Feast Your Eyes On These Gorgeous Areas From Witch and the Hundred Knights

By Sunjun . July 22, 2013 . 1:10pm

The Witch and the Hundred Knights is one of Nippon Ichi Software’s most ambitious games yet. Not only is every character rendered in 3D, but the game is filled with large 3D environments as well.


The world that the story takes place in is called Midea, and as Hundred Knights, you’ll explore a variety of areas. Take a look at some of them below:



The area where the dark hero Metallica resides and where Hundred Knights’ adventure begins. Noxious miasma permeates through the region, preventing life from flourishing.



Ooze Forest

A thick forest neighboring Metallica’s swamp. The forest is governed by the Forest Witch and boasts a variety of plants and supposedly giant caterpillars.




A part of Valentine’s territory including a human village. Ridden with hills and nature, this area lies between Niblhenne and Valentine’s home.



Chocolata Flower Town

The town operated by the Flower Archduke Valentine. The district is lined with “pleasure quarters” where residents offer passionate greetings.




A vast region that runs along a long road and is the home of the cotton firefly. Many people visit this area to see the glowing insects at night. Mountains and forests cover the landscape, the northern parts of which are covered in snow.



Yaptraca Valley

An ancient valley where legends say that witches used to war against strange creatures. The deepest region is home to the rare Wing People.



Tettara Desert

A desert region battered by merciless sunlight. Beneath the sand lie giant Sand Eaters that prey upon unwary travelers.



Sicite Battleground Ruins

A wide region that was once the setting of a devastating war. Rumors say that it is filled with spirits of dead soldiers.



The Witch and the Hundred Knights will be released in Japan on July 25. NIS America is localizing it for the West, but have not announced a date yet.


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  • Suriel Cruz

    I’m really sorry, but this game FOR ME, looks crappy. You can’t even appreciate the details put into the Soldier and the battles, will probably give me a headache, tho it does have nice characters, still I don’t think I’ll play it.

    • DesmaX

      Actually, the fire coming from his head makes him stand out, focusing your view and, thus, not giving you a headache

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Just a few more days!

  • *All names and terminology used are not final.

  • DesmaX

    Heh, NIS really outdid themselves with this one.

    Not only the graphics themselves looks beautiful (It really looks like end-of-generation game), dat art style too.

  • Bur

    “Passionate greetings”, huh.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Its NIS game so….maybe it will have different meaning.
      “Want some Passion?”
      Choose yes
      “You´re a good boy….Want another compliment? You´re a good listener!”
      Choose …I expected something else
      “Well excuse me! We didnt wanted a second Hot-coffe scandal.”

  • Karmistral

    I know NIS is still wet behind the ears with 3D games, but wow, the amount of effort they put on everything. i’m glad their aesthetics never went away.

  • abysswalker

    What would you compare this game to? Pikmin? After a few posts I still don’t fully grasp what this game is about but it certainly looks nice

    • DesmaX

      It’s like Ys

      • abysswalker

        Ok, thanks. Gonna keep a closer look at it then

  • revenent hell

    Looking at these it makes me think of the dark cloud games… I don’t know what it is but they seem to have the same feel to me

  • hadjimurad

    I agree that the environments are well done, but it would be nice if the character wasn’t completely obstructed by the UI or spell effects in every shot. i’m sick of small text and small characters. problem with games being developed on pcs with a screen one foot from their eyes. won’t be able to see crap at 8 feet.

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