Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Is About Adventure, Not Story

By Laura . July 7, 2013 . 11:00am

Expansions to the main story aren’t the only expansion of content in Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode. In fact, the director and producer have stated that, despite the strong story in the PSP game, the whole point of Digimon World is not to concentrate on the story of the game. Instead, it is to adventure through the Digital World and communicate with the Digimon who live in it. And, as you do so, the story just plays out by itself.


This was the essence of what they wanted to recreate when they were first told to revive Digimon World, a game created thirteen years ago.


Not only did Digimon World have a unique system and atmosphere, adjustments had to be made from the original PlayStation game’s design. If the game was directly ported, it would be “nothing more than a fan item”. In addition, the Playstation game’s difficulty is, compared to games today, fairly high. Changes were made to make it easier to play while keeping in mind comments from fans who had played the original PlayStation game while making sure to ease new players in to a series with fifteen years of history. Subquests were changed to be more modern while still retaining a familiarity for old fans.


Among some of the most important aspects of “Digimon-ness” that they felt had to be kept were the cycles of life and death and Digimon evolution. This is why, despite complaints about the death system, the creators instead decided to make it easier for players to see the benefits of raising more Digimon (through the Decode system) rather than remove the system altogether.


Another identifiable aspect was the freedom of the game. While reviving the game system was fairly easy (in theory), recreating a “world where Digimon live” with a story, while giving the game a sense of freedom, was difficult. For example, the trigger for main story events was a point of debate. If the balance between main story and subquests wasn’t done properly, the game could have ended up a regular RPG, where the player rushes through the story without exploring the island.


As such, sometimes the main story took a break where the player has to complete some subquests— one of the main ways to interact with the Digmion—to advance the main story. The player isn’t told this explicitly, though, and you also have the freedom to choose which subquests you want to do. On the other hand, you aren’t ever pushed to stop your adventuring and hurry into the main story.



Many of the new functions also reflect this theme of adventure and freedom. The Digitter (basically Digimon Twitter) was originally thought up to show what your allies were up to, but because they wanted to make the Digital World come alive, they added Digimon tweets as well, which gave subquest hints and background information. Even wild Digimon hint what they’re doing or thinking at the time. Because there may be some noise (as is the case with Twitter), you are also given the ability to organize events and to also flag important tweets.


Another change to expand upon the world of Digimon was made with the help of fans, who commented that, after you completed the subquests and brought the Digimon back to the city, they didn’t do anything. The city was “too neat”. Thus came about the Doremifa Lodge, which expanded upon these subquest Digimon and shows what happened to them after they returned.


The director and producer both admit that this was probably going too far, but they felt, “if we’re going to go this far, then we may as well not go easy on ourselves”. Aside from expanding upon the events that happened to each Digimon and providing more side quests, the events change depending on the situation. As an example, they said, “If this Digimon were already in Doremifa and this other Digimon just came to the city, it would be strange if nothing happened.” While not all Digimon can move into Doremifa, most can.


This sort of variation also appeared outside of the Lodge. Just in the city, the lines the NPC Digimon say have been vastly increased—up to approximately three times that in the PSP version. The Digimon’s actions, location, and lines change depending on the time of day, Prosperity rating of the city, your Digimon partner’s personality, and on recent events in the story. The producer stated that most of these changes probably won’t be noticeable in one run, they felt that it helped a lot in bringing the in-game Digimon to life.


Source: Famitsu and Dengeki.

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  • Keima88

    There will be a day that a siliconera article will announce that this awesome game is going to the west.

    Not just another article that make us hyped. crazy with impatience and the desire for more digimon goodness.

    Any time now. I can feel it. In the meantime I will just read all the digimon articles to get ready. I will play this game!

    • Torraint

      the day will come, brother

      feels like back to elementary school holiday..

    • thelmas

      Hold your 3ds, hold your 3ds! Sons of Games, of NINTENDO, my
      brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of
      me. A day may come when we would get to play this game, when we forsake our
      friends and break all bonds of fellowship to play all day long, but it is not this day. An
      hour of Playing and fun, when the age of waiting comes crashing
      down! But it is not this day! This day we wait! By all that you hold
      dear on this good website, I bid you *stand, Men of the Internet!*

      • Ric Vazquez

        LOL, nice modification from the original of LOTR

    • Fidelis

      I’ve seen siliconera articles that have made my wildest video game related dreams come true

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Lol, trust me when I say I’m not doing these articles to stoke the flames of hype and drive you all crazy with anticipation (on purpose). Since this information is not stated anywhere but in the original (Japanese) interviews (or at least, not that I’ve found), I just wanted to share the information with everyone in English, especially the Digimon community.

      • Keima88

        I am gratefull for that you and the others translating interviews for us and sharing new information. And I didnt mean to sound negative with the second sentence.

        Everytime there is a new article about digimon, I am secretly hoping that it is the announcement that it is coming to the west. But if its about new digimon related information I will first say arrrrgh and then gladly read each word what the new game features is about.

        After done reading it I will be happy because seeing how good the game is and giving me such warm nostalgic memories of my childhood.

        Edit: Can you Laura or someone else check out if this is true? In new game+ you can play as Rina Shinomiya (the new female). Thats awesome for the ones that want to play as her.

        • Yes. You can have the appearance change to Rina and your first Digimon would be V-mon.

      • Josh

        These articles you write are amazing. I’m loving this game so far.

  • benhofb

    Welp, still eagerly awaiting a localization announcement. I have never gotten into the Digimon series, so this looks like a fantastic place to start. I was thinking of giving the PSP version a whirl, but considering how much extra content this one has, why bother? Definitely on my “can’t wait to play” list.

