New LovePlus+ To Feature “Massive Amount Of New Story Scenarios”

By Ishaan . July 4, 2013 . 8:30am

When New LovePlus released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, it sold more than LovePlus+for the Nintendo DSi, but sales quickly tapered off as players discovered a series of bugs and other issues with the game, which Konami eventually rectified over the course of several months.


New LovePlus+ won’t have this problem, senior producer Akira Uchida assured Famitsu magazine in this week’s reveal of the new game, according to a Polygon report.


“With the previous game, a lot of people said it had gotten harder to play after we reworked the gameplay system and interface,” Uchida said. “We are reconsidering the entire game here, including rolling back on some of those new features. In addition to that, though, I’ve written a massive amount of new story scenarios for each of the three heroines.”


Uchida didn’t specify just which features they would be rolling back on, but Konami did experiment with ideas like a paid e-mail service for New LovePlus.


Concept art in the magazine for the new game shows the LovePlus heroines in different times and settings, such as Egyptian ruins and medieval Japan. According to Uchida, you won’t actually be travelling back in time, but there will be events in the game related to travel.


It’s been long enough since New LovePlus that Konami can begin repairing the brand and gain back the fanbase whose trust they might have lost. It should be interesting to see how the final product turns out, although it is surprising that the development team opted not to include any new heroines in the game.


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  • 3DS is region blocked so damn it all, but dude, seriously, again the same 3 girls? i know they have their fanbase and all, but i dunno, at least mak a new one i dont know, not even adding the other girl from the social game… *sigh*

    • Dgrinn

      if you play the game you’ll realize that the 3 girls are quite a handful and more than enough..either way once you select your girlfriend all the game takes quite another turn so this game wouldn’t work as a harem game..the fans have already chosen their one and are at like rank 12 or 22 etc, nobody would restart their save slots, all it matters in this game is that they expand the fun activities,unlocking of stuff and stories between you and the girls every time with new material..

  • Anna Scruton

    But does it have ENDLESS KISSING!?

    • Neckbear


  • tubers

    There’s something creepy about their faces.. or is it because it looks too basic? Hmm..

    3DS keeps rolling! Damn!

    • benhofb

      Well, probably the lack of a proper nose. I remember the thing that creeped me out the most when I played the DS one back in the day was that Nene didn’t really have a distinct nose… Just more of a bump. But once you’ve played it for awhile, it grows on you and gets less creepy over time.

      • tubers


        Makes sense.

    • Guest

      for NLP they recruited a new team of people to work with the old material and they didn’t respect or quite stay true to the game’s core ending up making a really bad remake of the game that some older fans couldn’t connect..the weird flat look of the girls in NLP is what stands out the most for me too..hopefully Mr.Uchida will reconsider and try to return the girls’ looks to their previous adorable style or atleast add some better lighting/shading..

  • Steven Green

    My waifu is Manaka <3<3<3

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    damnit as much as I didn’t want it to consume my soul….. I must import once more……..

    • Dgrinn

      some strong points there,bring the old style back!

    • supervamp

      I don’t

      • If you’re ok with poor shading effects then ok.

        • supervamp

          I’m ok with the characters not looking like they just smoothed out the ds character models.

          • Im not, surprisingly the older models look more detailed, polished and cute I guess.

          • supervamp

            They never did to me the newer models look fresh and actually next gen. I’ll let go of detail for actual polish. Painting a rock gold doesn’t make it gold.

          • Dgrinn

            But honestly,even if they don’t exactly return them to their older look, they desperately need a clever NLP+ reinvention of the akward NLP makeover… look at the top picture of Nene used by the writer of this document, this is from the promos of NLP just months before the game’s release, she has an outline,blushing, a skintone that would contrast and reflect the lighting/shading/blushing, actual ‘illustrated’ blushing on her collarbone,ribs,face,AN ACTUAL NOSE IN EVERY ANGLE,etc..then a few months later we get that creepy thing!(pic attached) can not but sympathize with people who are frustrated with the final look after what we were promised…yes they look cute and “next generation” when in motion when lighting/shading hits their face or if you try to view them from some bizarre angle when you take a photo but to my eyes they mostly look incomplete and weird and cannot compete with the 3D styles that are out there right now….even their expressions are lacking..back in the days they used to have ‘illustrated’ expressions(by minotaro) that would change in a fast pace so you couldn’t tell it was a bunch of images but ever since they changed it to actual 3D expressions i can’t read their face most of the times or they look like they’re taking a cr*p..i miss Rinko’s sad face with her tilted eyebrows she looked like a sick adorable petite stray cat in a box at the older games, it would stir an emotion in me,now i get nothing out of her expressions..atleast they should take a step back and return them to their promo look(2nd of pics attached)..all they need to do is recalibrate and correct the shading/lighting/blushing/over-saturated skintone situation..

          • Dgrinn

            More pics of the cute NLP promos that never happened and a “painful” reminder of what the game’s NLP girls look like in comparison to the promos(it’s like someone from the staff accidentally deleted all the hard lighting/shading work and then was like i’ll just make everything this odd color and call it a day,lol):

          • Dgrinn

            Also one last things, some of the graphics,boxes etc(not the buttons) are so rushed and amateur..they look basic..a simple folk like me can recreate them in mere seconds using photoshop..i mean see-thru bordered reactangles with round edges and a shade is as basic as you can get..atleast the LovePlusCollection app has a lovely,fresh and clever interface and hopefully they’ll follow a similar theme and also give that a bit more thought..

          • supervamp

            That’s wonderful why don’t you go do that meanwhile, I’ll be happy with the updated ui compared to the way it was with the 3ds and be happy with the character models that look like they are actually made on next gen handheld system/

          • Dgrinn

            Lol, sarcasm,yay!..but i get it you’re happy with the results,it’s great for you, i hope one day i’ll be just as happy with it too!XDXD (I’m not saying it’s that horrible i just think there’s room for improvement so people don’t regret paying almost 60$ for a game that looks nothing like the trailer,promos and previews)

  • Neckbear

    C’mon Tak, c’mon Konami, DO EEEEET

  • benhofb

    I kinda want this…
    I mean…
    Egypt. That date would beat going to the mall any day.

  • Guess I’ll have to get a japanese 3DS, I highly doubt they’ll localize this, even on digital only.

    • Dgrinn

      People keep waiting and waiting for this game to be localized since the first version came out..what they fail to realize is that it will probably never reach the US cause in the game you date a 16 and 17 year old girl..DUH!

  • Antixono

    Wish they would bring this game in the west *sigh* at least I have the English patch for the first 1.

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