Toad Might Be The Best Competitive Character In Super Mario 3D World

By Spencer . June 13, 2013 . 2:45am


Super Mario 3D World like the New Super Mario Bros. series before it is a mix of cooperative and competitive gameplay. Even though the points don’t have a value other than gamer pride, it was enough reason for  players to fight for coins and break as many blocks as they could. Pretty much everything in Super Mario 3D World rewards players with points, although you don’t see your score until the end of a stage. Some bonuses are worth more than others like snagging a green star and capturing the flagpole.


Super Mario 3D World has Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad as playable characters. All of them are based on their Super Mario Bros. 2 play styles, so Luigi jumps higher than Mario, but he’s slower. Peach can hover for a few seconds and Mario is average at everything. Toad seemed like the best competitive character when I played the game because he runs the fastest. That means you can steal items before other players can run up to them and you can capture the flagpole first (which is worth an absurd amount of points) to prevent other players from getting extra points. The downside about Toad is his jump is the lowest out of all the characters. However, the new catsuit powerup makes that a non-issue.



A gold colored bell gives players the Cat Suit. When you wear this you can cling and climb up to walls. Two of the levels I played during the demo had goodies like 1ups hidden in places that are out of reach unless you have the cat suit. You can climb up flagpoles while wearing the cat suit too, another advantage if you care about getting the maximum point bonus.


One of the levels I played in Super Mario 3D World was a basic grassy area with round goombas done in the style of Super Mario World. This area also had transparent pipes that connected chunks of land and optional underground passages with hidden stars that rewarded whoever grabbed them first with thousands of points. Another level had four players riding a boat shaped like Yoshi.




I also got to try a boss battle with a worm-like enemy that burrowed out of the ground. Platforms popped up and I rushed to jump up the platforms so I can ground pound the boss on its noggin. Like most Mario bosses it took three knocks on the head to defeat him, but in Super Mario 3D World all four players fought each other to deal the blow to add points to their score.


Super Mario 3D World is slated for release this December on Wii U.

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  • Highasthesky


  • Here we go! Yahoo! I’m the best! :D Awowowowowowowowowowoooooo…. D:

  • wahyudil

    I have seen the gameplay … its really fun

  • David García Abril

    One thing bothers me, though.

    Why are Toad’s head dots blue? They’ve always been red.

    Maybe for color-code him, but considering Mario and Luigi wear blue overalls…

    • Nephroxous

      Only reason I can think of would be the color scheme. Having a red Mario, a Pink Peach and a red spotted Toad would’ve been too much red overall.

    • He was blue in Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • Yuriangels

    toad is the best!!!!!!!!

  • Virevolte

    W… wow…
    Peach hasn’t been kidnapped !

    • Cameron Ward

      My guess is that maybe a new villain has been causing havoc in the ever changing Mushroom Kingdom

    • zaidandzhadow

      Not now, this time Daisy was kidnapped

      • Virevolte

        Phew ! The world makes sense again !

      • Someone’s holding Daisy hostage? Shit, I feel bad for that guy.

        Have you SEEN her in the sports games? Lady’s only been caught once for a reason!

        • zaidandzhadow

          come on it’s nintendo’s logic only two franchises have a woman/girl protagonist, and one of those games is cooking mama

          • Tooru

            Nintendo doesn’t make or publish Cooking Mama, actually.

          • Those ladies haven’t been captured because Samus is essentially a walking tank and Mama is legendary with a knife.

            Somebody didn’t get the “look out for these chicks” memo, though, because he up and captured the one who’s list of badass skills includes violently kicking balls.

    • HappyOnion

      maybe its alllll a dreaaaaaaaaam..(like the original smb2 ) hopefully not thou :(

    • SigmaNHK

      This time, the yellow Toad has been kidnapped.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • hadjimurad

    love the US-SMB2 style attributes making a comeback. this will be fun.

  • Göran Isacson


    No please shoot me if I ever take this game that seriously. As much as I’m not really interested in the Land games, I must confess that this sounds like great fun to those into them. Four player co-op or competition, with four different characters and playable Peach… that is just amazingly charming. Probably gonna be THE big family title of the Wii U.

    • Kevin Tan

      As someone who has played the E3 demo, definitely give this one a try. 4 characters and ways to play!

  • Immortal1

    Toad might be? Toad is. “I’m the BEST!!”

  • Forbsz

    I think it should of been more about working together then who can get the most points =/

  • Kaihaku

    I got to play this demo at one of the Best Buys hosting a Nintendo e3 Experience. It has what just might be the slickest balance of cooperative and competitive gameplay that I’ve ever seen. It’s not really the different characters’ abilities as much as the brilliant level design which just naturally encourages players, each of which has a different advantage, to make a break for something to boost their score only to come back together to tackle an obstacle or enemy cooperatively. It’s really polished and it was a lot of fun even though I was playing with three strangers. We ended up laughing and joking quite a lot with each other.

    Oh and I did play as Toad.

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