Bayonetta 2 Is Sexier, Faster, And More Badass Than Its Predecessor

By Robert Ward . September 6, 2013 . 2:04pm

At the Wonderful Panel at the Penny Arcade Expo this year, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya said that one of the ways his team develops an idea is through a strategy called “crash and build”. He went on to explain that the term refers to building on an idea until something cool comes from it, and then rebuilding that idea until it becomes something even cooler. This process repeats until the development team satisfied with an idea.


I don’t know what the inspiration for Bayonetta 2 was, but it’s clear it went through the “crash and build” process. 1080p clarity clear, in fact. One of the characteristic traits of a Kamiya game is creating a visual spectacle, and Bayonetta 2 doesn’t disappoint—but like with Zelda: Wind Waker HD, it seems that the demo available at PAX Prime this year was the same build from E3. As I’ve learned from my previous hands-on experiences, though, seeing and playing are two completely different experiences.


The first part of the demo stage takes place on top of an F-22 Raptor, where Bayonetta is fighting off some centaur-like enemies. (See what I mean by spectacle?) I was curious how the touch controls worked, so I decided to use that control scheme first. In this scheme, you swipe up to jump, backwards to evade, and tap to attack enemies. Occasionally, you’d build up enough energy to unleash an Umbra Climax, which you could activate by tapping a button that appeared on screen.


Simply put, the touch controls seemed to be built for an audience who would potentially want an easier way to play, without ruining the fluid combat characteristic of a Kamiya game. There was, however, much more satisfaction in the traditional thumbstick and button controls. For example, when you switched to the Whip/Sword combination (Bayonetta’s weapons options were those and a pair of guns, which you switched using the L shoulder button), you could lash out with the whip using X, but then whip the control stick around to pick enemies up and suplex them into the ground behind you.


The L button was also used to activate the Umbra Climax, while the right shoulder button was tied to the evade command. X, B, and A were assigned attacks (Punch, Kick, and Special, respectively, I believe), while Y was reserved for Jump.


For a set amount of time, the Umbra Climax made attacks much, much bigger—and stronger, too. The whip, for example, would span the entirety of the F-22, hitting any enemy that dared approach me. If you managed to launch them into the air, you could quickly switch to your guns and parry them in the air for a bit, in a Devil May Cry-like fashion. All of this happens quickly, but each attack is precise and, thanks to 1080p resolution, doesn’t feel cluttered or give the impression that there’s too much going on on-screen at once.


Witch Time is back and in full force, too, and there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off an evasive move, only to go into slow motion and smash the enemy with the whip or barrage them with bullets from Bayonetta’s guns. Bayontta’s movements seem choreographed to match the animation of the enemy she’s facing, too, meaning she actually jumps over or ducks under attacks.


Overall, I get the feeling that Bayonetta 2 will be more about experimentation in combat and game play than anything else. What’s the coolest combo you can pull off? How many megatons can you earn to torture an enemy? (Oh, by the way, torture attacks are also back—and sometimes Jeanne will help you!) These are the questions that the Bayonetta 2 demo posed.


Eventually, The demo took me from the top of an F-22, to a boss fight on a moving train (which Jeanne helped by shooting missiles from a plane in the background), to a final fight with Gamorrah in the air.


Bayonetta 2 is slated for release in 2014 on the Wii U.

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  • ギャビン

    I want this game.

    • Herok♞

      I need this game.

  • Mental

    If people say this is better than the first Bayonetta, I think this may be a day one buy for me.

    • Elem187

      Well it should be a lot better. They are adding two players for some local coop action.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hopefully more things come out for the Wii U by the time this is out. Really dont wanna get it for one game.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Well then you better have a close eye on Wikipedia and miiverse.

      By the time you get one you’ll have some indie games to keep you busy either way. And other exciting titles.

    • Beat

      Smash Bros will probably be out around the same time as Bayonetta 2 I’m guessing. I also highly recommend Pikmin 3.

