Square Enix’s Guardian Cross Is Led By The Director Of Final Fantasy VI

By Ishaan . August 5, 2013 . 12:20pm

Another of Square Enix’s recent smartphone games is being made available for Android devices, the publisher announced this morning. Guardian Cross, a card battle game originally released for iPhone, is available for Android now.


Guardian Cross has you playing as Guardians that fight and capture various monsters, and then use them in battle against other players around the world. For the Android version of the game, Square Enix have added new Guardian cards with new artwork, and will update the game with new quests in the future as well.


Guardian Cross has over 120 monsters. Interestingly, the game’s lead concept planner is Hiroyuki Ito, who designed Final Fantasy’s Active Time Battle system, and directed Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII.


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  • Luis Camargo

    *News about a potentially interesting game from Square Enix*

    *Check if it is mobile*

    *It is (110% of the time)*

    *Walks out dissapointed*

    • saxophone15

      Mobile games can be developed faster so you are likely to hear about it more often than AAA console games.

    • KuroNathan

      unfortunately that’s how it just is for SE. They had an interview a while back explaining that they have a much higher RoI from social games and since they ARE a company with stockholders they have to watch that bottom line.

    • abysswalker

      Your comment kinda got me thinking about an algorithm to filter these entries from the rss feed on my dashboard. I’ll see if I can make it work.

    • Squeenix is definitely the Capcom for RPGs now. Tsk tsk…

    • Kai2591

      I feel your frustration.
      But hey, at least the profits from these mobile games might help fund their next big games. maybe. haha.

    • LaserVision

      It’s another card game. It probably wasn’t going to be that interesting to begin with.

    • Dario Portillo

      haha yupity yup yup!

  • Syltique

    He probably made this in 5 minutes on his lunch break while working on FFXVI.

    • Anime10121


    • 1Truth

      I hope you’re right. I really want Hiroyuki Ito as director of FFXVI.

    • KuroNathan

      lets be fair now, a lot of thought is put into the design of the game to entice players just the right way to pay for in game bonuses.

      So an hour at least.

  • Zantetsuken_Gilgamesh

    I guess its to be expected, Mobile games are popular in Japan.

  • epy

    To waste Hiroyuki Ito’s talent like this…

    • SetzerGabbiani

      It’s a bit depressing.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I hope they are making decent profits off of all these mobile games so that they can make some real console games. This is getting depressing…and considering the creator… :-/

    • Yause

      The Japanese industry as a whole is shifting toward mobile games. Before, they were about console gaming. This past generation, the handhelds (DS, PSP) took over. Now the smartphones and tablets are next.

      FWIW, Square Enix is supposedly shifting away from social games and more toward traditional games on mobile. That falls in line with where other companies in the industry want to go.

      In the future, I think we’ll see western-oriented products headed toward PCs and consoles, whereas Japan-specific titles will go mobile….

      • NintendoPSX

        Please no. I’ll leave the gaming world if that happens.

      • Warboss Aohd

        dere iz also da possible situation where da Industry collapses.

    • Elvick

      If they made “decent profits” on them, that would just go back into making MORE mobile games.

      Hope for them all to tank… or at least get ported elsewhere (where it makes sense).

    • $7573679

      If they make decent profits on mobile games they’d keep making mobile games…

  • H_Floyd

    Just so no one misunderstands, this article is about Guardian Cross being ported to Android. The game has been out for almost a year now, so Mr. Ito completed his work on it a long time ago.

    *crosses fingers for FFXVI*

  • GameTaco

    I didn’t last long with this one on the iPhone. Honestly, the hook for me was the sniper mini-game, which you need to play in order to earn the cards. The card battle itself is just… Well… Entirely automated and pointless. Fight, lose, keep whittling away until you win, wait for energy to recharge, repeat.

    Come on, Square-Enix. Monster Sniper. That’s all you have to do.

  • 324234

    It’d be great if they could do the Android ports in less than a year. Any anticipation for this game is dead.

    Also relevant, my rule of thumb regarding online Android games: If the reviews for it are riddled with Referral codes, do not play it.

  • Solomon_Kano

    If it’s free, I’ll check it. Ito’s my favorite guy at SE, so I’m obligated to at least try it.

    Really gotta wonder what he’s doing now though, since GC’s been out for a while.

  • Hey so like

    You know how you made what is widely considered to be the defining RPG of the 16 bit era?

    Yeah, so here’s this card game we want you to make. It’s for phones. Hope that works out for ya

  • Yan Zhao

    The guy who directed the masterpiece that is FF6, now making mobile games….sigh.

    • Katboy

      This. +1

  • Elvick

    So, the director of the best video game ever created (imo) is now making mobile card games…


  • NintendoPSX

    Square-Enix…Why can’t you respect your best developers?
    Tetsuya…Watch out man, you’re next!

  • Pockystix

    it’s like watching disappointment unfold, in game form

  • 1Truth

    I still have hope that Hiroyuki Ito is currently leading pre-production on FFXVI.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    He should work on something worthwhile, like a complete remake of FFVI.

  • Kaitou21

    Square Enix = Failing, I understand how hard it is for SE to put out GOOD games but come on, for the past six months every SE update has been about either a card game or social game, seriously…….

  • Bacon_n_Lettuce

    Poor guy, he’s fallen far from his glory days it seems.

  • LaserVision

    Can someone explain to me why this guy isn’t in charge of Final Fantasy and Nomura is?

  • new_tradition

    Wait, weren’t there a lot of issues with the iOS version? Like high level cards getting cloned and sold for real world money, and then users getting banned arbitrarily?

  • Katboy


  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Poor Ito. So much potential put to work on inconsequential projects.

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