Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers’ Battle System Is A Bit Like The Naruto Fighting Games

By Spencer . August 22, 2013 . 11:57pm

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers isn’t made by CyberConnect2, but it has elements reminiscent of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm. All characters have a Burst Dash (L2+X) which lets you do a quick zig-zag dash towards an enemy or a back dash to evade attacks.


In the heat of battle, you can trigger a Seven Senses Awakening. This increases your attack power, reduces the amount of damage you take, and makes easier to guard break an enemy. Awakenings are a timed boost. Your ultimate attack is the Big Bang Attack which has a flashy special attack animation.


Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is slated for release on September 19 for Japan and November 26 in North America.

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  • KyoyaHibari

    Those Poseidon characters look sweet. Lol, I wanna see someone play as that old demonic looking guy (minimal knowledge of the franchise here).

    • L Lawliet

      The dark-skinned guy with the Lance? That’s Chrysaor Kishna, Guardian of the Indian Ocean.

      • KyoyaHibari

        The guy @ 1:26 who starts swimming around to attack.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s Lyumnades Caça of the Antarctic Ocean, he’s like a chameleon that changes form into his opponent’s most beloved so they would let their guard down. Kraken Isaac (green hair guy voiced by Freeza) and Siren Sorento (w/ the flute) were my favorite Marinas :) wish I had gotten the Scale cloth myth figures before, very well made and rare..

          Before I hesitated if I should import, since we’ve played the Sanctuary arcs for so many times (it’s good but it’s like deja vu), this trailer just convinced to buy. This is actually the first time the Poseidon arc is featured in full in a game. Also the 7 Marina Generals have original VAs reprise their roles too, except Sea Dragon Kanon (since the new Gemini Saga is voiced by Mondo Zappa :). Also this is the first time for the new Bronze cast voicing the Poseidon arc as well, so it’s quite refreshing..

          Very nice animation too.. They did the same thing for the Saint Seiya Pachinko machine, pretty amazing they poured so much resource into the pachinko machine..

          • AverageGamers

            Agree, if the game only features the Gold Saints, I’ve already said to myself to pass this game. I love me some gold saints, but I’ve seen them too much in PS2. Well, apparently now I’ve got a great reason to make the purchase ;)

          • Aoshi00

            Totally, as amazing as Sanctuary arc was, I’ve just experienced it for the umteenth time.. anime (god knows how many times I’ve watched the original), games, drama CDs, now Pachinko, give the other arcs a chance. I didn’t want to play another game about just Sanctuary yet again. I know Asgard is anime-only, but it’s worthy to be in a game too like Poseidon. The God Warriors and Polaris Hilda were cool. Also hope they would include many Specters for the Hades arc like you said. Over 50 chars sounds encouraging :)

          • Koibito888

            You should totally buy off PSN though (assuming you’re from the US) because if everyone imports it over here, that won’t count towards sales in America. This is probably our last chance to prove that we have a fandom over here since they are doing this specifically to test the fandom.

          • Aoshi00

            I wish I could man, that’s what I’m doing w/ Gyakuten Saiban 5 alrdy, I imported the Jpn ver and plan to get the US d/l as well since I always collect both (dang no physical again). I would do that for FFX HD too. But I’m really trying to save lately so not sure if I would double dip..

            I have some leftover credit in my PSN wallet too, but just d/led Mamoru-kun Curse (I alrdy imported on 360 before but I loved the game) and pre-ordered Castle of Illusion w/ the free theme, avatars, & original Genesis game :) If the US ver weren’t digital I definitely wouldn’t import.. but I just pre-ordered from AmiAmi last night after this trailer, would have this stand next to Sanctuary Battle :) If they’re dubbing the game in Eng., there’d be more incentive for me to double-dip.. will see how much it costs here. yes, I’m from the US lol..

          • Koibito888

            Daww, because chances are it might be a bit cheaper being digital only. I hate it too, I really want to hold this game in my hand but to me proving that we have a fandom so we can get physical copies like this over here is more important (though it’s a tough choice honestly lol). Maybe if we can show we love it here, we could actually get a dubbed game one day.

  • Vash bane

    its exactly like naruto minus the giant awakenings XD I don’t know much of this arc but that Isaac guy looks beast

    • Koibito888

      Which is really great lol. Issac is beast, the Poseidon arc is amazing.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    The animation on their faces has really been improved. Also, their movement is slick and fluid. Even though I have the previous few games, I might get this one later on.

  • leingod

    Naruto gameplay is perfect for a Saint Seiya game, IMO… so no complaints here.

    • So long as there aren’t any one button combos, I’ll be fine with this.

      • Koibito888

        As long as those combos differ between characters (clearly they do) I’m totally fine with that. At least here though we know we have two buttons for combos (square and triangle) but whether they intertwine with one combo is yet to be seen. Though I think they did for sanctuary battle if I remember correctly so you might get your wish.