    • James Beatty

      Well, if you like Bayonetta, Wonderful 101 is kind of like that. Made by the same director too

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Bayonetta was wonderful on the 360. The fact that this game is looking as magnificent as it is at this stage is absolutely titillating. The excitement is effervescent >:D.

    (Bayonetta,Lost Oddyssey and Vesperia justify any Xbox 360 purchase)

    • John Diamond

      My only complaint about the 360. despite those exclusives, what does the ps3 have? Tales of Vesperia (JP only tho) Tales of Graces, Tales of Xillia, Disgea, Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy X and so much more. not saying those games are bad i’m just saying that the ps3 has more exclusives. and bayonetta is also on the ps3

      • Bobby Jennings

        If you count Vesperia, gotta count Xillia 2, upcoming Tales of Symphonia HD, next upcoming Tales game(rumored to be ToZ)

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          Tales of Symphonia HD wouldn’t be counted as exclusive or original.

          • Bobby Jennings

            I never said it would?

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Well, the PS3 has dualshocks.

        The PS3 also has alot less than the PS2 got.

        Also Graces is the worst mainline tales. The characters make Tales of, its a character driven RPG.

        Also it took a long time for the Japanese to get used to the PS3’s hardware.

        So long in fact I really dont understand why they kept at it for so long.

        My only complaint about the Xbox is the company behind it and its life expectancy. (Buying multiple Xboxes is a no go.)
        Also its design.

        • harmonyworld

          I liked graces….

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            And I liked Dawn of the New World and the Radiant Mythology games and Tales of Rebirth.


        • Bobby Jennings

          Eh I think Graces was pretty good when it came to character interaction, skits, battle system, etc. Story was terrible though compared to other Tales motherships.

      • mikanko

        Bayonetta on PS3 is so sluggish and mired compared to the 360 ver., after playing it it’s hard for me to attempt playing the PS3 ver. It’s easier just to think of the game as a 360 exclusive. =P

        Not that the PS3 doesn’t have plenty of exclusives of its own. Just sayin’ it was the worst port I personally played last gen. I’m glad that both xbone and ps4 seem to be essentially PC boxes with regards to their innards. Hopefully they won’t require complete retooling just to port a game, and bad ports will be a thing of the past ><

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Posting on a thread that isn’t a fighter? The world is coming to an end. You should say hi on twitter sometime.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Nah you’ll just have bad PC games.

          PC architecture has advantages and disadvantages

      • Tiredman

        The main thing about that point is almost all of those games weren’t out when the xbox games came out. I bought a xbox for Lost Odyssey and Vesperia because Xbox actually had more rpg’s than the ps3 at that point. Then suddenly xbox dropped rpg’s, save ones like Elder Scrolls, cold turkey, and the PS3 picked up the slack and all future Tales of and Lost Odyssey style rpg’s came out on that system. So when I bought an Xbox, those games justified the purchase, then Xbox let me down.

    • Mental

      I didn’t mind the PS3 version of Bayonetta. Granted, the menu times were slow as hell, but at least the install fixed that.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      I disagree with Lost Odyssey. Blue Dragon >>>>> Lost Odyssey

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        I forgot about Blue Dragon.

        *Mostly because its rather forgettable*

  • Wait, 1080p is confirmed for Bayonetta 2?! O_o NATIVE 1080p?

    • Surgeon of Death

      Wait Bayonetta IN 1080P?! Sorry for my surprise when I see long text I skip straight to the comments section. Anyway that is all types of win. Still got my original pre-order posters. Pure eye candy.

      • I dunno, I was responding to this line:

        “I don’t know what the inspiration for Bayonetta 2 was, but it’s clear it went through the “crash and build” process. 1080p clarity clear, in fact.”

        Sounds pretty official. O_o

        • popyea

          This is just someone’s impression of the demo. That’s as official as every other claim so far.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Yeah, its 1080p 60 fps

    • Link

      It was confirmed 1080p 60fps back at E3.

      • By who though? It needs to be by a trusted source (Nintendo preferably, they themselves confirmed WWHD and Smash to be 1080p).

