Europe, How Badly Do You Want Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2?

By Ishaan . July 16, 2013 . 10:20am

Once upon a time, U.K. publisher Ghostlight were looking to release Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 in Europe, but that may or may not happen now.


Earlier in the year, Ghostlight revealed that their work on Devil Survivor 2 was complete and had even been approved for release by Nintendo, but that retail support for Nintendo DS games was low, and this was preventing them from releasing the game.


At the time, Ghostlight added that one possible solution was to release a collector’s edition of the game exclusively through their website, but that this would require the “full support” of fans. Today, they shared a bit more on just what this means. On their blog, Ghostlight write:


Devil Survivor 2 will be released exclusively for pre-order through the Ghostlight Webstore with a (TBC) minimum quantity. Should we achieve this minimum quantity of pre-orders within one month, we will manufacture and release the game. However, if we don’t reach the minimum then everyone who pre-ordered the game will be refunded and the game will unfortunately not be released.


Ghostlight add that fans who do pre-order the game will have their names added to the manual if Devil Survivor 2 is released. Additionally, anyone with further questions or feedback can voice their thoughts on Ghostlight’s blog in the comments.


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  • landlock

    It’s weird there are still a few DS games getting released at retail in Europe other then this. So I don’t really see why they couldn’t do a normal release as well.

    But the main thing is they willing to do it and if there is enough support anyway it’ll happen just the same.

  • Taedirk

    Too bad DS2: Break Record is so far out.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    They should wait and release the definitive 3DS version IMO… If NISA doesn’t grab it in the meantime of course.

  • SirRichard

    The announcement of Break Record and the massive delay between announcement and actual release (which seemed to be partly Atlus letting them hang on Overclocked, there’s no way that gap was entirely on Ghostlight messing up submission alone) have really screwed them on this, unfortunately.

    I’m down with a limited run of it on the DS, especially as they seem up for doing Break Record if they get the chance, but the antics involved with these games and Arena really highlight that there’s a problem with Atlus in particular over Europe.

    • Luffink

      Well, the problem comes from quite long ago already. I had to import Trauma Center 2 for DS, and I would have done the same with Trauma Team if it wasn´t for the region lock on Wii/WiiU

      • SirRichard

        It’s always been there, but it’s more obvious now than ever before.

  • Randgriz

    lol “how badly do you want” so now we have to beg for games to come out in europe .. great move game industry.. great move.

    • Jontaku

      We still need to beg for MegaTen IV

      • Guest

        i miss the good old days when game industry was our b… nevermind

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Are you going to single handedly foot the bill for a European division of ATLUS in somewhere that isnt England(because the gamers there seem to consist largely of dudebrahs)

          • Amagidyne

            Well let’s put it this way: if any one of us in the PAL region got £1 (or your EU currency of choice) for every time not only Atlus, but ANY gaming company, has screwed us over with late or unreleased games, then yeah, they could single handedly foot the bill to build an Atlus EU division.

            (Speaking up as a non-dudebro English gamer)

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            I really don’t get how you believe Atlus is screwing you over when they don’t have an EU branch to deny you the games. They are completely dependent on interested publishers in the region–a third party who are ultimately beyond their control. It’s not like Square EU in the late 90s who refused to release anything except Final Fantasy, leaving unique titles like Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer etc to US and Japan only.

            Yes, it sucks majorly that Atlus doesn’t have an EU branch, and most of the time EU gets the short end of the stick. But credit where credit’s due.

          • Amagidyne

            Yeah, fair enough, I mean it’s not like Atlus completely screwed us over for close to 9 months by failing to provide an EU publisher with the build for a highly anticipated fighting game while other regions got to play it-

            Oh wait.

            But in all seriousness, I know a lot of companies like Atlus are reliant on publishers over here to bring us the games, hence the delays and outright non-releases from time to time, but it doesn’t really make it any less frustrating for those of us over here since it often feels like we get ignored a lot of the time. It wouldn’t be too bad if some of these companies were at least looking into establishing EU branches, but from what I can see they’re really not, so the frustration continues.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Seriously, I do sympathize. I was back and forth between US and UK throughout the 90s, I’m now in the UK with a US 3DS myself.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Ghostlight isn’t part of Atlus. Atlus have no European branch.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Im well aware of this.

