Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Is Coming To Arcades With A New Character

By Spencer . September 4, 2013 . 3:23pm

doa5uaTemco Koei released Dead or Alive 5 last year, followed by Dead or Alive 5 Plus for Vita, and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is in stores now. Believe it or not, Ultimate isn’t the final incarnation of Team Ninja’s fighting game.


Sega will distribute Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade throughout Japan this winter. It’s based on the console game with one key difference—Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade has a new character. Tecmo haven’t announced if this extra character will be available as downloadable content on PS3 and Xbox 360 yet.


doa5uac-01 doa5uac-03 doa5uac-02

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  • benhofb

    ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ …seriously…

    • TheExile285

      Haha, this is how i felt when I bought DOA5+…. and then they announced this….

      WTF are you doing Temco??

  • KingGunblader

    Well there’s already 4 VIrtua Fighter characters, so I can’t imagine it’s another guest from there. Almost certain to be a crossover character of some sort, though.

    • malek86

      A Musou character maybe? It would be high time to see the two series crossover.

      • EinMugenTenshin

        Like that idea. Who do you think it would be if that was the case?

        They might try and introduce a robotic move set for use for an original character at a later stage though, maybe they’ll throw in Nezha?

        Kyubi no Kitsune would be a “fighter” type, as her tails and so would make for “melee” fighting, but how would they explain a nine tailed fox girl in the DoA universe? :-P

        • doubleO7

          Would they even need to explain anything if they included her? DOA already had Tengu, and it shares the same universe with Ninja Gaiden which is full of demons, monsters, and other supernatural creatures.

          • EinMugenTenshin

            True, and the visual aspect would take a hike for the better. I would not complain if she’d take Tengu’s move set and replaced him! ^_^

    • doubleO7

      Another guest character would be awesome. But in all honesty, they’re probably going to bring back Tengu.

  • DarthSithZero

    Here we go . . .that’s how SFIV AE started “arcade”

  • Sakurazaki

    This will most likely be DLC for Ultimate…

    … Right? ;(

    • doubleO7

      Probably. The main reason they couldn’t release 5U as a DLC update was because of the extensive fixes to the netcode, which were rooted deep in the games coding. With that already taken care of, I don’t see any reason why any further content/updates can’t just be DLC.

      • Sakurazaki

        I was also thinking that if there was a new game it would be out by next year, probably for the new consoles. I don’t think TN would want to make another PS3 entry with that in mind.

        I honestly just don’t see this as a new game.

        Anyway, it’s obvious TN already has left a sour taste in a good number of mouths. Kind of sad to see all this assumption. Even if this is just theorizing.

  • Lynx


  • wat_wat

    Guess I’ll hold out for DOA5 Ultimate Arcade Edition :P

  • anarchy_panty

    This is starting to get a little ridiculous.

  • Tyler Sedrick

    I just bought the game yesterday and now this God I hope its not gonna be a DOA5 Ultimate Arcade world champion Edition It’s like street fighter now.

    • Kiyo Lomas

      If you paid attention you would know this isn’t for consoles. This is for the public arcades only. So no, it isn’t like SF. Especially when it is Japan exclusive. Team Ninja already stated DOA5 Ultimate is the final version for consoles.

      • Tyler Sedrick

        I know it’s for arcade! yea It’s the final version now till they want more money like any other game company Like Capcom fighting games or any other complete edition.

  • Neppygear

    Guess Ultimate wasn’t so ultimate after all. But I suppose “Dead or Alive 5 Penultimate” just doesn’t carry the same punch.

  • ReidHershel

    They better make it DLC, it should be a rule that a game is only allowed to have one retail-exclusive revision and the others should have a DLC option. (Still pissed I bought DoA5 for 60 and the month afterward it dropped to 30 -_-)

  • Just Tim

    Welcome back to the arcades, DOA!
    Hey, Mr. Itagaki, if only you weren’t graphics whoring throughout the 2000s decade, then you could’ve just brought DOA back to the arcades earlier.

    • leingod

      Must be because Itagaki no longer has a say in it, then.

  • leingod

    Team Ninja are making it really hard to like them as of late. Why couldn’t this be just an add-on for vanilla DOA5 and DOA5+? Watched the game online today and besides the new stages and characters it’s exactly the same thing.

    • doubleO7

      The extensive fixes to the crappy netcode in the original DOA5 is the cited reason, because it would’ve made the file size far too large to be practical as a download. But with that taken care of, any further content/updates should be able to be DLC.

    • Slayven19

      The game has new moves and costumes as well. And of course its the same game, its a game in the series isn’t it? Not only that but it is still called DOA5ultimate.