        • InfectedAI

          I’ve heard people say it a few times, though I can’t remember specifics. Also seeing the game on youtube, it’s one of the smoothest games I’ve ever seen.

        • Devon Robinson

          ign had an interview with a Nintendo rep from the treehouse, and he said 1080p, 60fps. go look for it, just search Bayonetta 2. it only has like two videos for it.

          • You mind finding it please? I watched the IGN live demo and nothing was said about 1080p.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This game brings sexy back

    • Surgeon of Death

      The Bayonator?

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        ya! my hair is not a Tumah.

        • Surgeon of Death

          I couldn’t help but read this with Arnolds voice.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      “Remember how I said you would be the last one to touch me? I LIED”

    • Sergio Briceño

      I’m not playing Climax with that Bayo…

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Cool. Where the hell did u find this?

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I can’t post the link its forbidden here

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          Oh I understand.

    • personablaze

      I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile XD, My stomach hurts.

      Anyway, i’m hella hype for this game :).


    Bayonetta was amazing. Such fluid and deep combat with ultra-precise controls. I cannot wait for #2.

    Hopefully Platinum makes a sequel to Vanquish as well. That game was just so fun. Well, except for those nightmarish challenges lol.

  • DanteMasamune

    Kind of disappointing that the only real addition or improvement was the addition of Umbran Climax (Bayonetta’s version of Devil Trigger). Its great and it was something I wanted when I was playing Bayonetta but I kind of expected to see more improvements/alterations over the first game not just one extra mechanic. Granted the game is more faster, refined, polished, and over the top and insane but it was already fast, refined, polished, over the top, and insane….so much more they could’ve improved and added.

    Kind of disappointed. Hopefully more is revealed and the game comes out in a year.

    • Link

      Theres still plenty of time left before this game is released, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we know about the game.

    • Göran Isacson

      I’m kinda curious now, what would you have liked to see added and/or improved? To me it sounds like they’re already improving what they had in the first game though, but maybe you’re seeing something I don’t?

      • DanteMasamune

        Well the D-pad seems to be stilled used to use and select items when you can just pause the game go to the menu and select it to use its effects. I never mapped items to the d-pad in Bayonetta so thus forth I never saw use in the d-pad but with Bayonetta 2 they could’ve done something new with it like maybe allow you map weapon sets/combinations to a part of each d-pad like you have 2 weapon combinations to one direction and pressing any direction you can switch from one set to the other and each set possess 2 weapon combinations so you can use like 8 weapon combinations on the fly without the need to go back to the inventory screen to change weapon combinations as much.

        That is one use I have for the d-pad. One thing was fix the magic spells/accessories or redo them to work more loosely such as being able to use the magic accessories to gain new non-offensive abilities almost like styles in DMC3/4 but can be equipped. There was a lot that can be done. Bayonetta 1 wasn’t perfect or anything…..well it was perfect for the first game in the series.

        To see them take baby steps is quite disheartening.

        • Göran Isacson

          True, I do recall never really buying or using the accessories, simply because they didn’t seem to really give Bayonetta any tangible advantages. Changing that could have been a good thing. As for weapon combos with the Dpad I suppose it could be done, if there is enough memory for it… though replacing quick acces to items with quick acces to weapons may be a downgrade depending on the players preferences and priorities, so that would have to be a balancing act.

          • DanteMasamune

            I really don’t care of quick access to weapons considering in every other action game (DMC, GOW, NG, ETC) there is no quick access to items and those games are fine.

            As for memory, the Wii U is a next gen console and games such as DMC4 and DmC allowed you use all your weapons on the fly and those were on current/past gen consoles. If the Wii U can’t handle you switching between 4 weapon sets (8 weapon combinations) on the fly or doesn’t have the memory for it then its not much a next gen console now is it?

          • Göran Isacson

            Somewhat true… I say somewhat because those games aren’t EXACTLY equivalent, DMC4 had you cycle through three melee, three distance, whereas DmC had you cycle through four melee, three distance weapons, and it was on a set cycle. Whereas Bayonetta would have you cycle through four different set-ups of four different weapons in each set-up, and of those four you switch between two with a shoulder button.