  • Christopher Nunes

    I haven’t imported a Japanese 3DS yet and this game but I’m holding out and saving up my money in case… please Namco announce a localization of Decode soon! I don’t think I cam take the wait!

    And I remember how hard DW1 especially with raising Digimon at first when I started. I didn’t know what to do and made plenty of mistakes as my Agumon digivolved to Meramon first before I wanted to get Greymon to my disappointment but I kept at it (despite resetting a few times to no avail) but I’ve grown to love my Meramon.

    After a repeat number of times of not getting an Ultimate once for a long time as I explored the island, which I liked and getting to know the Digimon (sometimes I forgot about the story and was more interest in the Digimon), and finally when I got Bakumon (who I’ve grown to love because of his charm and cuteness) he digivolved into Vademon my first Ultimate Digimon in DW1 after a long time in the Freezeland and I was happy when I thought I first he was going to die.

    After that I got a better idea on getting Ultimate as I eventually got a MetalGreymon one day (Monzaemon doesn’t really count as an Ultimate I raised to get as my Numemon, when my Agumon failed the requirements one day, put on the suit to transform into him and it was hard to beat Toy Town when I accessed it) and explored Mt. Infinity but it took a long time before I could beat Machindramon and get the other Digimon to finally enter the city and complete other post-game content.

    Good times and I’ve heard how amazing Decode is with its newest feature and new Digimon I want to play this so badly! Please hurry Namco, localize it!

    • Renaldi Saputra

      oh I also got meramon when first played it..
      then it evolved into andromon.. sadly it only could reach 15 yrs..

      I remember how hard it is
      Getting Seadramon.. Bring Monochromon to city by helping the shop.. Even it’s very hard to get all max stat.. But it was that fun even though needs a hard effort
      Sadly the game’s score isn’t that high although unique battle system that I think other RPG didn’t have.. maybe bcos it’s very difficult..

      Bakumon? I think it wasn’t available in DW1

      • Christopher Nunes

        Made a mistake… I meant Bakemon… they’re names are so close to each other.

        I think I might’ve gotten Megadramon as my other Ultimate but I can’t remember… it’s been a long time. But Monochromon was one of the, if not THE, hardest recruitment event throughout the game but I got lucky the first time in the game after less than 10 tries on that shop. I got it around 5 tries? I was lucky with the medicine ones.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          yeah, selling medicines helped a lot..
          IIRC, you have to collect 3000 bits profits in order to bring Monochromon to the city.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I remember hitting 3125 Bits in total once to get Monochromon, but the Bits you earned for “failing” did make up for it but time passes a LOT which is best of Champion and Ultimate Digimon as they could die quicker.

          • Patrick Halpin

            i still play that game! I recently bought it again cuz my own one broke. greymon was the hardest for me to get but when I got him I made him get metal greymon. after metal greymon died in a battle I then got skullgreymon I now use that as my main tactic to beat machindramon everytime I play. have never finished the game 100% though that’s why I keep playing.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Cool… I still have my old DW games for the PSX and now I remember I’ve gotten SkullGreymon as another Ultimate as well.

            Though I’m happy about MetalGreymon in Re:Digitize I honestly prefer the Virus-Type MetalGreymon that’s a purple colored MetalGreymon. It was COOLER looking with the purple skin.

          • Patrick Halpin

            he’s in re: digitize decode but I don’t know if u can get him. (The purple metal greymon that is.)

          • Christopher Nunes


    • I uh … also got Meramon, first time in DW: ReDigitize. And in DW (PS). ._. Maybe he’s destined to be everyone’s first partner o_o

      I think you meant Bakemon (the ghost) rather than Bakumon (the tapir, English name Tapirmon)?

      • Christopher Nunes

        Oh yeah… Bakemon. I don’t know how I made that mistake. But wasn’t he localized as Tapirmon in English? I guess that’s why I made the mistake.

        And I was raising my Digimon without a guide first before I got it and it helped a little, but I couldn’t ever get an Ultimate even if I tried as hard as possible. I never really did the Bonus Training at all in DW1 due to how difficult and how rigged it was (you couldn’t get the Golden Poop icon which is suppose to be the BEST bonus reward for getting all three but there’s a program error that prevents you from EVER getting it).

  • I may have my disagreement with your partner’s mortality feature, but I guess it has pros that adds replayability value in this game, and a chance of trying to raise your reincarnated partner into another different Ultimate/Mega Digimon.

  • zkan

    I’m buying a 3ds only for this game if it gets localized.. scr** pokemon

  • Renaldi Saputra

    dude, this is making me going wild…
    errrr.. localize.. localize it ahh u damn Bamco…
    One Piece 3DS got localized even before released..
    please.. digimon needs more love srsly

    this news is just making me more sad

  • Göran Isacson

    I really admire game designers who include features like that Doremifa Lodge, that take the time to have sidecharacters continue to get new lines and “develop”, even if it’s just tiny little things, to show that they’re affected by the passage of time. It just makes you feel like the designers really CARE, you know? A+ there, designers.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      it’s closer to Harvest Moon I think..

      • and with all those raisable Digimon … it’s better

  • Yuriangels

    just tell me that this game is going to localize please!!! Pretty please with a sugarmon on top!!!

  • Donatetimo

    Ok now Namco bandai is just teasing us,Stop that it hurt,just bring it over to NA already.

    • Patrick Halpin

      Don’t forget Europe.

  • vanhyde

    mfw see this game as hardcore digimon’s fans

    • Ooh, permission to use that meme in my Tumblr?

      • vanhyde

        you’re welcome

        meme is meant to entertain ppl :)

    • Christopher Nunes

      That is an awesome meme, dude! ^_^

  • ChatKnight

    I would definitely pick this up if it was localized. I loved the original Digimon World, despite its many flaws, and think it could see nothing but benefit from a modernization.

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