        • Koibito888

          So Hector’s comment is awaiting moderation which takes forever to be done so I’m replying to you here.

          You’re almost correct. Yes, the PS2 Saint Seiya series is a 360 degree fighter, but while in the same genre, it plays entirely differently. The Hades and it’s series is entirely different in every gameplay mechanic down to the camera angles. So you’re confusing similar gameplay mechanics with the same genre of game which is an honest mistake but it is incorrect. Storm is a completely different game and no one is copying anyone. Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers is simply closer to the style of gameplay mechanics to Naruto Storm than other series of games based off of Saint Seiya. Even still the combos and super and ultimate system is far different from Storm.

          No one is copying anyone. But that aside, your comment doesn’t really pertain to anything being talked about, so what exactly is your point?

  • Demeanor

    Gold cloths for the five, this pretty much seals the deal for me :P now c’mon, announce the God cloths from the Hades fight and this game will be complete
    :D this being a one-on-one instead of a musou probably means the story mode will be similar to Ninja storm too, I hope there are some musou sequences too, after all with this system it’s very doable, Ninja Storma 3 does it too.

    • Aoshi00

      Just the Poseidon arc in full sold it for me. All the Marina Generals and Poseidon have original VAs too (except Sea Dragon Kanon since Gemini is voiced by Okiayu Ryotaro now). No digital d/l, importing from AmiAmi all the way :) Dang it, just when I’m holding my impulse and saving.. but playing Poseidon arc would be worth it, after playing thru Sanctuary so many times from Famicom to PS3.. this is the real Saint Seiya not like the Omega garbage :(…

      • Koibito888

        If you’re from the US you should buy it on PSN instead of importing lol.

    • AverageGamers

      Hell yes for the God Cloths… they definitely need to be included in this game

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    It might be in Japanese but I kind of understand what they are saying:

    “My Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken is not working” (as usual)
    “We’ll save you Saori-san even if it is the 16th time you are kidnapped”

    I hope they try to make Kanon’s gameplay a bit different from Saga’s unlike in the PS2 games where most characters shared several moves.

    • GaiunxWolfenX

      he should have a different move set because this Kanon is the marina of the sea dragon, in the ps2 Hades fighting game he used the gemini gold cloth that’s why he could use the same move set than Saga without me complaining much. CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Actually, Kanon always had Galaxian Explosion in the series starting when he encountered Ikki. In the PS2 games he used his Marina move too but only replaced Another Dimension. The rest of his moves were identical to Saga’s.

        • Koibito888

          Well look at it this way: This game is more based off of Sanctuary Battle than anything from the PS2. In Sanctuary Battle every character’s combos were oh so vastly different and their styles were unique. That said I’m pretty sure Kanon will fight differently. He will have Galaxian Explosion and Golden Triangle probably, but at least Golden Triangle this time has a different background than the Another Dimension move, that was an issue in the last game that we can see here they fixed.

  • Ronldbx6

    1:30 reminded me of Voldo from Soul Calibur.

    • L Lawliet

      True (now that i look at it) XD

      This guy is Scylla Io, Guardian of the South Pacific Ocean.

  • fairysun

    Sweet !!
    Poseidon mariners got some love !!

  • L Lawliet

    Dimps made the best decision ever for using Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm’s engine as an inspiration for the game.
    Be prepared Saint Seiya fans, that’s just the first step for a new era of awesomeness!!!

    • Koibito888

      ^See this guy here? This guy gets it.

      The Ninja Storm engine (or similar to it) is probably the best way to depict how characters from Saint Seiya fight. Plus it’s the best way to show off their powers. Who the crap would downvote this comment? lol

  • Sergio Briceño

    Me, my friends, my relatives… Pretty much everyone I know and care about needs this game to come out.

  • Bobby Jennings

    The game looks great. I will GET THIS.

  • Koibito888

    See now this is the news I was looking for~ Good job Siliconera.

  • TheExile285

    Haven’t watched any of the anime for this series…. but I think I’m buying this game.

  • AverageGamers

    Really REALLY happy to see the Marine Generals (finally) making their debut in the game-screen… *sigh*
    Now, let’s wait and see for the team of Hades next. His generals (Minos, Aiacos, Rhadamantys) will likely be there along with Thanatos & Hypnos, but I hope some of the specters (Papilon, Sphink, and others who guards the Underworld) will be included as well.

    • Koibito888

      You have no idea how bad I wanna play as Thanatos and Hypnos.

    • zaidandzhadow

      i think just the generals and gods should make the cut, minons bah they only laste one episode

  • Koibito888

    I’ve already been sold on this game, but I keep getting sold again and again! Lol

    I do hope enough people buy this off of PSN instead of importing. We really need to prove that there’s a fandom over here so they wont hold back Saint Seiya stuff here anymore.

  • zaidandzhadow

    This time with the digital release the Americans are the ones jumping the wall, rofl.

  • courte

    this write up is so much shorter than the one for jjba

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