Monster Hunter 4’s Third Village Is A Peaceful Island Full Of Felynes

By Sato . July 12, 2013 . 1:02am

Hunters are going to have it pretty rough in Monster Hunter 4, as Capcom recently introduced fearsome enemies such as the giant amphibious shark-like Zaboazagill found at the new Frozen Sea map. Capcom’s next update, however, gives us a look at a new resort-like island as the game’s third village, which looks like the perfect place for beat-up Hunters to take it easy.



Monster Hunter 4 will be bringing back the Felyne equipment feature which was available in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP in Japan. By visiting the blacksmith,  you’ll get to make various equipment such as weapons, head gear and body armor for your Felynes. The headgear will give your Felyne characteristic traits on what type of monsters they’ll attack, such as small or large monsters.


We’ve already seen two of Monster Hunter 4’s towns—the trading commerce, Barubare, where many travelers and hunters around the world gather, and Naguri Village, a place that is surrounded by molting lava, ideal for any blacksmith. The third area is called Chico Village, and unlike the previous two, it’s a small and calm area surrounded by the sea.


The village elder is an old lady of the Wyvernian race. She spends her time happily living on the island with Felynes, who call her the “Cat Granny”. Chico Village rarely sees any visitors, and it is said that the only ones living there are the Felynes and the elder.


PocaPoca Island is a small island next to Chico Village. This island has many features that are similar to what was available on farms in previous Monster Hunter games.


The manager Felyne will be taking care of you on PocaPoca Island. The Felynes on the island seem troubled by a recent sighting of nearby large monsters, so they’ve been making efforts to find heroic Felynes. Their plan is to make the island a paradise that is flowing with Felynes of all kinds.


For example, you can send out the “Mon Nyan” Felyne crew off on quests and they’ll return with items that are needed to make Felyne equipment. There are three different routes of near, normal and far quest routes, with the further quests being tougher but more rewarding. You’ll need to equip food for them, which has a maximum of three slots and depletes as they go on quests.


The max amount of Felynes you can send on quests is five, and you’ll also have to take their skill types into consideration. For the first time, you’ll actually be participating in the Felyne quests by pressing the touch screen to activate their skills, however, you’ll also have to keep in mind which skills to use, as they can also back fire on you if not used properly.


Finally, here’s a look at the new fishing machine that is available on PocaPoca Island. It requires Felynes and stock to use. It may seem easy to use, but it can be quite tricky, as the goal is to aim for an area that has more fish. If the fish move during the last second before you shoot, you’ll end up with a rather poor catch. There are also Felynes who specialize in fishing, making them a great boost for this feature.


Monster Hunter 4 will be slated for release on September 14th, for 5,990 yen on Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Spider-Man

    Nyaaaaa~! Really enjoying these villages and the ability to travel about.

  • epndkempot

    Sven, I miss you…

  • Anna Scruton

    Hnnnnng. I freaking love Felynes.

  • Zohard

    I want this game so much !

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I want this game already.

  • that sounds like a good bit of fun

  • Pockystix

    . . . I must have a nurse felyne in my party!

  • Joshua Myers

    GIVE US IT DAMN YOU! sooo want to play it man bored of MHFU

    • Haseyo

      Why not play 3U?

      • Joshua Myers

        Didnt buy it yet

        • XD. What are you waiting for then? lol. It kinda is your own fault you’re bored with MHFU with all the new content 3U has. It will probably be like 1 or 2 more years before its even considered to be localized. Buying 3U also helps the localization efforts.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Yeah I bought a Wii U just so I could play MH3U. Hoping that MH Online will come stateside, if it does I will have no need for MH4.

          • Ruins72

            wha? no need? Take it back now! If Capcom sees things like this they’ll take their sweet time and then who knows when we’ll get this!

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            They’re going to take their sweet time anyways. And have you even seen MH Online?
            Battle with Rathian in the Closed Beta.
            I’ll take an Uber HD MH in Cryengine 3 over a watered down new MH on a handheld I can’t stand to use. If I ever play MH4, it will be when they add more content and put it on Wii U and call it MH4G. New MH are great, but they always lack content. And MH Online is F2P.