            Now I admit that I don’t know much about coding, but it SOUNDS like it could consume a lot more memory than what the other games did. Or it may be easy-peasy to create and I’m just blowing hot wind out of my butt.

          • DanteMasamune

            Actually DmC there was 5 melee weapons (although you only needed to switch between 4 of them).

            DmC was made this gen or last gen technically….on the Unreal 3 Engine….let that sink in. I’m sure the Platinum Engine should be stronger than the Unreal 3 Engine, an outdated engine, especially if its being used for a next gen consoles. You’re going to a new console generation their engine should be better than it was last gen to compete with other developers who are all at least improving their engines or are using better engines (Unreal 4 mainly) than last gen.

  • Presea

    Bayonetta was an exciting game, I really enjoyed it on the PS3. Heck, the first Bayonetta was the first gmae my sis and I got for the PS3. We’re getting the Wii u for not only Wind Waker HD but for this as well. :) Really hyped for this one. ^_^

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Well, seems I’m getting a console for one game only, my wallet says ouch!

    • smashbrolink

      Welcome to the pain of multiplatform gaming.
      Your wallet will cry, but the pleasure centers in your brain will thank you.
      I’ve owned a Sony system and a Nintendo system every year since the PS2 released, and I haven’t looked back once.
      This year is the only exception for me, since I need to afford a car, and can’t afford to drop $400 on a PS4 at the same time.

    • Christopher Deleanides

      Relax, you’ll probably find other games besides Bayonetta 2. I got a PS3 for Tales of Graces, and ended up getting Bayonetta, Resonance of Fate, Street Fighter 4, etc. You’d be surprised what you find on a console you originally think you’ll not buy anything else on.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Buy more games , bah.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        there’s not more games I’m interested, bah

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          No you’re interested, you just dont know it yet.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            I can’t comprehend your logyc, so I’m just going to roll with it!

    • Anime10121

      No X or Smash?

      • Valtiel Ikari

        smash I’ll play on my girlfriends 3DS (wich I bought for her)… maybe zombie U and Sonic Lost Worlds… maybe

  • Zero_Destiny

    Remember to keep on topic with the article at hand and not drag down into console wars talk and the like.

  • MrJechgo

    “Witch Time is back and in full force, too, and there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off an evasive move, only to go into slow motion and smash the enemy with the whip or barrage them with bullets from Bayonetta’s guns.”
    Thank the Lord… and they better make EVERY SINGLE ENEMY being able to trigger it this time. Seriously, in the previous game, some enemies didn’t trigger the Witch Time, regardless on how well you dodged their attacks.
    Also, still no info on that co-op feature? That’s kinda odd, because they explained the Wii U pad’s functions, but they could have slipped in how a second player could have joined in, as well as explaining the Wiimote/nunchuk controls for that rumored 2nd player.

    • Christopher Deleanides

      You sure witch time didn’t activate because you were out of magic? Just beat this game recently; I’m no veteran, but I notice that it doesn’t activate when I run dry.

      • MrJechgo

        Yes, my magic meter was full, or at least not empty, BUT some angels don’t trigger Witch Time. I think the angels I’m talking about are named Grace & Glory… or their upgraded versions. I dodged their attacks, the camera slowed down to “tell” me that I dodged the attack successfully… but the Witch Time didn’t appear.
        It’s like some enemies have you beat them with executions or such, but I could have sworn that some enemies didn’t trigger the Witch Time.

        • Christopher Deleanides

          I noticed that with Durgas in particular. I can seldom activate witch time, and even when I do… it’s so short. I’m wondering if it’s just because certain enemies are stronger, or something? No idea.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Will die if I don’t get this game! The game sounds great and can’t wait to see and hear more. Don’t know if I’ll get accustomed to the slightly different layout for each action and all but I suppose I’ll get used to it. Beyond that, I’m hyped for this game. Also, besides 1080p, isn’t this running at 60 FPS?

