Xseed Added Online Multiplayer To Valhalla Knights 3 And Rebalanced The Game Too

By Spencer . August 2, 2013 . 2:09am

image Valhalla Knights 3, like the other Valhalla Knights games before it, is a game for people that love grinding. Each girl at Star Kiss, the cabaret club club, has pages of quests for players to complete. Usually, these are the defeat a certain number of enemies or fetch some quantity of an item.


The difficulty curve is harsh at the beginning, so Xseed rebalanced Valhalla Knights 3 to give players more experience and gold. They also reduced the cost of items which makes it easier to stock up on healing potions.


Their version of Valhalla Knights 3 also supports online play for player vs. player battles. The version currently out in Japan has ad-hoc connectivity for multiplayer instead. Ad-hoc multiplayer makes sense for Asia since gamers meet up on the fly to play games together while online play is more popular in North America.


Valhalla Knights 3 is scheduled for release this fall on PlayStation Vita.

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  • speedstersonic

    man i’m excited, i’ve played the first two but never really got into em, this one seems so much better. Really happy the put forth the effort to do this, wish i could work for them. :)

  • AndyLC

    Everything on the PSV ought to be on PSN too

    • Kefkiroth

      Pretty sure all retail Vita games are available digitally too.

    • TheExile285

      All PSV games are released on the PSN. Its mandatory.

  • Syltique

    That sounds great. I just hope the game isn’t censored. Given their publishing of Killer Is Dead, I have hope it won’t be.

  • MrTyrant

    Replacing ad-hoc multiplayer for online multiplayer is really clever. I love the idea and It helps me a lot.

    • JuhRo

      I asked earlier in this comment section and they didn’t “replace” but added. So there will be both ad-hoc and online. Great news for me.

  • Andar

    XSEED took a game that I was hopeful for, and turned it into a must buy. I’m sure changing out ad-hoc multiplayer for online was no simple feat, but it’s one that will be greatly appreciated, and I hope it does good things for both the game itself and the system it’s being released for.

  • TheExile285

    Awesome XSEED!

  • Mar Mar

    I thought XSEED was only allowed to localize games not touching gameplay code at all. Adding a multiplayer to a game is a tough job.

    Impressive work!

    • doubleO7

      Xseed doesn’t do it themselves. They would’ve had the original developer do the actual programming work.

  • ishyg

    Yes, online multiplayer! I won’t have anyone to play with if it’s ad-hoc.

  • Strid

    “The difficulty curve is harsh at the beginning, so Xseed rebalanced Valhalla Knights 3
    to give players more experience and gold. They also reduced the cost of
    items which makes it easier to stock up on healing potions.”

    Ugh – no thanks, I’m out. I want the real, difficult experience, not the “for dummies” version.

    • doubleO7

      This should be a non-issue. This game has multiple difficulty levels right?

      • TheExile285

        haters gotta whine about something

    • wyrdwad

      The way this was phrased in the article kind of makes it sound like we dumbed it down, but trust me, we didn’t — the game is still HARD AS HELL, it just no longer actively punishes players who are just getting started by not allowing them to afford any healing items at all and practically forcing them to restart the game. ;)

      • Strid

        No, I think this article states it properly – even considering your explanation. This is exactly what “dumbing down” is. I don’t care if it’s “still hard” the fact of the matter is that it is not as hard as it was [nor intended to be] and this is in effort to streamline the game for western audiences; get that crap out of here, I don’t want anything to do with it nor you if this is your course of action. It’s one of those paths that if you start walking down it now and I tell you it’s OK [by buying your games], it only gets worse.

        This is the last thing I expected from you guys at XSEED and I’m really, really disappointed that this is the end of the line for us – especially with the new Ys game coming up.

        • biskmater

          You are aware that “hard” doesn’t make it “good” right? As often as not, difficulty comes just as often from oversight in developing the game as it comes from actual design. Game makers are hardly perfect.

