• AlteisenX

    I really hope we see Super Shovel Knight and Shovel Knight 64. The nostalgia in the titles alone will bring great happiness to me.

  • Antixono

    This game looks really interesting,looking forward to it.There won’t be nostalgia in it for me though since I’ve never played anything before ps1.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    They’ve gotten me interested

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Super Shovel Knight must happen!!!! Not sure how I’d feel about a Shovel Knight 64 (n64 graphics do NOT age well), but a HD take (a la Dragon Crown) would look amazing. Can’t wait to get this (3ds) and can’t wait to see what they do down the road

    • http://denpanosekai.blogspot.com denpanosekai

      Done in a Super Castlevania IV style would be amazing!!! Even better if they get the same soundtrack guys somehow.

      • Rollersnake

        Anything done in a Super Castlevania IV style would be amazing. It’s still one of the tightest-controlling games I’ve ever played, and the impetus to use Mode 7 contributed to some really beautiful and unique level design, as well as probably inspiring the flexible whip and swinging mechanics to begin with.

        Like, I don’t know if it would really work well over 20 years later, but it would be great if Shovel Knight sequels expanded and improved the gameplay in ways consistent with the “technology.” I’m sure having made an 8-bit game to begin with that they’re thinking along those lines.

  • Izzy Miyake

    So glad I backed this game, look forward to a pixel version of me in the game!

  • ChiffonCake

    These guys seem to have the right idea. Really looking forward to the game.

  • Aristides

    I would love to play this on Vita ^^ I hope it makes it into one of their future platforms.

  • AndyLC

    Having been to a yacht club and enjoyed an awesome time on Yacht with good friends and family, I must disagree with the rather snarky reason these folks have for their name.

  • Rollersnake

    He makes a good point regarding context sensitive buttons. I never especially liked them but couldn’t put my finger on why.

  • KingGunblader

    This seems like a no-brainer purchase for 3DS. I’m interested!

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I’ve been a huge Mega Man fan since ’87 and Rokko Chan since December 2011, but this game… you best f’n believe I’ll be playin’ this one day. :D

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