Otome Game Update: Sweet Fuse Slated For August, Hauoki 3DS Set For September

By Spencer . July 7, 2013 . 5:00pm

imageAksys has two otome games lined up for release very soon. First up is Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, which takes place in an amusement park on lockdown after Count Hogstein holds the guests hostage. You play as Saki Inafune, the niece of Mega Man creator and now Comcept CEO Keiji Inafune, who is trapped in the theme park. Keiji Inafune is a key character in the game too. Sweet Fuse will be available this August. For more about Sweet Fuse, read this chat we had with Ben Bateman from Aksys.


Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi is scheduled to come out in September. This is a 3DS version of the PSP game with new side stories and a photo booth app so you can take pictures with the Hakuoki guys.


Both games will be released as retail titles and since PSP releases have slowed down we wonder will Sweet Fuse: At Your Side be one of the last (if not the last?) retail PSP game.

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  • TheExile285

    Wow, the Hatuoki series must have an extremely loyal fanbase in the west.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It was definitely the one to finally open the door to a portion of the female market. And has even been able to expand beyond that.

      • Guest

        Best part is that even males can enjoy it!

        • landlock

          Is it better then the anime? I’ve been avoiding it because the anime was poor.

          • Lynx

            I didn’t find IT that poor. Aside from following one of the most blandest story routes, it wasn’t that bad. At least the music was good.

            But yeah, way better.

          • Juuu

            Yes, I believe it is. Higher quality art and a more well-developed story [without episode restrictions] make the game a LOT more in-depth than the show was, in my opinion.

  • Hours

    I’m getting both games for sure, but I’m most excited about Sweet Fuse.

    I hope we get some English media soon, especially since the game is so close to release.

  • piichan

    hakouki is misspelled on the title. i hope they release LE for both games :D definitely getting both.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    A+ on keeping your promise for retail, Aksys. If you’re still able to do that, I wonder why XSEED couldn’t do it for Grand Knights History.

    • Juuu

      Actually, there is a reason–XSEED had to send the final, finshed scripts to Vanillaware to be inserted back into the game. Without this, there’d be no release. Unfortunately, Vanilla had bitten off a BIT more than it could chew, and found themselves unable to take the time to do it due to Dragon’s Crown. After waiting and waiting with no end in sight, the project was sadly cancelled. Not a matter of retail issues or anything. o:

      • Sounds like a waste of time on XSEED part to even translate the script in the first place.

        • Juuu

          Unfortunately, the whole fandango seemed to cause just a lot of hurt feelings and with not much to show from it. I mean, even now we’re JUST getting Dragon’s Crown thanks to Atlus intervention. It’s a real shame the work had to go to waste and now XSEED needs to get grilled for something they really tried their best at.

          • Hm well you are getting Dragon’s Crown not me. I’m from the UK so well…not sure if the game is ever going to come out here like most of it. BUTTTTTT I do understand where you’re coming from with this whole debacle.

          • landlock

            I mean Dragon’s Crown is so old the Europe publisher was originally Ignition UTV who have gone bankrupt since. No news yet but I can see NISA doing it in Europe.

            Unless there is news before the US release though I’ll be importing the PS3 version.

          • landlock

            Things happen you know I was more annoyed that Rising Star games cancelled the Europe release of Arc Rise Fantasia simply because Marvelous screwed up the dub and it got a very negetive US feeling.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Please don’t revisit old wounds even when they are off topic. The decision not to continue with GKR wasn’t XSEEDs.

  • Muddied_Waters

    I’ve had Sweet Fuse preordered for a while now :]. Dunno if I’ll get Hakuouki, at least not right now.

  • Reiko_Chan

    Good news for the Otome fans. Hopefully we’ll continue to get more in the future. Im itching to get my hands on Hakuouki SSL and Urakata.

  • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

    “a photo booth app so you can take pictures with the Hakuoki guys” It would be kind of sad to post a picture of me with insanely hunky anime men so my guess is that it’s private. If they allow sharing the photos there should be an entire thread in the open thread section based entirely on photos of many animals and inanimate objects posing with the guys from Hakuoki.

  • benhofb

    Hmm. I am still pretty interested in Sweet Fuse. I’ve never played an Otome game, buuut, the story for it seems pretty interesting. And hey, VNs in the west [and on PSP] is always a good thing.