          • TrevHead

            Dudebros are everywhere that includes the US.

            Btw we gamers shouldn’t have to beg or foot any bill. It’s up to Altus to get off it’s arse and fill the demand in the market rather than damage their sales and IPs with the state of affairs the current system is.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            They are everywhere but Im talking about the top selling games and for the PS3/Xbox 360 and how pervasive that mindset seems in primarily English speaking UK countries.

      • Julien_N

        As for SMT 4, even if there is no release date, I have no doubts the game will be released in Europe.
        It was for instance playable at the Japan Expo, near Paris, along with Ace Attorney 5, Project X Zone or Bravely Default.

        But yeah, this is annoying. Having to hope that there won’t be any delays or glitches or mistakes or last-resort solutions such as this or whatever for every single game is frustrating. Hopefully there are plenty of other games, new or old, that are available and not that demanding about our patience.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        Nintendo of EU have already confirmed they’re bringing it.

        • Jontaku

          But the question is. When?

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            If not late this year, early next year. The point is: I sincerely doubt you’ll have to beg for it.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Its coming in the fall ._.

    • I’m not from Europe, but jeez, you guys struggle to get ANY localization these days. Now you have to ask?

  • Atmey

    I’d say very much, but I prefer to play games on big screens.

  • transferstudentx

    nah i already imported the us game i rather buy the break record later thats what happens when you take too much time to release your games in a region

  • James Williams

    There’s just no point in it now though with the 3DS version made.

  • judging from the comments it would seem will not be interested in this, let’s hope this doesnt dissuade them from releasing break record because of that, keep in mind the game industry definitely doesnt come to logical conclusions most of the time

  • British_Otaku

    Sounds akin to a Kickstarter… And given their record with the bug in the localised 3DS super duper version of Devil Survivor… I’m not that hyped for it especially if there is an improved 3DS version of SMT:DS2 as well.

    I’ll go against my better judgement and put a preorder down later in the month.

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    i have to beg to pay? woah!

    • Ghostlight_Ross

      We’re not asking anyone to beg to pay us.

  • mojack411

    “demand for DS games is low”
    Solution: Localize Break Record as well, since it’s a 3DS game :P. I know it’s not that simple but I’m still hoping that Break Record gets localized like Overclocked did. Especially since BR seems to have a lot more content than Overclocked did.

  • Brandonmkii

    I might just fund this, if solely for the fact that it would be a pretty cool thing, from a collector’s viewpoint.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Wont work. DS isn’t region locked so anyone who would do this already imported or obtained through other means.

    • Barrylocke89

      I hate to say it but I see it going this way too. Sorry Eurobros :/

  • new_tradition

    Ironically, despite living in Canada, I still didn’t pick up DS2. I was waiting on the 3DS version, but I’m a sucker for LEs…Since DS games are region free on DS and DS LIte devices, I kind of wanna import this, lol.

    EDIT: Owait, Ghostlight said just for people in the PAL Region. Oh well, you guys deserve it more.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      You can also play imported DS games on a DSi and 3DS. My American copy of Pokemon Diamond still works on my European DSi and 3DS despite region locks on the systems.

  • katamari

    Ghostlight is really proving again how incompetent they are.

    I’m glad NISA is saving us from this publisher for Atlus games.

    • Silent-Hal

      Except a lot of the problems they’ve run into have been outside of Ghostlight’s control. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame Atlus themselves.

  • If European fans “really want” Devil Survivor 2 they’ve probably imported it by now, as the DS is (thankfully) region free. Too bad the same can’t be said of the 3DS.

    • Sorry but as much as I want to buy the game, I rather support people who actually gives a damn about the European market.

