What’s Going On With Chaos Code’s Netcode?

By Spencer . September 3, 2013 . 11:58pm


Chaos Code from FK Digital and Arc System Works is out now in North America and available as a download on PlayStation Network. The PS3 version adds Kudlak-Sin, the game’s boss, as a playable character, but does not support online multiplayer yet.


Siliconera asked FK Digital about a netcode patch and here’s the reply we got back:


It is unfortunate that we still have not put in online PvP yet. We know a lot of players want that and as a player myself, I also want to fight against players from all over the world. It was our goal to include online PvP right after we shipped the Japanese version. We can’t really talk about it for now, but we can tell you this, we have tested online PvP feature in our studio.


I asked if they are using GGPO for their netcode.


We cannot disclose more information about our netcode. GGPO was our first choice when we decided to develop online features. Since this is our first time shipping a game on PS3, we are using our own code.


We also received a bunch of character artwork for Chaos Code from FK Digital. Yeah, Chaos Code has a male character that has magical girl powers.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 081

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  • Warboss Aohd

    all o’ da ‘Artistic Integrity’.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Been getting back into BB and P4A to level up before the new titles hit, so I may just pass on Chaos Code.

    That 12 dollar price tag, even without netplay, is enticing though.

  • I’ll probably wait till the online multiplayer comes out and If enough people I know have it before I decide to purchase it.

  • Shady Shariest

    Hmhmhm… This art looks amazing! (Lots of weight on “Art”!)

  • XiaomuArisu

    Damn! Thats looks unique

  • z_merquise

    Now that Arc Sys is the publisher, I hope Arc can help the developer with the netcode like what they did with Examu for Arcana Heart 3.

    Oh and that female cyber-ninja looked so cool!

    • Tyler Beale

      And bring Love MAAXXX!!!!! to the console versions, while they’re at it (and passing it on to Aksys and Zen United for their respective regions).

    • Demeanor

      Kagari is awesome, my fav char, she’s also VERY beautiful under that mask (I have the Asian version released ages ago with gut-wrenching Engrish).

  • TeddyAltman

    I like the character designs.

    But the gameplay videos seemed a bit uninspired so I’m passing on this.

    Plus, I just started playing darkstalkers on psp and skullgirls on pc.,,

  • vileBrenman

    Oh man I figured that it was out by now. I gotta get this!I

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh man. That ninja has fully covering robo armor on her face and most everywhere… and yet still underboob. For aerodynamic reasons, I’m certain.

    • BlueTree

      It’s not underboob; however, she does, in fact, constantly bounce even in neutral stance in spite of supposed full armor coverage.

  • Pdugna

    Anybody know if there is a character that acts like Chipp Zanuff in this game? since its like Guilty Gear

    • venomryu

      the close is on will be kagura the ninja girl but she does have a lot of ruse down moves but she no zanuff

  • KuroNathan

    So I liked P4A, Hisoutensoku, BlazeBlue, Skullgirls, and UMvC3 in order of most to least. Did not enjoy Street Fighter IV, the KoF series, or Vritual fighters series.

    Will I like this game? or is it too similar to the series I don’t like?

    • Freakmasta

      This game is more towards SF/KoF style. Or that’s how I felt when I played Rui.

      • KuroNathan

        Ah, thanks. I’ll pass for now then.

  • This actually looks really cool! I usually don’t play online so /I/ don’t mind their netcode issues (KOF was a different story…). I think I’ll buy it!

  • Neppygear

    Sssssoooooo, does this have a Euro release or should I just spring for a US PSN card?

  • mike dickson

    bravo for the win

  • Bunzi

    Now a whole new generation is about Hugh’s rage unleashed on them.

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