Capcom Welcomes New Technology But Will Focus More On “Uniqueness”

By Sato . August 13, 2013 . 1:30pm

Capcom, the company that brought us hit game series such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man, and more recently Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and were featured in an interview with Famitsu, where consumer games division director Katsuhiko Ichii had a few words to share about his vision of the company’s future.


While there are many titles that come to mind when we think of Capcom, one of the most recently successful ones is, without a doubt, Monster Hunter. With Monster Hunter 4 coming out next month in Japan, Ichii tells Famitsu that he’d like to make it the best selling Monster Hunter game to date.


“We just released Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on the 25th of July, and Monster Hunter 4 will be following shortly on September 14th,” says Ichii. “In addition to the great response I’ve been feeling from it, it’s a game that the development team are greatly confident in, so I believe you should look forward to it.”


Not only do Capcom expect Monster Hunter 4 to be the best selling title of the franchise, but it will also boast the most volume of content we’ve seen from the series that practically created its own genre.


“Yes, in terms of quality, I’m confident that we’ll be offering the best product possible. Not only do I hope to see it break sales records of the past installments, but I’d also like to see it surpass other unprecedented records,” Ichii says, adding that the company is putting efforts into other new challenges as well, such as the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Gaist Crusher, which will be geared towards a younger audience.


Capcom have a handful of titles they’ll be releasing in the next few months, which they’re very eager to see how well they perform; however, they’re also keeping an eye on what lies ahead for next-generation consoles.


“In the next three to five years, the next-generation consoles will be released, and I believe that F2P (free-to-play) titles will be a big part of it,” expresses Ichii.


“The continuity of game systems and administrations will definitely be changing compared to what we’ve had until now. Additionally, when it comes to visual presentations, we saw some of considerably high quality at E3, and I believe that quality will be rising much higher. I also believe that Capcom will have to put in more effort [in this regard].”


He continues, “However, techniques aren’t determined by a single approach or tool, so simply polishing a technique isn’t enough. The feelings you get from playing titles that were popular in America and Europe the past few years come from their graphics, story and operability, but they are not exceptionally great in each of those regards. In fact, it’s specific parts that stand out. For example, some show a prominent world setting, while others have unique game systems.”


Ichii feels that, ultimately, a game boils down to its “selling point” and what makes it unique. “If other games don’t have it, then this game should have such parts. Having ‘uniqueness’ will be an important factor for brands,” he expresses. “In the future, technology will progress, and the way [games] are played will also change, but I believe that uniqueness is the part we must continue thriving for. In that regard, I believe that each title should require proper consultation and planning. I believe that it’s where Capcom’s qualities will come through.”


Finally, a message for the fans who’ve supported Capcom over the years.


Ishii: “I hope that you all enjoy Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Monster Hunter 4 to your heart’s content this summer. Afterwards, Capcom will be releasing many titles we’ve taken on the challenge of developing. I hope you look forward to it; then the next year and the year after, we’ll do our best to release more great titles thanks to your continued support.”

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  • Freud_Hater

    …So what WERE they focusing on, before? The blandest material possible? :/ Shouldn’t game developing companies always be striving to make their games stand out?

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


      • Kurizu208

        Other companies have done far more with lower budgets. Budget is the a poor excuse.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          You miss the point.

          They’ve been focusing on their budgets because they’re shitty at managing them.

          It really goes to show especially considering their best seller is still re-using PS2 assets.

          • Fango

            Yes, their management is terrible. BRB throwing cash at mediocre games and giving the popular series the economic axe

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            So outsourcing is on the agenda I take it?

    • fairysun

      DLC ! as in Disc-Locked Content.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        DLC for MH has always been free.

        • Fango

          wrong. mh has never had dlc in the proper sense

  • konsama

    Too bad that only applies to Japan. No MH4 for me.

    And if they really go the F2P way, with the awful BoF6 announced. I can’t see myself backing up them any more than the really few i do by now. -_-

    And happy 30th anniversary, hope it goes any better than what megaman got.

  • Nickie

    So does this mean localization of Monster Hunter 4?! =D

    • British_Otaku

      It’s a translation of an interview for Famitsu (a Japanese magazine), so it isn’t confirmed yet. Sato (I assume the translator, as they wrote this Siliconera article) presumably used the localised name for Ace Attorney 5 as it was familiar which may have led to the misunderstanding.