  • benhofb

    Hmm. I am still pretty interested in Sweet Fuse. I’ve never played an Otome game, buuut, the story for it seems pretty interesting. And hey, VNs in the west [and on PSP] is always a good thing.

  • Lumi

    Sweet Fuse’s amazon listing says there’s a preorder bonus, any chance of knowing what that is?

  • Tyler Beale

    I sure as hell hope a PSN release is happening. Because why wouldn’t it? In fact, why IS a retail release happening? That just screams “PIRATE ME!!”.

    • Aristides

      Digital releases are just as pirateable I’m afraid, companies that still support physical releases do so out of good will and consumer trust since UMDs are still in demand for the niche hardcore. The thing is it works, people still support UMDs with their wallets.

      • Tyler Beale

        But I don’t see a place to put in UMDs in my PS Vita!! (lol)

        Yeah, you’re right. Even though I can’t copy it from my PS Vita in it’s normal EBOOT form, I can still fire up Media Go, download the PKG file and extract it that way.

    • l777l

      Go ask Microsoft to make one always-online-checking, super-DRM Xbox One just for you.

      • Tyler Beale

        I will not. You know as well as I do that that comment had nothing to do with what I said.

        • l777l

          You’re wrong. And you should know it. Your “argument” against a UMD release was (the avoidance of) piracy. The argument for such a Xbox One console is (the avoidance of) piracy. Consistent.

  • Aristides

    It wont be the last retail PSP game, that I can grantee. Gaijinworks will be working on other physical PSP releases. Sony has eliminated lots of barriers to get physical UMDs out so we should be seeing plenty of limited run UMD titles form time to time.

    On another note, cant wait to get Sweet Fuse ^^. I’m still wondering if I should get Hakuoki on Vita or get the new 3DS ver.

    • landlock

      Considering how long Class of Heroes 2 took, I think plenty is stretching it a bit. 1 or 2 more maybe if they can find a partner like Aquire.

      • Aristides

        Gaijinworks has stated that they’ll be supporting the PSP at least for the next 12-18 months. Considering that CH3 is coming this fall Id say we can expect at least 4 games between now and then (this is my personal opinion though) CH2 took long because of unforeseen circumstances that kept delaying the game .

        • landlock

          Time will tell I guess I’m setting my expections low though. Hopefully I’ll be in for a happy surprise.

  • Will John

    I love seeing more VN’s coming to the west, but Fate/Extra CCC not being announced is really bumming me out…

  • Kamakuma

    I’m going to go ahead and get Hauoki. Loved the first version for the PSP and I don’t think I even got all the endings tbh. But anyhow here’s to hoping we see Fate/Extra CCC and that fancy Vita Fate/Stay night. (Which I already own on my Vita but will get it again in English. x’D)

  • Pre-Ordered Sweet Fuse. Hauoki will have to wait a bit there are other games I must get first (>_< ). I did get it on PSP but I still want to support them!

  • Anna Scruton

    I was hoping for an August release for Hakuouki (Play Asia, YOU LIED TO ME!) but i’ll be picking it up regardless.

  • Roses4Aria

    Yay! Can’t wait for Sweet Fuse and I plan on ordering Hakuoki even though I don’t have a 3DS yet. Always happy to show my support for new otome game releases in the west, even if my wallet hates me, lol.

  • I’m always happy to hear about more Otome games being released here. I’m really curious about Sweet Fuse and can’t wait to give it a try!

  • new_tradition

    I really hope Hakuoki is that special edition. I missed out on the PSP one >.<

  • Mordina

    Will get Sweet Fuse since I have Hakuouki for PSP, but haven’t been able to play it yet.

    Please, any words on Hakuoki for 3DS being available in Europe?

  • Juli

    So Hakuoki 3DS game isn’t coming out in august anymore? So what’s the new date then because amazon still says that the game is coming out on August 13 so I’m just wondering I already pre-ordered sweetfuse~ and hopefully later on in the month or next i’ll beg my parents to buy me the limited edition hakuoki 3ds game <3

  • Aerii

    Seeing otome games for PSP coming out burns my soul. I love otome games, so I’m glad that some more are finally getting official translations, because I can’t bother with all that importing stuff… But I never bought a PSP. Should I just buy one now?! I was just about over the edge and ready to order one when Danganronpa was announced, but then that turned out to be for Vita. Urghh…

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