Ultra Street Fighter IV On PC Ditching Games For Windows Live For Steam

By Ishaan . August 14, 2013 . 8:30am

The PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will be ditching Games for Windows Live in favour of Steam. Capcom Digital Media Specialist Neidel Crisan confirmed the news via his Twitter feed (thanks, Shoryuken).


Additionally, Crisan also confirmed that the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released “around the same time” as the console versions of the game.


Ultra Street Fighter IV is slated for release in early 2014.


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  • Blue Katamari

    That’s pretty good news, life will be so much easier when playing this game without GFWL.

  • fairysun


  • artemisthemp

    Good move Capcom.
    Remember when I had to active my Bulletstorm and would have been unable to, if I haven’t had SF4

  • monkey king

    How will this even work? Do they plan on not allowing AE pc to upgrade to ultra? Cause that would be incredibly -shitty- just to get “rid off” GFWL.

    • TrevHead

      If that’s what Capcom needs to do to get rid of GFWL then so be it imo.

      Now hopefully Bamco ditch GFWL for Dark Souls 2 PC.

      • monkey king

        Fuck no, I’m not buying the game at retail again to play with a bunch of characters I already have in sfxt.
        Anyone who thinks it’s good practice to shut out the AE upgrade path like this is out of their minds.

        • Kaitsu

          Nobody said it was a good idea. But it’s acceptable and that not most of us care. It’s not like the game is fully priced to begin with. I’m very tempted to buy the retail just for all the DLC’s I never touched.

          • monkey king

            40$ might as well be full price, that’s just not the kind of money you pay for 5 characters which 4 of them are modified port overs.

            Sorry but no, this is completely not acceptable.

          • TrevHead

            I get where you’re coming from, but if you just wait a little bit you’ll probably get it for $25 – $30 off sites like Amazon

        • Franggio Hogland

          I see where you’re coming from but see it for what it is.

          Cutting of a deceased limb before it kills the rest of the body with its awful, stinky, rotten plague.

  • I only hope that it detects my steam license of SSFIVAE and all of my DLC, just so I don’t have to rebuy it. Otherwise, gg Capcom

  • Awesome news.

  • Croix Zapp

    smart choice, nobody likes windows live

  • Chee Yang

    I just realized it’s easier to say “Ultra Street Fighter 4” than saying “Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.”

    I was wondering, should I do the $15 upgrade to Ultra, or should I buy the retail disc so I can get all the DLC costumes with it?

    I already bought 1/3 of the DLC costumes since SF4.

    • Gemlit

      It seems that all of the DLC costumes for SF4 are in USF4.

      As Twiggy said on Capcom Unity,

      “Ultra SFIV will be a complete package whether you buy it on disc or download it as an expansion to SSFIV.

      The game will include all features and modes from SSFIV with added content such as stages, characters, and music.

      There’s nothing being held back from this release.”

      I think that answers your question since it does not matter if you spend $15 to upgrade or buy the retail disc. You still get all the costumes, dlc or not, regardless of how you buy. It’s up to you.

      • Chee Yang

        Ok, because that was the part I never understood. I thought that you only get all the dlc costumes included if you buy the retail-disc version of Ultra. So we’re getting all the DLC costumes with the $15 upgrade, that’s cool.

  • leingod

    One of the few intelligent decisions Capcom has made as of late. Could’ve been on origin or something like that.

  • Pete O’Donnell

    I hope this applies to updated versions of SSFIV: AE. Uhh… because I have one of those.

  • Göran Isacson

    Only thing I’m wondering is, why can’t it be both? Exclusivity contracts?

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh good, finally. Games for Windows Live is one of the worst things about Japanese games on the PC. Far, far too many of them use this.

    I would like to see all games for the PC ditch Games for Windows Live. It merely holds them back.

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