Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Is In Development For Vita

By Spencer . June 19, 2013 . 10:32pm

imageHyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP won’t be the only Neptunia game on PlayStation Vita. Compile Heart announced Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 for Sony’s handheld too.


A teaser site is up and a pixilated Neptune greets fans with a couple of different messages. One of them says to check the June 27 issue of Dengeki PlayStation for more information.

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  • raitouniverse

    Could this be a remake of the first?

    • Keima88

      High chance of being one. If they improve the battle system that would be a great first step.

    • Landale

      Probably. That or, judging by the only image on the site right now, they might actually finally be making a game like the mk2 and Victory’s credits. Mmm retro style Neptunia.

    • It’s a remake of the first

      • Landale

        Has anything actually confirmed this?

        • Twitter posts

          • Landale

            Good to know. Now the inevitable question is, will Red get to be present in the remake?

          • They haven’t released any details about it besides it being a remake

          • Landale

            I figure as much. Just pointing out the inevitable question. Someone ALWAYS asks if Red will be present.

  • Well, this’d be nice. I’ve always been told to avoid Neptunia 1 since it’s battle system is sorta terrible, so if they make improvements in this (if it IS a remake, which with a name like that seems likely), I’ll probably pick this up when it comes to America.

    • revenent hell

      I quite liked the battle system myself. I know a lot of people complained about it but I think it was pretty good.
      My initial complaint was I couldn’t heal outside of battle but once you get used to it it no longer was an issue
      The only thing that bothers me is the inability to bypass battles that you are way to overpowered to be in. By end game its just annoying.

      • Cazar

        By biggest issue with the battle system was that you had to spam skip animations to make use of guard breaks.

        • revenent hell

          Yeah T_T there was that to……

    • DesmaX

      No point in remaking that game at all. Nothing can be saved in that (I mean, CH even retconned everything in the sequel because of it)

      • Landale

        Didn’t really retcon anything. Alternate continuity, yes, retcon no. Victory even establishes that there are several alternate timelines.

        • DesmaX

          I guess… But they did change a lot of stuff in the sequels… The worlds works differently, they have sisters…

          • Keima88

            Speaking about sisters… there is a Vita and 3DS now. Does that mean new sisters ( a triplet for the lowee) or improved ones (Just like the CPU’s stay the same in Victory despite getting new consoles over time)?
            And for the leanbox they can turn kinect into a little sister that wants to move and sport all the time annoying the others with only Vert and the lowee sisters only tolerating her xD.

          • Landale

            They haven’t really made new characters for accessories, so I doubt Kinect would be it’s own character. Besides, in Victory Vert gets rather clingy stalker-like over Nepgear and Peashy. She went all insane “Big Sister” before the One was even known to have been given an Orwellian Big Brother vibe. And like you mentioned, the CPUs just got to be entire console lines, so it’s likely the Sisters will be entire handheld lines.

          • Keima88

            Hmm I just wanted Vert to have a little sister too because the poor girl needs one :D. And the kinect would be perfect for it seeing its now mandatory by the Xbox one. Hmm maybe the Ipad or I phone then… oh wait Apple : that would make her an unwanted little stepsister for Vert because she is taking her shares away.

            But you are right though. I dont want to see acccessories being moefied. Like the Playstation move or Nintendo’s power glove and virtual boy… *shudders*

            Although the nes zapper and bazooka could be nice… You giving me lots of new material to think of thanks :).

          • Given that Uni has DLC weapons based on the Vita, they’re probably just keeping the characters as they are like in Victory. Which makes sense.

        • Mr_SP

          Actually, it would be a retcon, of sorts. Not literally, but the plot of Neptunia 1 never happened in Mk2’s universe. When the entire plot of the game no longer has any significance in the sequel, then the effect is the same. There may be a universe out there where the plot of the first game happened, but it is no longer connected to the series. As such, it’s events are completely irrelevant.

          • Landale

            That’s still not a retcon. A retcon is retroactively changing continuity, hence the name, not moving to an alternate one. mk2 would be a retcon if they had said “Yeah, this is the same setting as the last, pay no mind to the sudden inclusion of sisters, change in landmass style, change in nation appearance, change in character relations, and don’t pay attention to the last game’s true ending.”

          • Mr_SP

            The difference between reboot and retcon is not hugely different from my perspective. I’ll admit that Mk2 is a reboot, but when the relationship between Neptune, IF and Compa is both kept and taken for granted as a “you should know this already” subject, it’s seemingly keeping certain parts of the previous narrative, rather than truly starting all over again. And, to me, the relationship between those three seemed a lot more important than the plot itself, or the villain.

