I Smashed Ants With A Giant Hammer, Then I Summoned A Mecha From The Sky

By Spencer . June 21, 2013 . 4:05pm


I played Earth Defense Force 2025 and jumped right into the two new classes. I like how the Fencer and Air Raider are completely different from the Ranger, the standard Earth Defense Force 2017 unit, and the Wing Diver, which is like the Pale Wing in Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable.




The Fencer is a heavily armed unit that moves slowly and carries a big hammer. You can smash the ground and send a shockwave that injures nearby ants. The shockwave attack can be charged by holding down the trigger button. Need to hit enemies further away? You can switch to a Gatling gun and open fire. The downside is the Fencer’s movement speed is really slow. The other player had to pick me up in an APC and drive me from one battleground to the next. Earth Defense Force 2025 supports local co-op with a vertically split screen and just like Earth Defense Force 2017 this is a game you want to play with a friend. The Fencer even has a co-op move. The Air Raider can set a mark an enemy target with a laser for the Fencer to hit with a giant missile.




I had more fun playing the Air Raider. Sandlot designed the Air Raider to be a support character. One of your "weapons" can create a healing wave that restores life for allied units. The Air Raider can also call in vehicle drops. I chose a mech and right when the mission started I called in a mech drop. It took a couple of seconds for a plane to fly in and drop off the mech. It was nice to start off riding a mech, but the battlefield was far away and the mech is pretty slow. It also takes a long time for the mech calling ability to recharge, but you can use it multiple times during a mission. As soon as I saw a wave of giant ants I called in an air strike and decimated the ant army. Sweet, but like the mech drop the air strike takes minutes to reload. I was stuck with one weapon – a remote mine launcher. I jumped into the battlefield and shot five mines out at a time. I kept dodge rolling between ants until my main weapons – the mech drop and air strike – recharged. Oh and I blew myself up with the air strike because those bombs will damage the player. Whoops!


Earth Defense Force 2025 is slated for release in February 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Testsubject909

    Damnit this game sounds too freaking awesome!

    Had a blast with 2017 and a friend, so I can’t wait for 2025 to come out.

    By the way, for the mech, does it still have thrusters? If so, you should’ve tried hopping since the mech in 2017 was slow as all hell but rapid when in mid-air.

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

    • 60hz

      EDF! EDF! EDF!

      • SleepMachine

        Ironic that a guy named 60hz posts in a EDF thread. These games lag so hard that my PS2 went down to 0 FPS and then froze. True story. Can’t wait for the new one though!

        • 60hz

          i dont mind lag if it’s from a shit load of on screen enemies…

  • andref

    My biggest question is, can I knock ant bodies around the map whenever I want like in 2017. Played co-op with a friend for 12 hours straight not getting much sleep but half the time we just played around with the bodies of the bugs we killed

  • attackslug

    2014? =(

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