Check Out God Eater 2’s Character Maker

By Spencer . August 10, 2013 . 4:41pm

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Before you set off to fight Aragami, you have to create a God Eater 2 character. Famitsu has a look at what kinds of characters you can create by choosing options like your hair style, skin color, and an accessory. 


Players can also choose a character voice. God Eater 2 has thirteen kinds of voices and each one has a different personality. Unlike hair styles, which you can change later on if you get sick of pigtails, your voice is permanent so choose wisely.


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  • XSEED, I hope you can get this game localised :P

    However here is a comparism between the PSP and Vita graphics:

  • Raltrios

    Looks to be at least as good as the character creation in the first game, which is certainly a good start. Better than the CC in FE:A, at least.
    Still, even with all of the outfits in the game I pretty much just stuck to one of the early possibilities in GEB. It just seemed to suit me better than the rare stuff.

    • konsama

      It’s actually much better, since unlike GEB, you can customize the accessory of the hairstyle along the one in the face. like having headphones AND glasses. Or those eyepatches that were stuck in one haircut in GEB, you can put them on anytime now.

      And once you get bored, you can also change the accessories of the face hair color and style at anytime in the terminal.

      Then the hairstyles are more variated than in GEB, and im gonna assume there even be more unlockable ones as you progress through. And there’s no fixed colors, you have a palette to make your custom hair color.

    • Lynx

      The fact that the Japanese FE:A gave you a ‘mute’ option was a plus in my book. That actually changed a lot of the dialogue too.

      Shame they took it out in the English version. And FE’s never been big on OC character customization. I’d say Heroes of Light and Shadow/FE 12 had better customization than Awakening and that was on the regular DS.

      • mute option? You mean the avatar did not talk in the story? I didnt know there’s something like that in the jp version

  • sherimae1324

    where should i go and pleaded to on bended knees, to get this game localized? :3

    • Prinny Dood

      we got the first one i dont see why we wont get this one.

      • Jah-keem York

        First one sales were not too hot if I remember.

        • Might change with some picking it up for the Vita, like I did.

          Still need to play it though.

    • DyLaN

      Get your friends/gamer you know to buy GEB.

  • They nerfed the number of Character Voice Options? WHY?!!

  • Bigabu Beaze

    Hope this game gets localized.

  • Rudy Soto

    It’s a shame they couldn’t implement the color choosing option to the eyes like they did with the hair. The eye colors options were rather lacking in the demo.

  • Pockystix

    I hope Deep Down has a character creation system at least half as awesome as the one in Dragon’s Dogma.

    pretty much love a good character creator in any game, especially multiplayer ones.


    you can save costumes along with accessories and your equipament gear in a slot too (this function is on the the demo) so you can load the differents gears and costumes.
    I already made five differents sets of appearence and spend 20 hours on the demo.
    I hope that they boost the difficult. yen tzhi, garm, ukonvasara, and the others boss – mid boss aragamis were a joke. The zygotes got a better AI overall and new moves than the bigger ones.

    • Lynx

      Since you’ve played the demo, are Chi Yo (sp?), the armored bird Aragami in?

      I had a tough time with those things in the original early on, mainly because I was always aiming for quick completion time.

      • Kuncoro Tri

        Yes, there’re Chi You in the game.

        There’s even the alternate version of him named Yan Zhi, who looks like… peacock… things.


        Yes they are. Yen tzhi is a female variant that can summon endless minions ogre tails like aragamis and has a lock on system (she locks on a character and the minions and her will go all out on that character). Chi You is the same as GEB.
        I had a tough time with the chi you family too in the beginning but now they are as easy as doing a pie. they are really easy to read.
        Chi You is in three missions in the demo.First mission is with Chi You and five ogre tails. Second with a gboro gboro, two ogre tails and the new aragami of marduk family called Garm. Third one is with Two ukonvasara, and two gboro-gboro (gboro doing the camper snipe assist)

      • Vash bane

        yeah theres also a new female type

  • Mugen555

    Remember to chose your character voice wisely.
    In case your character speak

    • Kuncoro Tri

      “Don’t run away from living.

      THAT’S AN ORDER!!”

      • Ryujin

        That scene seriously gave me goosebumps. It helps that your character pulls off an outrageously cool attack with two God Arcs, too.

        • MXC

          Unless you got an unexpectedly lame sounding voice during the charging scream.

          • Ryujin

            Haha, yes, I can see how that would be disappointing. :P So much for that badass moment of glory if your character sounds like a squirrel with a throat infection.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Best Silent Protagonist Ever!
        Dual Wielding God Arcs!

  • Andrew Arndt

    Nice im looking forwerd to 2 really loved one

  • Erwin MadJelly

    They seriously need to localize this and with English subs. I wanna play it on my VITA, not waiting for someone who made eng patch for PSP

  • Vash bane

    wait how they change the pants in the demo(chances are these are full game items)? I want some khakis too >_<


      there’s two types of clothes now. full body set (blood uniform and gintama costumes) and the separate ones like GE and GEB. to change the pants first you need to equip a top/jacket/whatever THEN change the pants

      • Vash bane

        thank you ^o^

  • nice im liking the second image


    here’s the profile cards that you can save your look and gear

    • neogeno

      Been dying for a feature like this in GEB. I’m so glad they added it into GE2.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    if this gets localized, the world would be a better place to live… or at the very least, I’ll be a happier dude.

  • Neppygear

    My word, look at all the pretty people. I want to go to there.

  • lorelai4cuties

    i played the demo..its pretty fun..the last mission kinda hard :/

    • It was? I steam rolled it

    • Touma

      yeah, what shin said. it was pretty easy. unfortunately for me though, the system encountered an error and closed out the game. so i had to start all the way over even though it was so close to being dead.

    • tubers

      It gets pretty easy once you know w/c monster is weak to what weapon, gun and bullet.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    Doesn’t matter has tits!

  • Damarius Wingfield

    Doesn’t matter had tits!

  • Dagobert

    Damn it, I want this localized.

  • I love the music

    • MXC

      It seems they even remixed some of the tracks from GEB which is another plus with this game for me.

  • leingod

    This looks awesome… should’ve been released worldwide on the same date. Vita needs it.

  • Touma

    i love that they kept the hoodies in 2. that was my signature look the whole way through burst. and they look even better on the vita. to bad they didn’t showcase those.

  • Senshin

    The second game must be localized, cause i can not get the god eater burst save from the japanese version. They can not do that to us … D:

    (If it is possible to get the save, i do not care, i want he gets localized anyway)

  • Dexward

    I hope they get Donna Burke to make a new theme song. “God and Man” is a beautiful song.

    • gk2012

      If I could only travel back in time, to peaceful days gone by~

  • WyattEpp

    Oh God Eater, is it so much to ask that I can wear proper combat fatigues from the start of the game? Skirts and garters are not proper monster-slaying attire. :<

    • Nina

      Combat gear won’t mean much when the Aragami can rip through it like it’s made of tissue paper.
      That aside, it is certainly better than mini skirts >_>

    • Slayven19

      Nothing is when you are fighting monsters of that size. What do you think regular pants or even heavy armor will do for that matter. Besides if you’d bothered to look at the screen shots they have black suits that they wear kinda like super heroes.

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