Shin Megami Tensei IV’s Next Story DLC Is Out Now

By Ishaan . August 6, 2013 . 8:30am

The next batch of Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC is up now, and offers the next story quest that’s connected to the game’s main story. Here’s what’s available:


Snake Scale Equipment ($1.49) – Three delivery quests, each one giving you a piece of the Deity Scales armour set. This one makes you look like Kouga Saburo.


Clipped Wings 2 ($2.49) – This is another Archangel quest and has you fighting Gabriel and Michael. Completing the quest lets you fuse the Herald Gabriel and Herald Michael demons.


This quest is connected to the main story and is recommended for the endgame.


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  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Clipped Wings is part of the story?

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      Yes. Its not vital info though.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    It could be because I grinder to level 99 with the dlc map, but the game is boring the hell out of me with that board game “world map”. I’m have way (truth of evil mission), and I just want to get to the end already. I wanted to beat it in time for Mario and Luigi, but now I just want to put the game to rest. The demon fusion thing is awesome though

    • Ferrick

      why the hell did you grind till lvl 99 on dlc ? That kills the whole purpose of everything

      • Pyrofrost

        To be honest, that DLC is really no different than grinding the hell out of the Arahabaki’s in Amala or the mobs at the Construction Site in Nocturne; with the insane chain battles you can get in those two particular areas.

        Outside of the DLC not taking as long, it’s really the same thing.

        • Ferrick

          but the grinding dlc gives you heavy grimoires which instantly 1-ups your level (or your demons), and that’s not really grinding either since you can get more than one heavy grimoires in one fight

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah, that’s what I meant by not taking as long. However, those two areas in Nocturne for example, could not have been more obviously set up to be grind-whore areas; as there are no other locations like that in the game.

            You can use those two areas in particular to massively OP your character quickly and easily; which is why I made the comparison. You’re essentially accomplishing the same thing you do via the DLC, it just requires less time in the DLC.

          • Ferrick

            more like no time at all lol, just kill mitamas <89 times and then boom, instant 99

          • Pyrofrost

            I know, I’m just mentioning the fact that you’re accomplishing the same thing either way with ease; the only difference is the time spent doing so.

            I will also say that the person who is using that DLC, and not fusing like mad while doing so and spreading the grimoires around to whisper epic skills is a fool. To get the proper use out of that DLC, you also need to use the hell out of the Macca and App Point DLC. If you’re doing all those things and actually taking the time for proper skill passing, it can take a considerable amount of time. Some of the epic skills you need you can’t even get till you unlock fusions later anyway though.

            Sure, you can zoom your MC to 99 in no time at all, but what’s the point of doing only that.

          • Ferrick

            exactly, there’s no point in doing that because it defeats the purpose… though i won’t say that i’m not guilty of using the dlc but i also used it… still laughing on my lvl 99 Lham dearg

          • Pyrofrost

            I’ve been using it too, lol. I’ve been grinding with that DLC, fusing, and whispering for almost two full weeks, lol.

            I actually only just started moving story again yesterday.

            Protip: if you want the very best magic demon in the game, level Alice to 99. Depending on the skill set you pass to her, she is above and beyond amazing.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        I was busy moving, and didn’t have a lot of time time beat the game (or so I though)so I can hop on the mentioned game. Flynn is 99,and i keep fusing demons, so they are lelevels all over the place. I regret doing it because of the lack of challenge, but the world map is what kills me the most. I’ll go through it again without doing that again, but it’s not helping more with boredom right now….


    I think i’ll just look at a playthrough of the DLC or read about it. SMIV was really meh IMO.

  • Musashi234


  • Ying

    Ugh story related DLC is the kind of stuff I fear whenever I hear about a game creating DLC it doesn’t have before. Especially since I am very unlikely to buy it :/
    (mostly because I don’t want to support this practice)

    I like the game so far even though I keep dying whenever they first introduce a boss. This though is lowering my opinion of the game as a whole

    • Pyrofrost

      If it means anything, You’re not missing content vital to the story if you skip it. It just provides additional stuff if you want it.

      • Ying

        I still like to know that sort of stuff, but I’m happier knowing it isn’t anything really important. Thanks for telling me :)

    • Ferrick

      i bought the clipped wings 1, and its not really important to the overall story, its more or less just a side story

      • Ying

        Ah okay. Although I like to know that sort of stuff as well so it’s still a bit annoying. I’m glad that it’s not anything really important though. Thank you for the info :)

        • Ferrick

          a side story and fusion data for Uriel and something else i forgot its name

          • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

            Clipped Wings 1 gives Uriel and Raphael, Clipped 2 gives Gabriel and Michael, as well as Tyrant Aeshma.

          • Ferrick

            ah, right raphael, i really need to learn to remember names lol, and haven’t checked part 2 yet

    • Sardorim

      To be fair this DLC is based off events that happened in the past. You’ll understand more if you unlock the hidden Neutral route as the DLC is based off Neutral Flynn.

      • zeta

        ughghhh spoilers~

      • Ying

        The Neutral route is hidden? I got it on my first playthrough without a guide or anything

    • Ferofax

      Side stories that were meant to be an afterthought is exactly that, an afterthought.

      Their non-existence does not detract from the original experience, so their existence SHOULD NOT DETRACT from the original experience as well.

      Going in with the expectation that all of these afterthoughts should have been in the game in the first place is kind of… well, not quite fair. Other than that expectation, I don’t really see any other reason why story DLCs should lower anybody’s opinion of the game. :/

  • 3PointDecoupage

    The armor looks like a mantis themed Power Rangers villain.

    • Bec66

      Well considering the person who designed the demon worked on Kamen Rider that makes a lot of sense

  • Michael Connell

    Anyone know if the story DLC has any effect on alignment?

    • It doesn’t. The only things that change your alignment is what you do in the main story and sidequests.

  • That outfit looks atrocious to me lol

    • Ferofax

      Have you seen the resistances?

      …nope, you’re right. Resist Phys/Gun is atrocious.

      • That still doesn’t make me like the outfit though lol

  • Guest

    Meanwhile in Europe:

    *waiting for release date*

    • Ferofax

      All in due time.

  • dahuuuundge

    How many more DLC will we have for SMTIV?

    • Three more rounds of DLC.

      • dahuuuundge

        cool, I gotta spend my 30 dollar store credit somehow

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    My game is taking some time to arrive… I hope I get it soon!! I want to play SMT4 so bad D:

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