In Tales Of Symphonia Do You Pick Kratos Or Zelos?

By Spencer . August 9, 2013 . 3:23am

Ah, this Tales of Symphonia Chronicles video is all about Zelos Wilder. The sword wielding party member that’s never afraid to brag about his modesty. Zelos is one of the playable characters in Tales of Symphonia, but he doesn’t *have* to stick with you the entire game.


Zelos provides a fair amount of comic relief, but if you want a more sullen you can get Kratos Aurion who also can learn Judgment. Hmm… who do you prefer in your party?

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  • Blue Katamari

    Generally, I switch between them from one playthrough to another. Kratos is badass and Zelos is funny, and they are both nice to have in battle.

    I can’t stand Zelos’ english voice though, so I always chose Kratos on GC.

  • Randy Marsh

    Simple for this version, Zelos. I used to take Kratos in the GBC version since he knew Judgment, but that changed when I got the PS2 version, since he now has Judgment on his arte list. He attacks quicker, can perform certain artes perfectly; unlike Kratos who sometimes misses, and he also brings a lot of life to the party. Oh, did I forget to mention that he has two HI OUGIS?

    • Xerain

      Surely you mean the GCN version.

      • Randy Marsh

        *facepalm* Forgive me. I meant to put GC.

    • Blue Katamari

      His Hi-ougis are more difficult to pull out, though. He needs to be in Overlimit for both of them, while Kratos does only need to be in critical status.

      • Randy Marsh

        The requirements mean little to me, two is two. It is not like the insane requirements to perform Presea’s Hi Ougi.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Zelos is my main man

    I only picked Kratos on 4 of my playthrough *beat the game 35 times…*

    “In Zelos voice”Ready for this?!

  • Teepo 64

    I prefer choosing Zelos, only because I find them both likeable in the end of the story with choosing Zelos. I don’t think Zelos makes an admirable/cool anime antagonist.

    It’s also nice to have some dude wearing pink in the party.

    • I am loving your username/pic.

      • Teepo 64

        Thank you. :)

    • Bec66

      And making said pink look dignified on him

  • Xerain

    I much prefer Kratos, given his relationship to one of the other main characters, and that it’s kind of rare for a game to actually let a character like that become a permanent member of the party.

    That beings said… i don’t dislike Zelos by any stretch of the imagination… so I usually pick him because.. erm.. Zelos gets substantially less screen time if you pick Kratos, whereas Kratos is still has scenes if you pick Zelos. If you know what I mean.

  • I’m a Kratos type of person. I like how women NPCs in the game will throw themselves (and their gald, items, and such) when Zelos takes the lead, but I think Kratos is cooler.

  • Crevox


    pretty sure picking Zelos to keep is canon

    • The second game would certainly have a confusing moment or two if you didn’t. :P

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Sardorim

      Yeah, it is. They even have that drama thing where Zelos and Sheeva traveled around together after the games events.

  • I prefer Kratos because I love listening to Cam Clark.

  • Celiacus

    I like both of them, but I usually pick Kratos. He’s my favorite character in the game, so I can’t help it.

  • Still have the original sitting on my shelf, but I honestly don’t know because I never got this far in the game XD. Looking forward to the remasters though lol

    • fireguardiancoty


      not a remake. it’s still the same game that was released 10 years ago.

    • Anime10121

      I’m sure you’ll love it! Its not my favorite Tales of ( Abyss, and Destiny are better IMO), but its a fantastic title nonetheless!

      • I didn’t think the game was bad or anything. Other stuff came out or I bought other games and just never got back to it lol

  • Laith Rem

    Zelos. No question.

    Kratos is cool but Zelos is way better.

    • PRGamerCub

      heeeeelllll no lol

  • Gideon de Groodt

    I picked Kratos because I loved to pull the shit he did to me when you had that battle against him for that final Summon. [I think he also did this when you fought that unwinnable battle against Yggdrasil..?]

    Sonic Trust! Lightning Blade! Super Lightning Blade!


  • NightzeroAX


    I like Zelos but its not everyday you get to party with your Dad.

    • Fidelis

      You should really probably spoiler tag that.

      • NightzeroAX


  • Fidelis

    I’ve played through this game more than any other (besides Disgaea 2)
    Not once have I picked Kratos. Can’t bring myself to do it

  • Elemiel

    I always wanted to pick Kratos but then I would feel bad for Zelos. Perhaps I shall finally go through with it in ToSC

  • Eeh, both Kratos and Zelos learn Judgment in the PS2 version. Same will be with the chronicles.

    It’s down to personal preferences and the fact that Zelos gets two mystic artes and Kratos gets unique Guardian Field.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    They were both weiners!

  • Ereek

    Always, no exception. His relationship with certain characters is too good for me to pass up.

    Especially with the delicious Cam Clarke as his English voice actor.

  • Allec Ribeiro

    I always pick Kratos because tragic death plus someone needs his redemption.

  • How could I not pick Zelos? :o Possibly my favourite ever Tales character.

    I do hope that anyone who hasn’t played the game doesn’t click on this topic…

  • Ardus

    Im a Zelos supporter personally. There are loads of reasons I like having him around but the biggest reason is the way he attacks, The only other tales character that has that much dancing in his attacks is raven from vesperia.