          • Strid

            I would rather have a “hard” that’s a mistake than a game made “for dummies” – anytime, that’s just me though. But yeah, I do realize that and balancing is fine, but if Marvelous hasn’t seen a problem enough to adjust it in Japan, it must be working as intended and this is just XSEED streamlining something for me because apparently I can’t handle the intended difficulty curve [I’m sick of this].

          • JuhRo

            It pretty much just says, the beginning is easier.. and will allow for beginners of the series to be able to get footing before it gets really difficult later on in the game. :/ It shouldn’t be an issue at all.

          • Strid

            If you’re OK with playing games that have been altered because someone thinks you can’t handle them, that’s your choice and far be it from me to tell you whether or not it’s the right or wrong choice for you. I expect the same amount of respect for what I desire. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to agree, but you shouldn’t dare go around telling people what they should or should not take issue with.

          • outlawauron

            It’s not because people from the West couldn’t handle it, but rather the game design was done so poorly they reworked it so that it wouldn’t be an annoyance.

          • Strid

            I disagree. As well, in the west the word “annoyance” when linked to video games generally means anything challenging. If it can’t be easily or quickly done, it’s an annoyance, generally.

          • outlawauron

            Challenging and difficult things are rewarding, not annoying and not a hassle. Stop being so butthurt.

          • Strid

            “Generally” carries meaning and no.

          • JuhRo

            Taking it a bit personal, are we?

            It’s a difficulty curve that has been altered to make more SENSE, not because the almighty Japanese devs thought the dumb Westerners couldn’t figure it out. If I don’t have to spend the extra 2 hours grinding on little slime in the beginning of the game, or the equivalent thereof, then I’m all for it if I can get to the good stuff.

            –It’s not even a fun difficulty setting they shifted, it’s the boring kill the weak stuff for a long, long time, part they changed.. It has nothing to do with skill.. just patience and time.–

            It’d be good to have an understanding of the real reason of the shift instead of jumping to the negative conclusions and then taking offense in it.

          • Strid

            ” If I don’t have to spend the extra 2 hours grinding on little slime in
            the beginning of the game, or the equivalent thereof, then I’m all for
            it if I can get to the good stuff.”

            Which is the difference between you and I. When I see someone say such as that it makes me sick at my stomach. This sentiment, it’s exactly what’s wrong with the western gamer, why we have games “dumbed down” for us, why “our games” are already piss easy [generally] – you want it right now with as minimal effort and time as possible. Me, I want the full experience no matter how tedious some parts of it may seem – that’s just part of the game and it makes sense to me to have to go through that.

            Your idea of gaming, all MMORPGS [for instance] should start at end-game, to hell with the leveling up process and the learning to play, but just drop me down at end-game and let me “do stuff.” It just… it makes no sense to me why you’d want that, but again, that’s what you want and far be it from me to tell you it’s wrong.

          • JuhRo

            Get over yourself.
            This change isn’t a “Super Mario Brothers 2” change. It’s a very miniscule change and I can swallow my pride and play games to enjoy them. I grew up not knowing anything about “Japanese” versions of games.. And I’ll play the hardest games ever. I love challenges. But when those “challenges” are just grind fests that require no skill.. That’s not a good time.

            You keep throwing that “Western” word and “dumbed down” phrase around. Go learn Japanese and play the original if you’re going to be such a snob about these things.

          • Strid

            Still upset are we?

          • Zharkiel

            From the looks of it, it wasn’t the “almighty japanese devs” who suggested the changes though, this was xseed’s personal input. They just needed the japanese devs to implement their changes.

            I don’t follow this series, but from my understanding is a Dungeon Crawler, right? You have to understand that DC fans aren’t like your average JRPG fan, they like it hard and they like it raw.

            What you may consider Bullshit difficulty and unnecessary grind, DC fans enjoy it, thrive in it. This looks more like xseed wanted a wider appeal for this game and toned it down in the name of sales.

            I personally detest this much input from a publisher, if they’re going out of their way to “tone it down” they at least should include the option to play in the original difficulty settings if people wish to do so.

