• ssj3gokou24

    I actually kinda want this……haven’t been excited bout this series since 3. And that’s cause 3 was riding tbe coatails of 2 and ultimate. Classic ryu hayabusa skin never gets old though.

  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

    The items in survival mode were in doa2 and 3 as well. They were kinda neat as it meant you had to be more aware of your positions and surroundings in order to get the highest scores without affecting how you fought aside from the occasional health boost.

    Team play is something I haven’t seen in a fighting game for a while…
    I’m still on the fence for the actual game tho. A part of me wishes that it was a dlc add-on like SSFIV AE rather than a full release but I’ll probably cave in.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Seem’s like DoA 2 is making a return…

  • Vesperion

    Last i checked it was called Team Battle mode. Also the survival item feature was in the older games as well

    EDIT: EWW looks at Ayane’s arm

    • http://www.jb2x.com/wordpress/ JB2X

      I see nothing wrong with her arm :/

    • Darkdam

      In case you couldn’t see, her arm is in the shape of a L

    • Raltrios

      It looks like it’s bent backwards, but if you look up you can see her fingers, so it’s the right way.

  • ギャビン

    That Smash Bros.-like element has been in the series since DOA2. DOA survival items! Nice to see they are coming back!

    • Mantiskilla

      And when you collected all of the items it unlocked every costume in the game instead of having to do each chars arcade mode gosh knows how many times. Man DOAU on xbox live was a blast back in the day and tons of outfits w/o dlc prices

  • VenerableSage

    Yeah, this has been in the series since DoA2 (albeit limited to 5v5); DoA Ultimate extended it to 7.

  • Ni

    like team mode in Tekken 3

  • doubleO7

    They brought back survival items! YES!!
    Can’t wait for this!

  • Monterossa

    Will all the DLCs from the vanilla version work with this game?

    • $7573679

      Yes, it will.

      You’ll also get to reload your old save file.

  • $7573679

    Hey, I heard something about 4 player tag mode today. Can you look into it for me Siliconera?

    here is the link I was given:


    The end link is Japanese at Famitsu, so I can’t understand it.

  • omeganeko

    YES!!! i was talking to my friends the other day about how team battle has been appearing much anymore. No better feeling then beating some else’s team only using a fraction of your own.

  • Sardorim

    Time to dominate with Mila, more need to be graced by her presence.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    So….it’s like DOA 2-4 now with Survival.

  • mike dickson

    glad i didn’t buy this game yet doa5 ultimate looks promising so far

  • Hector Velar

    must get!

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