance that I actually get to hold the game, but combat just “feels” like it is lacking punch. The system itself (from a previous article) sounds quite fun, but what I watched here just seemed like Lightning hitting things with a blunt object. It lacked “oomph”.

    Well, as that is only a minor thing though, I’m still very excited for the release of the game.

    • Tincho D

      It lacks the skill variety during battle of the earlier games and lacks freedom of movement during combat.
      It’s not an action rpg but a very limited and fast turn-based one.

      • Yeah, I understand that. What I was getting at was the sound effects lack the oomph of previous games. I was expecting more of the piercing noises that went with the blade weapons in FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

        • Ehren Rivers

          I can kind of hear what you’re talking about, but I’m not really seeing the issue. The blade Lightning is wielding seems to be an altered version of her default sword, and it has a rounded tip rather than a pointed one. The only other sword I saw her using is that one that’s got a motorcycle-like handle to it, which is basically a thick wafer of metal. Hopefully, these are just sound effects that fit the weapons.

      • Ehren Rivers

        Actually, that’s not true. Freedom of movement was already confirmed, you will be able to move Lightning freely. The only caveat is that when she uses physical attacks she moves into range for her to actually hit with them.

        I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; This game’s battle system has basically been described as a ‘Tales of’ game on Semi-Auto.

        As for the matter of skill variety, I suppose we’ll see. All we’ve seen in action so far are basic attacks and Fire/Blizzard/Thunder spells, but that’s not all we’re getting.

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Still pretty depressed that it’s pushed to 2014 now… :/
    They gave out posters at the Distant Worlds 25th anniversary concert and one of the few things on the poster was 2013 lol. My lame poster got even moreso.

  • HerosLight

    I want to hear the full soundtrack. The one played in this video sounds great.

  • Chim_era

    I’m not so sure what their idea behind this game was.

    I kinda liked XIII. Storywise it was …. not so coherent. But at least it wasn’t as boring as X or XII.
    yes, I know x is sacred. I just really didn’t like it. Especially the Blitzball pieces :p

    Maybe it’s foolish of me but … I really think a simpler game with just good graphics would make me much happier than this game

  • Spider-Man

    Yandere Lightning, going for that NTR ending.

    • Damarius Wingfield

      Why did you bring that up of all places?

  • Bunzi

    Why is Serah trying to kill her sister?

    • That’s not Serah, it’s Lumina.

    • Detrimont

      Lumina doesn’t even look like Serah except for the hair
      (go find pictures, and compare them)

    • Sardorim

      It’s Lumina but no idea what she decided to look like Serah. May have something to do with what happened to Sera at the end of XIII-2.

  • Looks pretty good, and loved the music.

  • ndjn3979

    Looks uninspired.

  • notforsale

    Maybe I’m becoming deaf but at 0:39

    “I just foughted Snow”…… SE

    • Steven Higgins

      It’s “I just spotted Snow”

      • notforsale

        ah, my bad

        • Steven Higgins

          It’s fine. The audio was muffled because they were on a communicator so I can see how you thought that.

  • xan

    that new girl antagonist character. her hair looks like half of lightnings and serahs. perhaps she was created from a paradox?

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