      I do expect Monster Hunter 4 to sell brilliantly though and I don’t have a record* of Capcom holding out on localising games which already sold well, so you could see it soon maybe…

      *Mostly because I don’t take notes on that and am not bothered to use Google or my memory to pull out examples.

  • malek86

    To make MH4 the best-selling game in the franchise would imply surpassing other records as well, since MHP3 is currently the best-selling third party game in Japan ever.

    It’s kinda hard to not break records when your series is pretty much the one making the records to begin with.

  • well im looking forward to MH4 and AA:DD, aswell as that sweet sweet gao 3DS XL

    • Namuro

      Same here, man!

  • Antixono

    Heh,one of the few things capcom does right these days.

  • J_Joestar

    still have to wait for probably a year before we can get MH4 and go hunting online handheld-style!

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    Uniquely reused PS2 assets.

  • British_Otaku

    I hope to see the unique titles continue to be ambitious ones whether they are E.X Troopers, AA5 and MH4 or… Breath of Fire 6 (It could be good right?)…

    That and localisation. I’ve got a J3DS which means I’m covered on every game that could come minus Wii U Japan exclusives (how likely is that)… Still, more people playing is more fun, single player or not.

    No surprise that F2P is one of their plans, we see just as many or more of them as core games even for franchises launched as video games… I hope not to see any more asleep franchises woken up with one in the main series… XOver was something. BoF6 was on the next level.

    • J_Joestar

      I do miss some of their more unique fare from last gen,
      Rival Schools, Tech Romancer, Power Stones.

  • Joshua Myers

    Now bring it to the NA mother fuckas!

  • GriffithOfTheHawk

    “With Monster Hunter 4 coming out next month in Japan, Ichii tells Famitsu that he’d like to make it the best selling Monster Hunter game to date.”

    Well now that it’s a brand new game and not a port of a port we’ll finally know if the Monster Hunter fanbase jumped from PSP to 3DS. I clearly have some doubts about it but we’ll see.

    • Xerain

      I still haven’t. Nothing against the 3DS, I just don’t have one yet. XSeed bringing that one game over is doing a lot to change that, though.

    • 하세요

      Monster Hunter sells in Japan on any system, no matter what. The franchise is just that huge over there. The amount of 3DSs sold in Japan just for MH3G was huge.

  • Sango

    Focus on localization.

    • TheExile285

      Capcom: “Localization? What’s that?”

      • Sango

        It’s slang for money.

        • Kaijumaster

          Capcom: OH!….well we hate that stuff.

    • serverny

      Have no fear, Breath of Fire 6 will be made top priority for localization!

  • Göran Isacson

    “The feelings you get from playing titles that were popular in America and
    Europe the past few years come from their graphics, story and
    operability, but they are not exceptionally great in each of those
    regards. In fact, it’s specific parts that stand out”

    … Doesn’t this sound like he’s switching opinion mid-sentence? I mean, if they are not exceptionally great in each of those regards, what specific parts are standing out? Free to play and moar graphics aren’t exactly reassuring news either…

    • tubers

      Next sentence:

      “…For example, some show a prominent world setting, while others have unique game systems.”

      • Göran Isacson

        That still makes it a bit weird he says that “they are not exceptionally great in each of those regards” when he then goes on to talk about world settings and game systems, which surely fall under story and operability?

        • ronin4life

          I took it as though He means they tend to fail all but any one given facet. The game with super graphical focus tends to be lackluster/Unoriginal in the other two ways.

    • Ruins72

      what ronin said. he means they always have a strong showing in one of those areas but there’s never a balance. It’s never all three.

      • Göran Isacson

        After rereading it a couple of times, I think I can see that reasoning now. Thanks for the explanation.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I really don’t think Capcom should be worried about visual quality. While RE6 was a disappointment it had an impressive visual style (with some lightning issues).

  • Not that this a is a knock or anything but this sounds like something Mr. Iwata would say.

  • Xerain

    Well an Ace Attorney / Monster Hunter cross over title would certainly be unique.

    • that would be an interesting mechanic, would we have to press rathalos in order to be able to get that one heavenly scale? or find the contradiction in rathians attacks

      • Xerain

        I was thinking Tigrex gets called to the witness stand, and no matter what Phoenix asks him, he just growls and roars. When Phoenix presents a mauled carcass as evidence to his presence at the crime scene, he eats it. When Phoenix’s new felyn side-kick uses psychic powers to try and read Tigrex’s thoughts, he goes into rage mode and starts thrashing around the courtroom.