      • Isaac Todd

        So I guess you’ll never buy any Atlus games then? :P

        • mirumu
          • Isaac Todd

            I was only half-joking. To be honest, i’m pretty close to boycotting Atlus too, or at least just buying their games when they’re cheap.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Talk about misplaced revolution (and aspergers). This guy talks as though Atlus games are made by child slaves in the Congo.

        • It’s one of those, the product is good but their business model is a sham.

      • TrevHead

        I’m in much the same position, I want to support PAL releases since importing just damages the chance of localisation.

        I don’t have such scruples for online games though like Persona Arena since dead online servers effects me.

        • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

          Yet P4A was region locked, so you couldn’t put scruples aside and import it anyway! lol

          • TrevHead

            Yeah I know, however I would have bought the PAL version near launch. Instead I’ve yet to pick it up.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            It’s OK if you like Arc System Works games and/or Persona 4. But I’d wait until it gets a bit cheaper.

      • TrevHead

        I’m in much the same position, I want to support PAL releases since importing just damages the chance of localisation.

        I don’t have such scruples for online games though like Persona Arena since dead online servers effects me.

    • British_Otaku

      Depends, I didn’t know/care about SMT back then, at this point we had Ghostlight localise one of the titles for the 3DS and the best version of both Devil Survivors are on the 3DS and region locked.

      Maybe I would have imported earlier, at this point I’ll see how well Ghostlight do and have the option to run with my tail between my legs to get a DS copy or a US 3DS otherwise.

  • Ghostlight_Ross

    We’re not asking anyone to beg for the game. The situation as follows. At this point in time the game is finished however due to a lack of retail interest we’re not able to release it normally.

    However we know quite some people would like to buy an EU version because they’ve asked us about it. So rather than just sit on the game we’d rather get it out to people. So long as we can break even on the cost of manufacturing the game that is.

    • Villainous Inc.

      Has the production of Devil Survivor 2: Break Record had any impact on this decision? Regardless of whether the DS version gets released, will you use the resources you’ve already put so much effort into to release the updated 3DS version?

      • Ghostlight_Ross

        From our point of view it’s not affected it much beyond the obvious impact it will have on pre-orders.
        As for releasing Break Record it looks a great remake from what I’ve seen so far but until someone signs a deal to bring the game over no one can guarantee they’ll be able to release it over here.

  • Abysswalker90

    I’m sick of being treated like a second rate costumer.
    “Do you want this game? Do you reaaaaally want it? Well….okay, I’ll think about it, if you behave.”
    There’s really no excuse as to why we have to keep getting (almost)every single game 6-12 months later in full retail price.
    Next gen, I’m going all out US. I’ll make a brand new US account and import all my games from USA or Canada. I’m abandoning this region for good.
    *end of rant*

    • mirumu

      You’ll be fine doing that with Sony or Microsoft gear, but as far as the Nintendo platforms go they’re region locked so to get around it means importing US consoles with US power requirements and losing the warranty. Nintendo’s US warranty explicitly excludes exported consoles. The power adaptors only support 110-120V too, so for use in Europe you either need a step down transformer (rated at about 3 amp for a Wii U if I recall) or to replace the power adaptors with local ones. Stores like DealExtreme sell some third party ones. Funding the online accounts isn’t too bad. There’s a few places around selling US eShop cards if you want them.

      This is all doable. My own Wii-U and 3DS are US models. Just thought you should be aware of the potential problems and risks if you’re considering going that way.

      • Abysswalker90

        I know how that stuff work, and how to handle it, so no problem.

        • Xed51

          I imported an american 3ds right when it came out and I never had problems with it. Even the power charger worked like a charm. So I’m playing SMTIV already, and I have Overclocked and Soul Hackers.
          BTW If they release a good limited edition I might pre-order it, I already own DS2 but I collect megaten games, but if it’s something really cheap (like a poster) I’ll pass.

  • Silent-Hal

    Hmmm, I might go for this depending on the price. I don’t have the game yet, and I’m up for supporting a company that actually seems like it cares about bringing these games over.

