Yoshi’s New Island Plays Like A Classic Super Nintendo Game

By Spencer . July 22, 2013 . 4:32pm


Smiling flowers, Baby Mario, and Yoshi with a trail of spotted eggs. Ah, that brings back memories of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, but Yoshi games went in a different direction after the Super Nintendo classic. Yoshi’s New Island much like Yoshi’s Island DS before it follows in the footsteps of Super Mario World 2.


I got to play through the first world of Yoshi’s New Island where you control Yoshi who has to protect Baby Mario. If an enemy hits Yoshi, Baby Mario falls off Yoshi’s back and floats around in a bubble. You have ten seconds to rescue Baby Mario by touching him (protip: use Yoshi’s tongue), but if you can’t save Baby Mario in time you lose a life. Yoshi has his usual abilities like a ground pound and flutter jump that gives him a little bit of a mid-air boost. Yoshi can also eat enemies and turn them into eggs. Throwing eggs is all about timing. When you throw an egg a moving cursor appears that arcs up and down, you have to press A at the right moment to line up your shot. Eggs bounce off walls and can trigger switches in the stage.


The levels I played had collectables like red coins and flowers. This puzzle comes from stage 1-2 where you have to make donut blocks fall so you can avoid a rotating spiked ball.


3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn06_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn09_E3


What’s "new" in Yoshi’s New Island? Not that much, but Mega eggs are one addition. In stage 1-1, there are pipes blocking coins and other goodies. Yoshi can walk a little to the right and grab a mega egg by touching it. Aiming a mega egg is just like firing a regular egg. The difference is mega eggs can open new paths for Yoshi and Baby Mario by breaking pipes. Mega eggs bounce more too and the gauge at the top of the screen fills up when you smash stuff. You can earn a 1up each time you a bar is completely full.


Yoshi’s New Island also has binoculars that let you scan the layout of the level by moving around the 3DS. This was demoed in the first level right before Yoshi finds the mega egg so you can clearly see a hidden area that was outside of the usual camera view.




Yoshi’s New Island is on track for release in 2014. Wii Play developer Arzest which has many former Artoon and Sega staff is making the game.


3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn07_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn08_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn10_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn02_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn01_E3 3DS_Yoshi'sNew_scrn04_E3

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  • Malon

    The art looks really beautiful. I love how them gave up “usual” sprites on Mario & Luigi RPG series and now Yoshi’s Island series to give us something really charming, colorful, and pretty as hell. It’s a great evolution, thank you, Nintendo !

  • Hmmm when one sees the game from a distance it looks awesome but overall I’ll be picking this up since I really enjoyed Yoshi’s Island back on SNES.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    Hoping this is an early 2014 release, like January or February. Then again, Nintendo delayed Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion from fall to late March of the following year so,…

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I don’t know with this game. I like theSNES and DS versions, but not enough to complete (and iI always get to world 4 or 6).i completed Yoshi Story no problem though (despite reading a lot of hate for it). I want to get this, but I’m afraid I mite abandon it all together….

  • juma086

    I’m loving the art style here, not gonna lie. Can’t wait t pick this one up.

  • luckgandor

    What did you think about the level designs, Spencer? I heard over at a certain board that they’re nowhere near as well designed and engaging as the original Yoshi’s Island.

  • Hairee Pothead

    The hand drawn pastel graphics of the GameBoy Advance looked better than the pre-rendered Clay graphics on 3DS.

    • Malon

      I wouldn’t say “looked better”. I think both are beautiful in their own way.

  • Lightthrower

    What’s new? I’ll predict what’s new. Super easy difficulty and constant 1ups everywhere….. :-(

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