    Edit: I think this has a place here

  • fairysun

    Zelos !
    I want a playboy character in my team.

  • $61526767

    Kratos. I do like Zelos too, but Kratos is more of my favorite.

  • Ricky Wallis

    Kratos for two reasons. If I recall you must recruit him for his plot segment. Being it affects the story in a far greater way than Zelos ever does and second, Cam Clarke.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Kratos obviously :D


    Kratos. because a really liked his story during my first playtrough. And i find his personality far more awesome then zelos one (i don’t dislike zelos. but Kratos is better character imo).
    I got zelos in my party just one time to see his part of the story.

  • abysswalker

    Kratos of course!!

    Side note: Come on guys could you please keep this spoiler free? There’s a lot of people that haven’t played Symphonia yet

    • Spoiler Free? This game is over 10 years old. If They haven’t played it by know, too bad.

      • abysswalker

        Maybe they didn’t have a GC when it came out or were too young or simply didn’t feel like playing it. One of the main reasons game companies make re-releases is to get those people to play the game now

        • metaxzero

          Doesn’t matter. They had more than enough time to get a GC and this game. Or spoil themselves by watching a walkthrough. They don’t need almost 10 years of SPOILER ALERT READ NO FURTHER.

        • PRGamerCub

          yeah well you cant ask for something to be spoiler free after such a long time! you just cant! Gamer rules!

      • that is insensitive.

        • metaxzero

          And you want people to hold off on spoilers for games over 10 years old? Do you think people shouldn’t mention that Darth Vader is Luke’s dad too? Or how Romeo and Juliet die?

          I’m sorry. Call me insensitive, but there is only so long you can give people the benefit of seeing a story for themselves. And a decade or more is too damn long.

          • my comment wasnt really worth the paragraph. i actually think there is fault on both sides. i think that the “too bad” attitude is fairly insensitive to people that have not yet played the game, however, i also feel that it is unrealistic for people to expect spoiler free comments on a game so old. the proper response would be to not read anything past the article. the insensitive comment was mostly related to the tone, not necessarily the opinion.

          • ^ This Exactly, same people (or similar people) complained about the remake to the 2005 version of King Kong and being spoiled on that… There’s gotta be a limit to the amount of absurdity people wanna take this @[email protected]

  • Yan Zhao

    Kratos has a more badass VA, theres your answer.

  • NTaiyokun

    It’s kinda cruel how they make you pick between the two best characters in the game…

  • Zelos for me, He brings more fun to the party. I always though of kratos as a cornhole.

  • James

    I picked Kratos. Zelos was alright, but Kratos was like a badass, and well for other reasons.

  • I choose Kratos in my first playthrough and it sucks what happens to Zelos if you do that choice…

    It’s going to be hard for me to choose in this port because Zelos will have more mystic artes and better relationship cutscenes and Kratos… is cooler and has Cam Clarke has his voice actor

  • Barrylocke89

    Zelos for sure. I didn’t care for him at first, but he really grew on me, especially as you learn his backstory if you decide to make him Lloyd’s “partner”. Plus I find him to be easier to handle than Kratos in battle (Kratos feels too stiff to me, compared to Zelos’s dancy style)

  • Tatsuya1221

    Zelos, don’t hate kratos, but i prefer to build up relationships with the other characters over kratos.

  • Zelos, of course! :3 I think he’s much better than Kratos, plus, it keeps it canon.

  • Why!? Why must I chooose!? I want both!! (Said it back then, saying it again now.) Replays incoming again.

  • ZELOS!!!

  • Anime10121

    Kratos is boss! I mean, he killed a god, wait SEVERAL gods!


    Wrong Krotos? Well hey this Kratos is awesome too :P

  • OkamiKing

    You’re asking me if I want a guy who gets you free shit and has swagger like jagger, or the grumpy old man…….. I like free shit

  • Ty Arnold

    Zelos is a better-written character, but I prefer picking Kratos because it leads to one of the best and most interesting boss fights in the game.

  • Jirin

    I go with Kratos because I can’t stand Zelos. HUNNIES HUNNIES HUNNIES HUNNIES HUNNIES. This is what American sitcom writers think men who are successful with women are like.

  • Scott

    I pick Zelos. He doesn’t deserve to die.

  • For me it was Kratos. That’s just a personal choice. If you haven’t played ToS before this probably just spoilt it for you (although, I’m pretty all of us here have played ToS before).

  • PRGamerCub

    KRATOS!!! lol

  • artemisthemp

    I prefer Kratos, since God of War have proven you can’t kill him :P

  • Masengan

    I rule! I’m SOOOOO cool!

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I really enjoyed beating the game with both characters!

  • When I first played the game I didn’t care so much about Zelos, but now that I look back on it I don’t think I mind him in a negative way so much. He has his charm and wouldn’t mind having him in party regularly. But with that said, I am likely to pick Kratos. He was just a classic badass.

  • Presea

    I wish we can choose both…
    I’d probably go with Zelos just because it feels great that everyone is alive and well. (And he is awesome too) Though I’ll switch and pick Kratos on my other playthroughs I mean he is badass and hot. [SPOILER] Killing Zelos does break my heart though[SPOILER]

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