• FX102A

    Played the demo and after some difficulties due to a pretty shoddy in game tutorial (I also played normal first time) I started to find it quite the charming game. I want to get it on release by the last month has been very expensive so may not be possible.

    • Edzo04

      once i figured out how everything works i found the game extremely fun. very unique

  • Guest

    This is a game… in the spirit of an actual game!

    I tried the demo and it was plain fun, recommended for anyone with a Wii U.

  • http://youtube.com/user/Chubunater Chubunato

    Ugh easy modes is for jabronis. Oh well i hope you get punished for using them someway. Like you’ll automatically get the lowest rank each time you beat a level or cannot unlock anything

  • https://twitter.com/BinksFrost Binks5

    wow been such a long time since ive seen very easy, haha

  • GameTaco

    No matter the difficulty, I know I’m going to be ripping hairs just trying to land Platinum rankings. Played the demo stage 5+ times on plain Easy (the default choice, so no shame there), and I still get suckerpunched at least once by something rocketing in from off-screen. At the same time, I don’t want to kill everything too quickly, because I also need to build up a combo.

    …This is why I hate, love, and hate action games.

  • http://www.isfuturebright.com/ Silvio Carréra

    I got a bit confused on the demo. Couldn’t really tell who I was and who was the enemy. It took me some time to understand it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, that flavor text. I do hope you unlock more difficulties, and perhaps that while Hard keeps the respawn function the bosses health get reset. It just feels… WRONG otherwise.

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