  • lozffvii

    I’m tempted to go for it.
    Not because I have any interest in Devil Survivor 2, but to get my name inside a game’s manual. That’s something to brag about lol :-P.

  • I think people should go for it, I do agree with everyone who says they shoudlnt have to beg a company just to get a game but this is porbably the best time you’ll have to tell Atlus to stop sniffing glue and realize that there is a european market for their games.

    By pre-ordering not only are you speaking with your wallets but you’ll also be giving ghostlight something to fire back with, actual numbers that they can show to atlus, and for those who dont wanna pre-order because of how old the game is at least let ghostlight know that you are interested and would pre-order break record if it was possible.

    As much as we would like for companies to bend over backwards for us, it just isnt gonna happen unless enough people vocalize it, look at project diva how long have people been asking for those games in the west and finally we have a chance to not just play em but show sega their is an install base for these games in the west. Same for Atlus hopefully

    • SirRichard

      We’ve been vocal for years, the fact that companies are continually interested in picking up Atlus’ titles shows that there is a market here for them. NISA clearly see a valuable market here, they wouldn’t bother otherwise. The problem is not on this end, people are plenty vocal about this, the problem is with Atlus.

      It goes beyond simply not thinking there’s a market here, it almost seems like there is some real, internal opposition to localising games for Europe at times. Even NISA, who regularly manage simultaneous or near-simultaneous releases take months with these games without even translating them into other languages, from what I hear of Golden. When you have Ghostlight and Zen United back-to-back having massive, absolutely pathetic delays for Atlus games on top of NISA’s waiting, there’s something up.

      • I completely agree i have seen many europeans ask for atlus games in various sites and i dont think you guys should be forced to have to demand something, but i still stand by my initial view that this will be a good a time as any to show atlus with numbers and words.
        However I do completely agree that there is enough demand to see that the european market is not just as big but possibly bigger then NA, whatever Atlus is smoking they need to stop

  • Aesma

    Hmm… my knowledge in localization laws are lacking but for those who are blaming Atlus, could there be laws from Europe that is making them avoiding it? I mean, I can’t really see a reason why Atlus avoid Europe deliberately with no reason…

    On a side note, …I can’t really understand the Point of View of those in Europe… I mean, here I am, in a small country in Asia, I have to import all US and Japanese games and console… Again, is there some laws that is making it difficult for you to import? Because in my country, thanks to the import, generally Europe games have higher price than USA and Japan’s.

    • SirRichard

      If it were the laws, it would affect more than just Atlus, but these days of the more prominent niche devs (though arguably they’re not that niche any more, comparatively) Atlus is the only one that has such difficulties and problems surrounding their games. And it isn’t for lack of a European branch, either, because earlier in the year they published Growlanser IV and Gungnir on the EU PSN (or UK PSN, at least, and to absolutely no announcement or that it happened) themselves and currently their games are being handled by NISA, who also do not have European offices.

      For most people it’s the cost of importng. On top of the game’s price and postage, often you get import tax duty slapped on top of that, which causes the cost to escalate quickly if you have to import often. The other thing is that it simply shouldn’t be happening; we only really see this sort of delay with Atlus games these days, with NISA, XSEED and Namco Bandai all managing simultaneous releases. Nintendo of Europe even gives us head starts on America every now and then!

      It’s such a sticking point because Atlus makes really good games, there is a market here for them and there is a fanbase here for them, but Atlus not only does not do anything to take advantage of this but also seems to ignore it entirely, and at times even seems to spite it. A short wait is fine (it’s why I’m alright with NISA’s deal right now), but a long wait of around a year or even more isn’t called for any more.

      • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

        Even though I’m American, I get really infuriated when Europe (in general) gets the end of the stick.

        But at least, it’s getting much better than it was in the past. I know it’s funny this is coming from someone who lives in N.America.

        • Aesma

          …pretty sure that countless other country with no ‘region’ are getting shorter end of the stick, At lest Europe’s problem is only with Atlus, Other country have to import everything.