  • Kyunq

    Also if this new character ever comes to consoles, it probably is free dlc for doa5u. Because Team Ninja said when doa5 first came out that it won’t have paid dlc characters since it wouldn’t be “fair”.

    • d3v

      Except with the new model, every character is paid DLC. At least for Core Fighters.

    • batanen

      Or they can release Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Remix on disc with the new character / all the dlc included.

  • Nameless App 1989

    Rio? Please be Rio…

    • leingod

      At first I thought Mila was Rio :P

    • EinMugenTenshin

      She’ll probably have moves like Twisted Fate or Gambit seeing as she is the official hazard player in the DOA universe. ;-)

      Rio: “Pick a card”
      *shows a deck into your face*
      Ein: “Autch, papercut, oooh!”

  • EinMugenTenshin

    Well, the story will not be remade or extended, which basically makes it impossible to introduce an original character at this point? This leaves Tengu and other “out phased” characters or an VF character (alternatively Rio, but how would they turn her into a fighter? She’s a casino dealer and not a fighter, unless they got fight club at nighttime. ;-)).

  • Nitraion

    Glad i still can sell vanila version for $25
    I only bought it for $30
    Instantly sell it after rumor of DOA 5 U
    here i hope ultimate is their final version

  • TrannyMagic

    Aoi or Kage please!

  • doubleO7

    I’m calling it now, I think Tengu is most likely. He was by far the most requested classic DOA character among fans that didn’t end up making the cut. Plus he was on Team Ninja’s own short list of “characters we want to bring back” alongside Ein and Leon, leaving him the only one of the 3 still not in the game.

    • MasterScrub

      I can’t really think of who it could be OTHER than Tengu.

      • Ixbran

        with all the DoA/NG characters guest staring in Warriors Orochi 3+Special+Hyper+Ultimate, it could be they are including a Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, or Warriors Orochi character. There are plenty of characters who fight with their fists.

        Gracia, Kotaro, Nezha, and Meng Huo all coming to mind.

        and even then, they could do what they did with Rachel and Momiji, take the signature moves of a character with a weapon and make it so they can perform a variation of that move without said weapon.

        Zhao Yun could easily be getting in.

      • doubleO7

        Well, there’s always the other 2 bosses, Raidou and Genra. But they were never as popular as Tengu. They could always throw us for a loop and include another guest character, such as the hinted-at Ryo Hazuki, another Virtua Fighter, or as Ixbran said, a Warriors character.

        But I see you’re point. Tengu is basically a shoe-in for inclusion at this point.

  • Andrés

    Please another spanish character, but this time try to no make her look so ugly. xD

  • Chaos_Knight


    What? He’s like everywhere now.

  • Kiyo Lomas

    This is “Japan” exclusive if some of you did extra research. Some of the comments I read make it sound like it will hit consoles and you are required to buy another version. Think again. Team Ninja themselves said it isn’t worldwide for consoles, “only” for Japanese Arcades. You know, the public machines you use coins with? Yeah those. Don’t worry about something that /isn’t/ going to launch in your country. Some of you are complaining for nothing. Especially over “one” character. Talk about desperate. DOA5 Ultimate already has more content than anyone could ask for and now ya’ll are wanting more. Be grateful they added a lot of stuff. “If” they approve to make the character DLC? Then good, because I doubt TN would want to hear crying over one character that wasn’t meant for consoles to begin with. Anyway, one character “free” DLC is likely possible since they “did” make Zack Island “free” DLC.

  • Kiyo Lomas

    It has been a long time since DOA hit Arcades. Japan is popular for having them, but not so much in the US . Good for Japan making a way to bring the community together. I know other countries will envy them for getting these arcades installed in stores, malls, etc.

  • Bob Obb

    Where’s the source of this news? I find it hard to believe, but it would be great.

  • notforsale

    Welp…I guess I should wait another couple of months just to be safe -_-“…

  • fairysun

    This is probably not a good time for releasing the news about a new character. Not two days after the Ultimate version is released.

  • oh. tecmo koei, you’re so silly

  • artemisthemp

    Tecmo Koei is going Capcom…

  • ajneez

    i would love a new ninja character……. NEW

  • Linhua

    … oh hell with it, EILEEN!!!!! PLEEEEASE… T^T … I just can’t beg enough…

    … MONKEY GIRL! MONKEY GIRL! MONKEY GIRL! OOO OOO OOO! *some kind of monkey sound*

    .-. Who am I kidding. Last thing this character is gonna be is a Virtua Fighter.

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