          • Landale

            The relationship between the three isn’t kept and assumed to be known, there’s actually an entire event set to show how they met in mk2 in addition to the explanation given for the changes between IF and Compa. Yes, the three are still friends, but that’s about all that remained. First game had Neptune meeting Compa by falling from the sky, and the two of them later meeting IF in a cave. Second game has IF and Compa as childhood friends, and they claim to have met Neptune when she fell from a tower, I believe it was a tower anyway, and as I recall it was IF that met her first that time.

      • DyLaN

        Hey its not a carbon copy port. Its a REMAKE with the possibility of updated gameplay mechanic. Might as well wait until we got more info on it.

    • DanteJones

      The battle system was more simple rather than bad, though I’m guessing most people are talking about the item usage part rather than the actual attacks. Though getting healing items to work properly wasn’t too difficult once you learned how it worked.

      • DesmaX

        Are you forgetting the fact that is broken beyond belief?

        Hell, skipping battle animations pretty much breaks the game (Because they kinda though it was a good idea making Guard Break in real time)

        • Even ignoring the animation skips for a moment, the fact that the Guard Break gauge recedes in real-time in a turn-based combat system is contradictorily broken in itself.

          I heard from somewhere that the animation skip is a feature they patched into the JP version after release, but I haven’t seen the game’s update history to confirm this. If this is true, it would raise another question of why they patched in a feature knowing that it would further disrupt the battle ruleset; it’s like they don’t even care about the system they programmed themselves.

  • Keko

    Reason number 1 for getting a Vita right there!

    • jujubee88

      Reason number 0 would be because you like handheld gaming. ;-)

      • Tyler Beale

        Reason number -1 would be to….uh…

        Anyway, the HN Victory credits made me want a retro-themed HN Vita game.

  • Brandonmkii

    I really hope this is a retro-styled remake/spinoff/sequel/prequel/ whatever

    • anarchy_panty

      I would give in and finally buy a Neptunia game if they did this.

      • Tyler Beale

        You haven’t played Victory yet?! ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!

      • Demeanor

        Go buy Mark2 and Victory like, right now XD

    • LastationLover5000

      You have no idea how much I would die of happiness if the graphics looked like this!

  • TheExile285

    now this is the HDN Vita I’ve been looking forward too!

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Huh..Lets see if this is a remake using HDN V’s battle system or a retro style demake. Either way, I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. You got my support compile heart. :)

  • Pipiskin99

    it’s about time to make a new neptunia game especially after the events of a total disaster like microsoft e3

  • Learii

    I like to see if the game like this


  • Duc PC-QB

    Compile Heart revealed that game months ago, along with 1 more Vita title : Noire sama da Vita

  • Prinny Dood

    “Sigh” another game were not getting : (

    • Landale

      You really think we’re not going to get this? We’ve gotten 3 of 4 so far, and the 4th only just recently came out in Japan anyway so there’s still time on that. Even if we don’t get the Idol Neptunia though, as has already been pointed out in the comments here this has been confirmed to be a remake of the original Neptunia, which we got.

  • Kai2591

    Neptunia everywhere.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    well, since I don’t have PS3, maybe this will be the only way I play HDN series

  • Hyperdimension Noire should be the priority here

    • 果林


    • Demeanor

      Vert recently changes her policies to withstand Noire’s incoming onslaught XD

      • Tyler Beale

        Lol, I actually made Neptunia scenarios on some of Kotaku’s articles about the Xbox One bullshit. Too bad nobody probably read it…

  • Anime10121

    REALLY wondering how this will materialize! Cant ever have enough Nep Nep :D

  • Damarius Wingfield

    8 bit MADNESSSSS!!??

  • My (struggling) portable can’t get this much game announcements~ At least one territory has things down pact. Let’s see if SCEE can hold the fort in August.

  • Tyler Beale

    Or, you know….just check Siliconera when the issue comes out.

    The ONLY thing I want to see different, is the gameplay. Use Victory’s battle system. Oh, and no technical issues, too. Please. Oh wait, that’s 2 things!!

  • Aristides

    can’t wait! :P

  • My Vita is ready.

    • ShadowDivz

      But is your body?

  • Solomon_Kano

    This was actually announced some time ago, though the teaser site is new. It was announced at the same time as the idol game and one more, though I forget what it was about. One of the characters. Noir, I think? I don’t play the games, so I’m not sure that was her name.

  • LastationLover5000

    Oh my God, if the graphics are like that Neptunia image, all 8-bit and shit, I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS!!!!

  • artemisthemp

    I really hope this coming to the west.

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