      • Aesma

        And that is why it’s strange… Let’s be blunt, I don’t think there’s a company stupid enough not to utilize a market available for them (Either through working with NISA or other company).

        …unless their statistics for Europe shows that they suffer loss instead of gain. Could that be the problem? Again, I believe that no company wish to miss a chance to make more money. Looking at Atlus’ actions in Europe (Or lack thereof), this is the only ‘logical’ reason I can find…

        …cost of importing, eh? …well, in my country we have to import so there’s really no difference between the three region in terms of price, maybe the difference between region is only (approximately) 1-2 USD. I guess it’s different in the Big Three region (USA, Europe, Japan) then?

        • In the UK, we get taxed with the following.

          Any item that is over £14 will be charged £8 or £12 handling fee depending wherever it’s courier or not + 20% VAT.

          Let say we import Shin Megami Tensei IV and they decide not to mark it as a gift. Here’s how you calculate the total cost.

          £33.11 ($49.96 *amazon*) / 100 * 20 = £6.62 + £33.11 + £8 or £12 = £47.73 or £51.73

          Shipping excluded. Usually shipping for DS games are around about £5 so…yeah that’s £14.62 – £18.62 differences.

          • Aesma

            I see… thank you for explaining…

          • TrevHead

            In someways it wouldn’t be so bad if we had to import everything, rather than this half import / half local were if the system is region locked we have to buy US and PAL consoles too. It damages EU online multiplayer communities too.

            Given importing across Europe is tax free, it’s a shame that the UK isn’t part of US distro, thus the rest of the EU could just buy cheaply from the UK (IIRC many ppl import the UK versions for niche games anyway.

          • mirumu

            That system is nuts. Do you end up paying the handling fee + VAT on the total cost including the shipping, or is it purely on the package’s declared value ignoring the shipping?

          • Package declared.

          • mirumu

            I guess that explains why some packages I get from overseas declare themselves as “gift” and the value as US$10.

            Here in NZ there is no special gift treatment, no handling fee, and the 15% GST (VAT equivalent) only kicks in once it exceeds NZ$50 so it’s not a problem until the package value hits about NZ$330 (about £172). They do take shipping costs into account though.

          • Sucks. Should I mention that process also kicks in for parcel marked as gift if it exceed £40?

          • Wappuli

            Wow, that low limit of £14 and the extra £8/12 right from the start sure sounds sucky.
            Here in Finland, if the value(no shipping) gets over ~20€, it’s 24% VAT for the total value(with shipping)
            Then there’s an extra custom tax for anything over 150€ and the % for that varies greatly depending on contents.

        • SirRichard

          Others have since addressed the importing issues, but I will say that while the middle paragraph might apply for some (Etrian Odyssey I went completely unnoticed here, even I didn’t know about it until someone told me and I normally follow Atlus’ stuff well), the SMT and Persona games quite clearly do sell. Ghostlight has made a living off of them in recent times, and NISA clearly see value in Europe as a JRPG market.

          In Europe, Atlus’ stuff has seen a wide range of publishers trying their hand, both large (Tecmo Koei, Square Enix) and small (Ghostlight). This wouldn’t keep happening if they couldn’t sell the games here. I really do not know why they have such great blinders on that only the US and specific parts of Asia matter to them when they could be getting so much more.

  • Alexander Aubert

    wow, europe have it tough for shin megami tensei games

  • Ethan_Twain

    Folks, what exactly are you so upset about? I see nothing objectionable here. Ghostlight is very clear that they are willing to release the game as long as they can cover production costs (so at little to no profit). What more can you ask of a localization firm? Sure, you can wish that it got a prompt international release simultaneous with the rest of the world, but that’s not gonna happen as long as Atlus doesn’t have a European branch. So are you upset with Atlus? Fine, be upset with Atlus. But don’t take it out on this third party company.

    Honestly this seems like the smart way to deal with the situation. We KNOW that not many people will be buying this game, so they’re just making certain that this release won’t scuttle them as a business by asking for pre-orders. Not extra money, not fully paying in advance… just a few euros down in advance to guarantee that the sales will exist. That’s not unreasonable is it?

