Level-5 Sales: Professor Layton Series Sells 15 Million Units, Ni No Kuni 1.4 Million

By Sato . August 26, 2013 . 5:15am


During this morning’s Level-5 Vision press conference, president and CEO Akihiro Hino talked about the “company’s vision” along with a look at the business performance of some of their most popular franchises to date, in addition to the announcement of Layton 7, an upcoming “role play puzzle” game being developed for iOS, Android and 3DS.



Level-5 shared, the Professor Layton series has been the most successful in sales, and has sold a total of 15 million copies across the globe. The Inazuma Eleven series also had their share of success, mainly in Japan and Europe, having sold about 6.5 million games total. Ni no Kuni sales for the PS3 and Nintendo DS version (Japan-only) reached 1.4 million sales worldwide.



Additionally, the Guild series, featuring a compilation of games such as Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, and Crimson Shroud, have sold a total of 400,000 in downloads with 50% of its totals from overseas sales.

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  • landlock

    Is Ni No Kuni good or bad compared to there other console RPGs?

    • windrincar

      Good, because even Tales series hardly reach 1 Mil. Mark (only ToS and ToD, AFAIK). If you’re asking about sales, that is.

    • meiam

      As far as the game itself, it’s depend what you’re looking for, great art, bad story, character (except one) and combat system. Plus the game pretty much consider that you are a barely sentient person who can’t understand that to open a lock door, you should use the unlock spell.

  • KingGunblader

    Glad to see Ni No Kuni broke 1 mil. That game deserves it.

    • Edzo04

      totally agree. easily one of my favorite rpgs

    • Learii

      yep I remember the game was sold out anywhere on the first day

    • Unsigned Artist Suicide Help

      I think the pokemon fans loved it too

  • SolarisSpell

    I find it hard to know when a game is considered successful with numbers being so different.

    I’m interested in Ni No Kuni, which I’m liking a lot. Is it known how many copies would be good enough and how many will be considered great?


    • neocatzon

      It depends. AAA studios expect huge sales figures to be successful like FFXIII with 5 millions worldwide. COD:MW3 can be considered insanely great with around 9 millions worldwide. But even some will still considered a flop like Tomb Raider reboot which tops 4 millions (crazy expectation and everything combined, SE wants 5 or 6 mills).

      But, for smaller companies like Atlus, Persona 4 (PS2) with only 0,82 millions worldwide is enough to be considered good sales figures.

      Ni no Kuni can’t top any titles in Layton series. But, I don’t know their expectation so I can’t answer is it good enough.

      All in all, it depends to the company and maybe there’s someone here that can explain it better.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        It depends on the budget, and time investment, nothing else.

  • AndyLC

    >>Bugs vs Tanks

    Jesus, beetles and mechanical designs are a lethal combination!

  • Wow very good news for them :) Well I think Ni No Kuni did great considering it’s a brand new 3A title and also an exclusive.

  • As mentioned below, Ni no Kuni did well considering it’s a PS3 exclusive, but tbh I thought it had higher sales, as the hype for this game was huge and the Ghibli name on it should’ve put the sales on top!

  • GH56734

    Now if they would release Ninokuni DS on the 3DS (and localize it) that would be even better…
    The game is stunning graphically anyways, comparable at least in the overworld sections to Bravely Default… plus a trailer from 2008 showed more detailed polygons than the final, and Youkai Watch is essentially using an upgraded version of its battle engine.
    Plus, Bandai Namco Europe themselves brought up this suggestion.

    • Guest

      Really? Namco Bandai is great!

  • Javen

    ni no kuni is probably my favorite game out of the titles i’ve played this year, it really reminded me why i got into jrpgs in the first place. im glad it did well.

  • Göran Isacson

    I consider it quite odd that I’m not even sure if 1.5 million copies sold is a good or a bad thing anymore. You’d think that with the gorgeous graphics and big scope of the game it would be bad, but then again Level 5 is not Square Enix… anyhow, way to go Layton!

  • whatinthewolrd

    Ni No Kuni is the best game released in 2013 hands down. The art style, the gameplay, the lore, the content. The game is invaluable.

  • Presea

    Good job Level in your sales number Level 5, they really deserve it. :D

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