            It’s specially annoying for me since they’re the ones who bring Ys games to the west. I love playing Ys on its hardest settings, and the thought of xseed dumbing that down scares me, seriously.

          • wyrdwad

            As I’ve said in other comments, we’ve never tweaked any other game like this before, and we almost certainly never will again. And on the off chance we do, we’ll endeavor to make our changes optional next time.

            And *certainly* we would never touch an Ys game at all. Falcom are experts of game design — we would never, ever mess with one of their masterpieces.

            Remember, our goal here wasn’t to make the game easier, but to ease up on unnecessary grinding. Grinding isn’t difficult, it’s just time-consuming, and VK3 in its original form required an extreme amount of it right at the beginning in order to get enough money to afford to move on with the story. We didn’t actually touch the difficulty itself — we only adjusted prices in the town to make items more affordable at the start of the game, in direct response to the most common complaint issued by Japanese fans.

          • biskmater

            Suit yourself, I suppose. I am sure you will find something out there to feed that masochistic pride of yours.

          • Strid

            I’m not exactly hurting for good games to play as it is. Cutting XSEED out of my diet is hardly a loss at all in the grand scheme of things.

        • wyrdwad

          Now, now, let’s not be too hasty. I actually do see where you’re coming from, and in hindsight, you’re right: if we were to include these changes, it probably would’ve been better to include them as an optional difficulty setting or something. That’s a solution we’ll keep in mind for future titles, and I’m sorry we hadn’t considered it for this one.

          To be fair, though… I recommend reading some Japanese reviews of the game. The reason we made these adjustments is because many Japanese fans complained about the hefty amount of grinding required at the game’s onset, and we at XSEED had similar difficulties as well. As such, we spoke with the developers and asked them if they’d be willing to make an adjustment to help fix what we perceived (and what reviewers listed) as a flaw in the game’s balance, and they agreed. This isn’t a change we unilaterally made, but something the developers concurred was a “fix” worth making. The game isn’t made any easier in terms of actual difficulty, it just requires less grinding to get started.

          Of course, one man’s flaw is another man’s feature, and I’m certainly not one to fault someone else for being angry about this (anyone who’s read my comments on any of the “If My Heart Had Wings” news articles is aware that I had similarly “intense” things to say about that game due to MoeNovel’s heavy censorship — yet in their eyes, I’m sure they were simply “addressing issues” with the original game as well!).

          So if there’s no way to win you back, then please accept my apologies for the offense. And please know that we’ll endeavor to be more careful in the future should we elect to address fan complaints prior to releasing one of our games.

          • Strid

            I have read a few reviews, picked through various forums, and such, but I took it for nothing more than typical whining that generally follows the release of any game with a fairly nasty difficulty level [even in Japan].

            The most upsetting thing was this coming about after reading your stance on “If My Heart Had Wings,” as well as comments on your forums about Senran Kagura, and other such topics. I was extremely upset about MoeNovel’s decision as well and thoroughly enjoyed your comments. I understand that XSEED is not just you, but I figured you would all be generally like minded in this area – kind of like a company policy of sorts.

            Unfortunately though, this is one of those things, like with MoeNovel or a cheating spouse, you do it once and that’s enough. I know now that XSEED has it in them to do such as this and it doesn’t matter if I buy Ys Origins [again] or Celceta, that money could help fund something like this [or worse] to happen down the road; it’s a slippery slope.

            I appreciate the apology and as well, I apologize that it has come to this. I would love nothing more than to just not support this game and then continue on to support you down the road, but doing such as that just doesn’t sit well with me and at the end of the night I have to do what I have to do to sleep well. All the same, you guys at XSEED have to do what you have to do, or at least try, to get your games sold to these masses of “gamers” that couldn’t be assed to kill their 2 hours of slimes, as JuhRo put it.

          • wyrdwad

            Man, we’re not even allowed to make one mistake? That’s pretty harsh!