        Phoenix then objects. To everything. In general.

        • it would all be overruled by Tigrex’s roar

    • Link

      Im just waiting for the inevitable Pokemon x Monster Hunter Crossover. Its bound to happen.

  • Fango

    Most volume of content? well no ****, you are re-using content from the past 6 or 7 MH games…..

    • eilegz

      from ps2 era, thats why they sold themself to nintendo and 3ds so they can keep on using those old assets, i dont even expect next gen MH.

      Its a japanese cod… cashcows that dont need change, dont need improvement because people like it the way it is, in my case i never liked the dated mechanics in the first place, the wannabe western art dont help neither and the lack of story and the sense of mindless grinding make it look like a offline MMO, i cant find sastifaction in playing those games.

    • J_Joestar

      There is far more genuinely new gameplay changes and additions in 4 than in the MHO that everyone is so eager about.

      Re-using old monsters in a MH game is no different than having returning characters in a fighting game, especially when they have to be significantly updated to work with all the changes in gameplay.

      • Fango

        but mho was re-built from the ground up and we dont know much about the new content in it yet to fairly compare to mh4.

        • J_Joestar

          The same could be said for MH Tri, yet it still remained close enough to older games that many still think they are the exact same.

          Not saying it will be bad or anything, but MHO hasn’t really shown us much to really say it’ll be much more than a significantly better looking Frontier G.

  • Abysswalker90

    Is that… that Greymon?

  • Zonron

    my idea is a shield chain knuckle. maybe chainshield for short? you can stab, punch and launch yourself at the enemy.

    shield, best blocking, piercing damage. from here can change attacks to knuckle mode, or loaded chain.

    knuckle, combo punches that do smash damage, power punch knocks enemies back setting up for loaded chain.

    you shoot part of the shield and it hookshots into a monster(or mountain side ect) to throw you into a position to clime on there back(if you know where to aim)

    uses new item spheres that you can load to add effects to weapon, like poison, power.

    weapons pros: best shield, many damage types, long and short range. can tranq monsters with sphere.

    weapon cons: weapon doesn’t dish out as much damage as other ones like, hammer, great sword, longsword, small chain reload animation. after loaded chain you will need another sphere or loaded chain fails.

    just an idea i have been working on. wish i new where to suggest weapon ideas.

  • Katboy

    not a fan of anything Capcom these days…

  • D. Collins

    What about Asuras Wrath………

  • I did a ctrl+f for Mega Man. …*sigh*

  • Magnumsally

    Can they focus on the games the fans want? please? they arent doing that

  • Dagobert

    What I don’t get from companies like Square Enix and Capcom is that they have a huge fanbase asking for a specific type of games. Instead they make something no one asks for or cares for and continue making games like that and then we see their financial losses. Just make games fans want and that’ll boost their sales. From Capcom all I’m seeing is action adventure RE games that people are so obviously against that, and various Street Fighter 4 versions.

  • Kaijumaster

    heres hoping MH4 has Online play for the 3DS.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Focus on uniqueness? Yeah, sure…

    If that were true, Platinum Games would still be going by the name “Clover Studios.”

  • eilegz

    meanwhile they keep on recycling the same ps2 era assets for MH, a japanese COD its just that…

    Hopefully the first next gen game its re7, and continue the legacy set by re4 to re6, to please older fans a more horror focus revelations could be a lower budget re for portables and current gen consoles.

    sequels its needed and capcom its a big portafolio company, hopefully instead of letting western develop their own franchise motivate them to improve and create new franchise for capcom, things like remember me could be a good example of how a new art, new franchise but with a little more of polish could be a good game….

    • J_Joestar

      *complains that MH is the japanese equivalent of generic action/shooter*
      *says RE should be move more towards the generic action/shooter direction*

  • Rogerrmark

    Says it wants uniqueness.Announces Monster Hunter the puzzle game,Monster Hunter the social game, Monster Hunter the rhythm game and another version of SFIV.

    Capcom afterall.

  • Bigabu Beaze

    How bout reviving your Mech games? Greats like Gotcha Force, Mega Man Metal Walker etc etc. The time is great for little collectable fighting robots!

    Capcom’s idea on Uniqueness is not to listen to its fans and cancel games.
    PS Localize EX Troopers.

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