• FetusZero

    When I read AtmosFear, I instantly thought of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    • Odin

      Hehe. It’s supposed to be trademarked… one way or another.

  • frogfro

    I really enjoyed the whole concept for the Plasm Wraith level and fight, though it lost a lot of potential tension once I discovered there was really no consequence for doing anything wrong. If the Wraith got Olimar he would just take him back to the start, so there’s no incentive to rush. Whenever the day ends you also just have to start at the beginning, so initial progress feels sort of diminished. It also will never go for Pikmin unless they happen to be carrying Olimar, so the fear of losing hordes of Pikmin to it never comes into play until you get to the actual fight.

    When compared to the Water Wraith from Pikmin 2, it doesn’t invoke the same kind of hopeless fear. It felt like I was being hunted by some horrible monstrosity during the entire Underwater Castle segment.

    • JoJo_649

      That segment was insanely tense, specially with the music and the fact that the Water Wraith could come in any minute to completely wipe out your team, genuine terror on there!

    • Robgoro

      The Plasm Wraith certainly didn’t usher in the impending sense of doom that the submerged castle did, but it did use a different kind of suspense. The mix of not knowing the creature’s motives and appearing to be innocent while the captive Olimar remained terrified creates a more “disturbing” atmosphere than a frightful one. That aspect of not understanding, I think, is just as powerful as the element of not “knowing” in the submerged castle.

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