            Oh well… considering what we’ve got in our upcoming lineup, I think it’s safe to say it’s your loss. Perhaps the quality of the games we have yet to announce (none of which are being “adjusted” in any way, I might add!) will win you back over to our side once they become known. I know that if MoeNovel were to release a completely uncensored game, I would likely support it just to show them that uncensored = sale, censored = no sale. If I were to cut them off completely instead, that wouldn’t be sending a very good message at all — if they’re not going to get sales even after doing the right thing, then what are they supposed to take away from the experience? And why would they ever do the “right thing” again?

            As I said before, you have my assurances that we’ll make every effort to be more careful with this sort of thing in the future. It is, after all, the first and only time we’ve ever done something like this, and our motives were entirely pure (we wanted to make the experience better for fans — because trust me, if you ever do play the original VK3, I think you’ll see exactly why we felt it needed to be adjusted!).

            If we do lose you as a customer over this, though, then so be it. But again… I think you might regret cutting us off when you see what we’ve got around the corner. ;)

          • shadowind

            Unlike Striddy-Boy here who doesn’t look like he’ll be changing his opinion anytime soon, at least you’ll always have the likes of me and countless others as your fans. At least you guys care about the people who buy your games unlike the Big 3 publishers….

          • Strid

            You make extremely valid points, but it’s just not in me to operate in the same manner you do yourself. The way I see it, I’ve already helped you guys streamline something and that’s detriment enough to my hobby, for now. I have to make certain I’m not going to be doing so again in the future before I’m comfortable purchasing your work.

            You can make mistakes, but mistakes vary by degree and what you guys have done here is not a simple mistake, it’s a big deal. You’ve taken an experience and altered it in effort to make it “more accessible” and that’s just down right gross to me anymore. I don’t really concern myself with how big or small the altered content is in the grand scheme of things, but it’s more along the lines of that you’ve done it, worse though, is that you’ve forced it upon the player.

            It’s also no real loss for me other than the time I’ve sat here giving you folks at XSEED the time and patience I have, to take my money. Had I known this was coming, I would be well in the hundreds of hours into Valhalla Knights 3, as well, I would have been enjoying Calceta almost a year ago. Maybe enough time goes by and I can trust you guys again, but I don’t have all the time in the world to sit around and wait on that.

            Just to clarify, had these changes been made by the developer in the original version of the game [at their own whims or based on fan feedback – standard balancing procedures], we wouldn’t be having this discussion. It’s that you guys think the game needs to be altered to sell it over here to your “lesser” audience that takes the cake.

          • wyrdwad

            It’s possible the developer may yet patch these changes into the Japanese game — that’s still unknown.

            Either way, it’s not that we felt our audience was “lesser,” but rather that we felt the game balance genuinely needed improvement. Remember, we’re not just suits over here, we’re also gamers, and we understand and respect game design theory. I truly believe that if you were to play Valhalla Knights 3 in the original Japanese, as it is now, you would understand exactly why we did what we did. The game, as it was, simply required players to spend far too much time doing the exact same thing over and over again before they could even get started on their quest — and say what you will about hardcore gamers or what-not, from a game design perspective, that is an issue to be addressed.

            If I were to make a game myself, I would never wish that fate upon players — not because I don’t think they can handle it, but because I don’t think they should HAVE to.

            …Again, though, I do understand where you’re coming from, and I respect you for sticking to your ideals. I was just hoping that, perhaps, we might be able to come to terms on this matter. Either way, i hope we’re one day able to win you back, and I wish you well.

          • shadowind

            You do know you come across as an elitist moron or don’t you give a damn just as long as you’re right and everybody else is wrong, am I right?

            In any case, Striddy-Boy (I am ALLOWED to call you that, right?) If you want to play the game that badly with your oh-so-precious hard difficulty setting, how about just importing a copy of the Japanese version and using a strategy guide from GameFAQS or is that too much for you and let us REAL gamers play the XSeed version instead, deal?

