Huh, So Maybe Mistwalker And Nobuo Uematsu Are Cooking Something Up

By Spencer . July 19, 2013 . 12:30pm

After releasing Blade Guardian and Party Wave for iOS, Mistwalker has been really quiet. We’ve been digging around for more information about The Last Story developer, and asked one of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s main collaborators, The Last Story composer Nobuo Uematsu if anything was going on.


“Are you doing anything with Sakaguchi-san from Mistwalker? We haven’t heard from him in a while,” I said to Uematsu. He laughed and hinted, “Well, you know, quite recently we’ve been talking together quite often.”


Uematsu came to Comic-Con for the Distant Worlds concert and to talk about Blik-0, his storybook with original songs. We’ll have more to tell you about that project soon.


Image courtesy Spiele Musik Konzerte.

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  • James Beatty

    Hmm…maybe the last story 2? I’ve heard some rumors, but they really didn’t seem to go anywhere. I loved the original despite not being very “RPG-y”. The soundtrack was god-tier too.

    • Dexward

      Oh how the gods wept at that soundtrack.

      EDIT: Aw, he edited it.

    • EdzoIV

      last story 2 on wii u would be great

      • SiliconNooB

        If they do that, then I hope that the sequel has a heavier emphasis on the RPG aspects.

    • Jisgsaw

      Or bringing the original concept of The Last Story (much darker), that would be cool too.

      But somehow I’m more expecting a mobile/social game… :-(

    • Happy Gamer

      The game was SO fun, but could have benefitted from a stronger hardware. The graphics were too gorgeous to be in SD :( Also, stronger hardware could bring more variety to the game. More spells, abilities etc.

      It was seriously one of the more refreshing RPG mechanics I have seen in awhile.

  • SiliconNooB

    I want a spiritual successor to Lost Odyssey!!

    • landlock

      Why not just Lost Odyssey 2?

      • abysswalker

        Yeah why not? As LO was one of the (if not THE) first JRPG for 360 it would be nice to see LO2 jump into next gen

      • SiliconNooB

        Because I won’t be playing any Xbone exclusives.

      • $1484028

        MS seems barely interested in the Japanese market at this point, never mind starting up another JRPG project.

        sure Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey did fine in the West (far better than they did in japan even), but at that rate, MS could throw the same money at a WRPG dev and probably get even better results (as far as the NA/EU market).

      • Ryudo9

        Long ago maybe about a year ago it was confirmed Mistwalker is working on a unannounced Wii U game. Since MS owns LO IP and does not seem very interested anymore in Japan (nor Japan in MS) I doubt LO2 will happen anytime soon.

        • SiliconNooB

          I hope you’re right, but to the best of my knowledge it was never confirmed, just strongly hinted at.

          I’d actually love to see a creative collaboration between themselves and Monolith!

    • Godmars

      Considering that Lost Odyssey was generally considered to be a spiritual successor to FF4, how in turn can it have one?

      • Solomon_Kano

        Reincarnation cycle? lol

      • SiliconNooB

        I don’t really consider LO to be overly similar to FFIV… IMO it had mechanical similarities to FFIX and thematic similarities to FFVI.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Uematsu is getting old… :(

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Life… Don’t be afraid ;)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Awwww snap. Hype get hype get hype get hype get hype.

  • Tincho D

    Can’t talk about Blue Dragon despite feeling tempted to buy it a couple times, but The Last Story was lackluster in the combat system department. Too stiff and easy for an action game, and too barren and generic for an jrpg.

    • SiliconNooB

      LS was a weird halfway point that didn’t leave me entirely satisfied. It was certainly a good game, but it was just a little too RPG-lite…

  • Unknown

    Please be multiplatform next gen

    • SiliconNooB

      Hear hear!

    • Ni

      why the down vote?
      anyway. I doubt that Mistlwalker will do a multiplataform title. Sakaguchi seems to dislike Sony and MS looks like wouldn’t support mistwalker again . Would be cool to see a multiplataform game from them btw

  • idrawrobots

    End Tale

    • SiliconNooB

      Penultimate Yarn.

    • H_Floyd

      I’m personally quite excited for the Latter Chronicle.

  • Wait, I’m confused, I was thinking this was about an iOS game he’s composing which I thought was by Mistwalker? Is there a chance after all something big this way comes?

    After all, Matsumoto from MAQL spoke very highly about him and MW wanting to make RPGs on Wii U.

    Last Story 2, Cry On revival, an original RPG, anything on Wii U, but Cry On revived ala Bayo2 by Nintendo would make me lose my shit, happily. XD

  • Randy Marsh

    An actual sequel for Blue Dragon on the PS4! Hey, I can dream if I want.

    • Ryudo9

      Good luck when MS owns the IP and Sakaguchi hates Sony

      • speedstersonic

        MS does not own the IP, there’s even been blue dragon games for the freaking DS. Stop lying out your ass or do some research.

  • zed grim

    i want blue dragon.

  • Tristan Diaz

    Let the HYPE begin! xD

  • pantsonadog

    Lost Odyssey sequel pleaassee! Or something very similar.

  • This sounds promising. Perhaps a Lost Odyssey 2 =) Either way I hope its multiplatform and for the next gen consoles. PS4, Xbox One, etc…..

  • HansSatori

    Uematsu and Kenji is helping on the finish indie game called Oceanhorn.

  • Chiupon

    Let’s hope it’s not another generic and completely underwhelming JRPG!

    • H_Floyd

      I agree–the world has had enough of the XIII saga!

      Fortunately, we have developers like Mistwalker.

      • Chiupon

        I wasn’t implying they didn’t do the same thing; although I keep forgetting about Xenoblade, which was actually.. Not baaad.

  • eilegz

    the last story 2 MULTIPLATFORM

    • Ryudo9

      Nintendo owns the IP

  • new_tradition

    I still haven’t played any Mistwalker games D:

    If they’re going mobile, at least put stuff on android :3

  • whatinthewolrd

    Mistwalker needs to create a new HD JRPG IP for PS4/X1 that will turn into a series next gen.

    • Pekola


    • Kelohmello

      I was in love with Lost Odyssey and I really think that was basically their Final Fantasy. I’d love to see them make another RPG on that scale.

      • SiliconNooB

        It was an amazing game.

  • Pockystix

    spiritual successor to FFIX

    I’m actually surprised at how Mistwalker hasn’t tried to recapture both these guys’ favorite in the series.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *Gasp and runs towards king’s thrown room*: My lord, the GREAT OCHESTRAL MASTA is back! King:……Taleho!

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