Cave Producer Makoto Asada Announces His Departure From The Company

By Sato . June 28, 2013 . 4:13pm


Cave producer and Game Development Head Makoto Asada has announced his departure from the company in an official blog post. He has involved in a number of Cave’s games, such as the Dodonpachi series and others for the Xbox 360 in Japan.


In his latest and final blog post on Cave’s official blog, Asada states that it will be his last post as he previously mentioned during a Cave Festival, and Takatsugu Furuhata will carry on the blogging torch on his behalf.


Here’s a message from the now former producer at Cave, Makoto Asada:


“About five years have gone by since I entered Cave to help with the company’s Xbox 360 branch, and as some of you may already know, I will be leaving the company of Cave. This is something that has been decided since August of last year, and it may be a surprising last-minute announcement, but I’d like to thank you all for your support up until now.


“As for what I’ll be doing next, I will be working on next-generation console projects, and it shouldn’t be long until I can announce my next work to you all. Furuhata will take over this blog, which I believe he should be announcing soon, so I hope you will show your support by continuing to read the blog. I’d like to thank you all for supporting this blog for the past five years.”

– Makoto Asada


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  • Firehawke

    Yep. Most of the key staff are gone or are in the process of leaving. Cave will continue to exist in the same fashion that.. say.. Irem exists in.

    • Strid

      And you could tell this immediately with Dodonpachi Saidaioujou, or at least I could. It’s not a bad game in the slightest, it’s very good, but it doesn’t feel like their other games that have come out since porting to the 360 started to be a thing [for them]. I expected the music to be different [for the sad and obvious reason] but not so much the gameplay, again though, still a great, great game — it just feels different.

  • neo_firenze

    “I will be working on next-generation console projects”

    Veeeeeery interesting. Hopefully those projects are shooters, and not stuff like visual novels (Instant Brain) or other non-shooter stuff. Nothing against other genres here, but Asada has always done his best work on the first rate shooters he’s been involved with.

    And if he (and other Cave staff) go somewhere else to develop shooters, will be interesting to see where they go. Some new developer? G.Rev? Moss? Maybe a smaller dev like Qute growing to try to take the baton from Cave as the new premier shooter developer?

  • Göran Isacson

    Next-gen Bullet Hell, I hope? Though I doubt my eyeballs are ready for such splendor…

    • Pocoryu

      A Danmaku on next gen hardware? Whoa, calm down Satan!

  • Strid

    Would be nice to see a collection of all of their 360 games on one Blu-ray disc [PS3]. I have all of them on the 360, but I would love to take this spare PS3, put it in a cabinet, throw in this disc, and just never, ever touch anything with the machine again save the controls.

  • firstarioch

    Cave shooter? I never liked them . I’m more of a konami , technosoft fan plus treasure and einhander . Cave have been churning same shooters for donkeys years with zero inovstion just changed settings etc . Its just not good enough anymore .


      you clearly haven’t actually played or understood the mechanics of the games if that’s what you honestly think. “same shooters’ is a ridiculous statement considering every game has an entirely different scoring mechanic/system. Espgaluda 2 is the same as Saidaioujou? Akai Katana is the same as Mushihimesama? Not quite.

    • gomas

      what kind of pretentious, moronic comment was that?

    • Can’t say I agree with most of your comment, but I’m still bitter about Thunder Force VI never coming here.

  • Oniros

    Whatever he does, I hope it involves bullet hells in platforms outside the Xbox.

  • TrevHead

    What else can I say but give a thank you to the chap for the past 5 years.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    Soon every major developer will leave to do something else…..*Ominous music*!

  • Zonder88

    Maybe now I can actually play his games on a non region-locked console.

    • TrevHead

      For the most part the region locking doesn’t affect western 360 owners since most of them are either localised or region free.

      Only 4 games are unavalable on my PAL 360, Deathsmiles 2, Mushihimisama HD, Ketsui & DOJ. The latter 2 are playable with other means meaning only Mushihimisama HD and Deathsmiles 2 the only games I can’t play. US 360s have it even better as they can play DS2.

      I have it better as a PAL 360 CAVE fan than most of the Sony JRPG fans on this site who miss out on unlocalised games all the time.

  • ギャビン

    Did great work, God speed. By far my favorite exclusive games on the 360.

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