Caution! Trademarks Hint At Possible Seaman Revival Care Of Nintendo

By Spencer . July 17, 2013 . 1:24am


There have been rumors about a Seaman revival of some sort for awhile now. Seaman creator Yoot Saito hinted that he was working on something and Japanese publication Nikkei once reported Nintendo was helping reviving franchises, specifically pointing to Seaman.


Two trademarks suggest that the Seaman revival may actually be around the corner.


Nintendo recently registered for Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face in Japan.


There aren’t too many games with Human-faced fish out there so… perhaps these are for Seaman or a spiritual successor? Yoot Saito worked directly with Nintendo on Odama and most recently developed Aero Porter, the game with the Internet’s favorite Level-5’s character.


Thanks for the tip, Liam. We’re glad to talk with you anytime—just plug in a microphone and tap on the Siliconera tank.

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  • Xillia

    lol, I saw this game in some video of the top 5 weirdest games

  • DyLaN

    What the hell is tht…..thing!?

  • Namuro

    Aw yeah, that’s sweet! I hope it’s really Seaman on the 3DS!

  • Mar Mar
    • Byron Kerrison II

      It’s Adults’ Only Time…?

    • Bacon_n_Lettuce

      Now imagine that… in 3D!!!

  • SirRichard

    Yes, make it so. Everyone must know of Seaman.

  • EtroAnime

    This game always looked pretty freaky to me.

    • Longsun_Zhao

      I swear, he’s actually a really nice guy. A little sarcastic maybe, but his heart is in the right place, he’s a good friend.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Here comes the best games which will bring nightmare to all kids lol.^_^

  • Antixono

    That pic……

  • Longsun_Zhao

    the game itself is actually still very impressive. It gets way better if you somehow lock away your Dreamcast while playing so you can’t hear it loading every time he’s about to talk. (why does the DC sound like a washing machine when it loads?)

  • Rytan

    Oh, please happen. I need this in my life.

  • Crevox

    I saw this thing in a magazine and avoided it at all costs.


    Oh, please don’t let Nintendo tone down the eyeball-clawing insanity of the original.

  • Bur

    Nintendo, I’m treating this as a marriage proposal.

    The answer is yes. Yes, forever yes.

  • Freud_Hater

    …W-What is that monstrosity?! O__O

    • DyLaN

      Japan being Japan.

  • Tooru

    I hope they bring back Leonard Nimoy to be the narrator.

  • Showmeyomoves

    Sega and Nintendo have been getting pretty close lately, just like they were in the GameCube days… That led to some unimaginably beautiful things. How about another F-Zero game, huh?

    • mike dickson

      soon my friend sega will fuse with nintendo and i khow f-zero needs alot of new games i mean they could sacrifice a couple mario kart games for it right ?

  • oh man i remember classic game room’s review of it, i wonder if we can abuse the clock like we did back then

  • Josephl64

    make a limited edition with a Seaman figurine…please just do it~

  • Ferofax

    Hmm. Let’s see. A 3DS Seaman that:

    1. Can hear you through the microphone, see you through the front camera (with snide remarks about how you look);
    2. Can see the outside world through the 3D cameras (“Human, take me for a walk.”);
    3. Wobbles inside the tank with the gyro;
    4. Counts steps;
    5. CAN ACTUALLY access the internet through Spotpass… (word searches, random trivia… posts silly statuses on social networking sites/Miiverse)
    6. Oh, and you can tickle him using the touchscreen (like a hand cursor on the top screen that you control on the bottom screen).
    7. Detect other Seamen using Streetpass and local wifi.

    …sounds like we got a live one here. :)

  • Sam

    I hope it’s true. Give me another crack at it. My Seaman died because I screwed up the feeding system. I couldn’t play it anymore because he complained about being hungry all the time. It was too sad.

  • Magus KilIer

    If this actually comes out, i hope Classic Game Room makes another video abut it, the first one was hilarious

    • Niermyico

      Guy: “You suck”
      Seaman: “So does your mother.”

      LMAO! I need this game.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Lemme just scream the obvious and ask why not fund Shenmue III Nintendo?

  • JoeCamel_x87

    A killer AP for the Wii U at long last!

  • Demeanor

    I will never understand Nintendo franchises. Truly. XD

    • Daniel blue

      You mean SEGA franchises?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Seaman is not a Nintendo franchise~.

      • Demeanor

        Ops, sorry, should have done my homework before. I see it was a Dreamcast title originally, later gone to PS2. Looks mighty strange nonetheless XDXDXD what possessed them to revive this thing??? XD it looks dangerous!

  • Warboss Aohd

    Yes, Dear Mork, Yes!

  • Gilgamesh2025


  • mike dickson

    im not going to ask why this might get a remake

  • Seaman always horrified me..

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