    • TrevHead

      I think most of the ill will is because of the sorry state of niche PAL localisations as a whole. Ghostlight are just coping some of that frustration.

      The system was fine in the pre internet era, but considering we have moved online both for gaming news (which is largely US focused) and buying / importing games it’s obvious the system needs changing.

    • Abysswalker90

      We EU region have a lot of rage. We have been treated poorly for years as far as gaming goes. We are pretty much in a gaming ghetto, starving behind a fence, watching US and Japan frolic around with their games on a sunny flower field in envy.
      What did we do to deserve this? This bottled up rage and frustration sometimes gets the best of us. It really is nobody’s fault, and I’m sure nobody meant it to be that way, but sometimes we just look for someone to blame, even a little, so maybe we could feel a little better.

      At least we got the One Piece games for PS3. *remembers the PS3 is region free* Uhhh, nevermind.

      • Ethan_Twain

        That is… as melodramatically as I’ve ever heard someone complain about not having access to all the latest videogames. Really dude? Like a ghetto? “Starving behind a fence”?

        I mean, we live in a world where most video game hardware is region free, and most big games (and SMT games do not by ANY measure qualify as big games) release internationally promptly. This is better than things have been for European consumers through most of gaming history. But yes, you are right. There is still one company doing region locked hardware. And there are some small games released on those systems that either don’t make the jump to Europe promptly or at all.

        Maybe it’s time to stop starving behind a fence and find another hobby? Because I feel like you’ve blown this way out of proportion. It’s just video games dude. Don’t be like the people who still can’t get over Fatal Frame 4 not being localized. Move on.

        • Abysswalker90

          It was just an exagguration to get the point across, don’t take it so seriously.The point is, that there’s no reason that the Europian market should be dealt this way to begin with. It just seems like we are pretty much being boycotted. Like the world is only composed of USA and Japan or something. I’m just taking out my frustration here.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I don’t live in Europe… but I have the feeling that the fact that many people already imported the game might be another reason for companies to put in region locking on their systems.
      It’s the same company (Atlus) who region locked Persona 4 Arena.

      • Istillduno

        There is another way to get people to buy localisations.

        Actually localise it in time with the rest of the bloody world, punishing consumers because a company can’t be arsed to pull their finger out and not leave Europe waiting around for months to years after the American release is bloody stupid.

      • mirumu

        This is true, but the old PAL regions are much more familiar with the downsides of region locking and are less likely to just accept it.

        This is anecdotal, but no one in my circle of friends bought P4A once it eventually came out here. Some were going to prior to the region locking announcement (myself included), but none wanted to support the practise on an otherwise region free console.

  • TrevHead

    I have no ill will towards Ghostlight but things would work so much easier if Altus opened up a PAL division and localised their own games. The current system we have just damages the sales of their games, as a large number of ppl won’t wait a year for the PAL release and just import (that includes a US 3DS since shipping it over should be cheaper than a 360). Thus cutting into PAL sales, this is fine for mainstream titles but anything niche is hurt badly.

    Very often it just means less localisations for PAL, you only have to look at sorry state of UK PSN for the PSP, because it’s a niche system we don’t have half the PSP games that US has. Just like CAVE found out with their 360 shmups The only solution is to release in US and PAL (and JPN for CAVE) at the same time, or atleast no more than a month or two.

    Imo it’s just lazy of Altus (and other niche JPN publishers) to lose sales this way which, considering their parent companies money woes makes the whole situation frustrating.

    Given that the world is shrinking and importing is quite easy nowadays, the current system of PAL localisation is a relic of the pre internet shopping era and needs changing as it’s just damaging for everyone the US included.

  • TrevHead

    I’m wanting a copy but I need assurances that it will come out and not just digital since I only has a DS lite.

    I’ll put my pre order in, I guess making it a low print Collectors Ed will bump up the resale value.

  • Virevolte

    Well… even in Europe, you can import it. I didn’t wait for them ~

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