See An Expert Shooter Player Blast Through Ketsui

By Spencer . July 15, 2013 . 1:03am

Mages is bringing Cave shooter Ketsui to PlayStation 3. Ketsui: Severing the Bonds of Hell Extra is a port of the Xbox 360 release with X-Mode. The limited edition of Ketsui includes a SuperPlay movie on Blu-ray and the video Mages shared has footage from that.


Ketsui comes out in Japan on July 25. Since Mages is starting to release games like Corpse Party outside of Japan, we asked they if they will bring Ketsui outside of Japan.

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  • rurifan

    Why don’t they make these games full screen yet? I’ve tried to play a few on my 55″ TV and can’t even see what is going on in the narrow vertical strip.

    • ChiffonCake

      Because vertical and horizontal shmups are different genres, and Cave mostly does vertical ones (though Akai Katana and Deathsmiles were horizontal).

      I personally prefer vertical ones, too.

      • 60hz

        yep vertical are usually a lot more about reaction dodging while horizontals are more about pattern memorization and i heard that this has to do with the how our eyes are positioned, horizontally on our face that lends itself to the difference challenges of monitor orientation – i would actually love to see a scientific analysis of that tho.

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        You left out progear

  • Chris Cruz


    • EdzoIV

      thats how i picture all “expert” shmup or fighting game players. i imagine its true

      • TrevHead

        Not really, shmups been single player are mostly a competition against the game and yourself it’s all about climbing that mountain that you’ve probably heard Dark Souls players mention.

        And OFC it takes a positive mindset to be proficient at them. Infact more than a few shmups encourage the player during play to try harder and be positive.

        I honestly don’t understand why some ppl get bent of shape when they see other skilled players in gaming.

    • Julien_N

      Not really. I would even say not at all.
      Superplays are never meant to be a way to make fun of newbies, but are a display of skill and a ressource for advanced players who want to increase their own skill level. It is a bit like high-level sports competitions where people can watch to be entertained but those who also practice this sport can try to learn a few techniques.

      True, it can be a bit discouraging for a new player to see how wide the skill gap between him and the superplayer is, but is also means that there is a lot to learn, and that a long road awaits him if he wants to reach such performances. On the other hand, he is not forced to do that and there plenty of shoot’em ups where you can have fun even if you don’t have insane hand-to-eye coordination.

      Playing at one’s own level and making progress slowly but surely is also rewarding, and it is how those superplayers reached their current level. They also were the “NOOB” when they began. ;-)

      • Keko

        I agree. Learning how to properly play a game is part of the fun and is also a rewarding feeling. It’s just fun to see how much you can progress and how skillfull you can get. The same applies to fighting games, where you eventually feel the need to get better, learn new combos and master new characters.

    • 60hz

      ONe thing to note is that these expert players REALLY PLAY the game as seen in the video, once they die, they forfeit the rest of their lives and start over – they then do this for hours and hours into days, until they have achieved mastery… so basically everyone starts as a noob, what this video is saying is LOOK AT MY ALMOST FANATICAL LEVEL OF DEDICATION AS GO FROM NOOB TO EXPERT HARHAR!

  • TheHolypopeofgaming


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