          • Strid

            Pardon me if I take that with a grain of salt, coming from someone over the Internet who’s butt-hurt because they have an opinion different from someone else.

          • shadowind

            If you have an opinion that’s different from somebody else, that’s fine by me, but at the same time, it doesn’t give you the right to insult the company that’s bringing out VH3 in English just because they dared do something that you didn’t like!
            I for one am grateful and I’m sure countless others here are grateful that this game is coming out in English, especially with the improvements and uncensored fanservice in this version even if you (who seem to be in a very tiny minority) don’t like the changes.
            As for being butthurt, I’m not the one who’s being that way, I’d say it’s you especially as you’re only making yourself look more stupid with every ranting post here. (In any case, I won’t bother replying to your posts any more as I can see that you won’t be changing your mind any time soon)

          • Strid

            Apparently it’s not fine by you, as instanced by your posting manner in this entire discussion [in regards to me] as well as finding the things I have said to be insulting in he first place. Best I can tell, you’ve been the most insulting person in this entire discussion, with your name calling and what-have-you.

          • Firehawke

            Oh, god, you’re really overthinking this. “Oh, they slipped on something. They must be truly horrible people who will continue to make terrible mistakes! I must NEVER BUY ANYTHING from them ever again!”

            Grow up. Seriously. Just grow up.

          • Strid

            No, you.

      • shadowind

        I just want to say that unlike Strid who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with games being as hard as nails just for himself, I have no problems with you guys making things easier for players in the beginning and as I mentioned in a previous post here in this thread, I look forward to buying the game (which hopefully will have a kickass Special Edition in Europe) as well as Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (I still have my copy of the NA Special Edition imported from Canada) and have some fun with it. BTW, I take it there’s been no cuts as far as the fanservice is concerned?

        • wyrdwad

          Correct. Nothing has been censored whatsoever — yet the game still managed to get a T rating somehow! We actually thought there must be some mistake, but nope! Legit T. We’re terrified people are going to hear that and THINK we censored it… but rest assured, all fanservice is fully intact!

          • shadowind

            Thank the Gods and Goddesses for that! You’ll definitely have my money now for this game! ^_^

    • shadowind

      Oh boo hoo hoo! I’m sure that XSeed will be so upset that you’re not buying their game (which I’ll definitely be buying along with Ragnarok Odyssey Ace) that I’m sure they’ll make a special version with extra, extra-hard difficulty just for you because they care about you that much… (And I was being sarcastic seeing as you seem to have a huge-ass log of wood up your ass with your comments in this thread!)

      • Strid

        You’ll get over it.

        • shadowind

          U Sad as you seem to come across as being one of the most narcissistic, arrogant people I’ve ever seen post on Siliconera (and believe me when I say that I’ve seen quite a few over the years here).

  • KyoyaHibari

    Does anyone own the game and can give a verdict on it? I had VK1 on PSP and hated it, but this one seems much improved and everyone in the comments is riled up over it, so is it that great?

  • JuhRo

    Why not both? :/ I want download play games and ad-hoc multi as well as wi-fi for these Vita games.. D:

    Maybe I’m asking too much..? LBP Vita should at least be download-playable…

    • wyrdwad

      Oh, don’t worry, the ad-hoc is still there too! We didn’t remove it, we just added online wi-fi multiplayer as an alternative.

      Also, by download play, do you mean PSN? Because I’m quite certain the game will also be available on PSN. I don’t know of any Vita game that isn’t!

      • JuhRo

        Oh, well in that case… everyone made it seem like it was a good “switch” or “trade-off”. Hahah. My apologies.

        Download Play –> It was prevalent with the PSP and DS.. and now just the 3DS.. where only one person needs to have the game.. and two people can play.. the second person gets a dumb-downed, but very much playable part.. but it’s basically like split-screening on a home console. It’s great for Co-op games or for party (sports) games.

  • leingod

    Hope this one’s good… didn’t particularly like the two previous games. I liked the “girls” trailer though, that’s a start XD

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