          • Ruins72

            of course I’ve seen MHOnline, but I’d much rather take a new numbered entry to the main series than an MMO not being developed by Capcom(not that it looks bad.) Tencent may have made a pretty game but they’ve already messed with too much. Have you seen all the GS animations and how much less weight they have to them. That’s not because of a speed increase either. Add to that what appears to be weapon switching mid-combat and damage pop-ups and this is any other mmo with a MonHun skin.Also, what about MH4 looks watered down to you? If it’s the screens remember these were blown up from a 3DS resolution so they look less sharp than the game really is. Finally: Charge Axes, Staffs, and All the new 3DS exclusive monsters.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Sure it’s not perfect, but Capcom is watching over it for the name appears in the trailers. It’s also in early Beta, nothing is finalized or perfect, I mean I doubt the cheesy maps will stay, the fact that beacons don’t go off when setting traps, etc. Making a MH for portable is cost effective. The 3DS outputs graphics slightly more powerful and smoother than PS2 graphics. Sure for a handheld they look good, but actually don’t look that good. MH3U on Wii U is very clearly the same game that was on Wii but with up-scaled graphics. Plus even with a 2nd analog stick adapter for 3DS you still only have 1 stick to use, and I played MH on PSP, the claw gets uncomfortable during extended play. I’ve played 14 hours(obviously stopping to eat and what not) of MH3U and haven’t been uncomfortable or cramped hands, something that can’t happen with a handheld. Also unlikely to have Online since MH3U on 3DS doesn’t have online. Even if you turn the slider all the way down on the 3DS, the screen still has an affect on the eyes and strains them more quickly than a normal LCD/LED would. MH4 will be great I am sure, but as I said above, i will wait till the G version.
            1. Because the 3DS lacks dual analog, likely no online, and the screen bothers most peoples eyes even with the 3D off during extended play sessions.
            2. The game will lack content, MH Tri, MH 2, and MH all had very little to do, and I played each one. Their G versions have a lot added. Just for MH3U it was like 1400 new weapons and armors, 20 new/old monsters added, and hundreds more of quests.
            3. MH Online will likely be out before MH4 in the US, and even if it doesn’t come state side, it’s F2P like PSO2 and I can just play it anyways like I do PSO2 on it’s JP servers.
            The numbers and damage has always been there in MH, but we just don’t see it. I think adding it helps add to strategies and prevents people from bitching about how much they’re doing to a certain part or how much weight they carry in the party when the damage shown could say otherwise. While an MMO, it’s still a fake MMO like PSO2 is. There is an open lobby, but party’s are still reserved to 4 hunters on a quest. It’s not just graphics, its a new way to play MH, and while different in some ways, still way too similar. I’ll take a few hiccups and enjoy it while I wait 2 or 3 years for MH4G.
            Sorry it’s long winded.

          • Ruins72

            These are some good points but I feel like I should point out that MH3U Wii U isn’t an up-scaled port of Tri, it’s an up-scaled of 3U 3DS version. Considering that it looks great. MH4 has online confirmed and lastly the development team has already shared quite a few monsters as well as a ton of other new things and tweaks, and they’ve said they have plenty they haven’t shown. This is the most expansive entry in the core series to date :D

            p.s.- your eyes can’t take the 3DS even with 3D off? that’s a bummer. I have horrible eyesight already and I haven’t had any issues so far. but 3D on, even a little makes me cross-eyed(seriously).

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Yeah I have 20/13, almost the best vision can be, and certain screens bother my eyes. It’s the first handheld that has bothered me, and I have been playing Gameboy since 1991. I am excited for MH4, but those points I make limit my desire for it. Plus I am sure MH4G will be even more awesome. Even if it’s an upscaling of 3U 3DS, it’s the same area’s from Tri, and still basically an upscaled Wii game to me. That and 3DS games look like smooth and pretty Wii games.

  • Namuro

    When the article mentioned “calm area”, the Pokke village theme immediately came into my head. Such a calm and soothing song, perfect for relaxing after a long day of hunting… Sometimes I just do nothing and listened to this song for hours. I sure wish they can whip up another memorable music like that for Chico village!

    Oh, and the manager Felyne is so adorable!

  • omgwtfhax

    The PocaPoca Island is the same island from the Felyne Village spinoffs.

  • Antixono

    Hope this gets Localized.

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