    • Christopher Deleanides

      Yes, Bayonetta 2 runs at a solid 60 fps.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        YES!!! Nothing can stop Bayonetta 2, Platinum, or even Nintendo now! Bayonetta 2’s got it all, Platinum is on a role, and Nintendo is having a Renaissance. With Nintendo producing games with this high quality on all cylinders their future is brighter than the Land of the Rising Sun. U getting Bayonetta 2 and did u play the first?

        • Christopher Deleanides

          Oh yeah, they’re pulling out all the stops this year. With Donkey Kong on its way, Sonic, the new Mario, X coming next year, Smash as well, the new Mario, the new Mario Kart next year too. They’re not holding anything back. No stopping em. Platinum’s enthusiasm seems to be rather high too, as Kamiya has even expressed interest in porting the original Bayonetta to Wii U. Yes in fact I recently finished Bayonetta 1 for the first time, it was wonderful, I can’t believe I missed out on such a title for so long. How about you?

          Edit: Oh, and there’s no way I’m missing out on the second one. I hope to even review the game myself if Brutal Gamer wants.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah I’m up to date on what Nintendo is up to so I’m excited for their games and whatever hasn’t been announced or given the spotlight, ahem Zelda Wii U. Plan on shelling out my cash Nintendo this holiday and into 2014 and beyond. Although I had played a Bayonetta demo times before, it wasn’t until I got the game a few weeks ago and played it that I experienced the magic and exceptional beauty and grace of Bayonetta. I still even have the game, as I rarely hold onto a title after beating it, as I’m playing through a second time but this time on Normal. The game is unlike anything I had played before and can’t believe I didn’t get in on it sooner. As for Wii U, plan on getting Wind Waker HD bundle and getting Bayonetta 2 when it comes out; though Hideki Kamiya will actually only be supervising the title this time while the first kne he directed I know it will be to his level of quality. Hope u get that chance to play it yourself; I know it will be awesome.

          • Christopher Deleanides

            Oh yeah, no worries, I’ll get to play it. I have more than enough money. I plan on buying it, whether I’ll be able to review it or not.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah. Can’t wait for it. Definitely not passing it up. Hope the game does well commercially,even though Kamiya said he already plans to do Bayonetta 3 and we both know it will do well critically. It must get the credit it deserves.

      • Testsubject909

        Honestly even if it were at 30fps, it’d all be good.

        Seriously, 30fps or 60fps doesn’t make that big of a difference.

        The really important part… Is that it’s a consistent framerate.

        If ever it’s set to be at 60fps but continuously dips back and forth between a low and high framerate. That’s when you’ll start hearing a lot of swearing from people.

        But if it stays smooth and consistent at a specific framerate starting from 30 and above, or even an acceptable framerate like 24. Then it’s all good. It’s not optimal mind you, a stable 30fps would be great, but it’s still good.

        Seriously, way too much hype for 60fps.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Consistent 24fps is laggy on televisions which operate in divisions of 30. When it comes to action games consistent 30 fps vs 60fps makes all the difference in the world for the speed and pace of the game. Its something you can feel while playing.

        • Elem187

          No such thing as too much hype for 60fps… Certain genre’s should always be 60fps.. Platformers, Fighting games, Racing games, Shooters and high action games.
          Everything else would be fine at 30fps.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Do I need to remind folks console begs and requests can be left elsewhere? Please know the posting rules.

    • TrevHead

      THX for stamping that out, Bayo fans have had more than enough time to come to terms with the fact that Bayo 2 won’t be coming out nothing but the WiiU.

      It’s good to see a positive Bayo 2 article / comments for once :)

      • Testsubject909

        Oh, you’d think emotions would work that way, but there’s really no way to set a proper timestamp for everyone to submit to when it comes to certain things like this.

        And if you honestly think they can. You’re fooling yourself and/or have no understanding of how emotions truly work.

        But… I understand the emotions you have behind that statement.

        • TrevHead

          haha well I am straight forward type of guy

  • Stranger On The Road

    Question, is this game dependent on the previous game? I know that it is the same character, but would it matter if you haven’t played the first game?

    I haven’t played the first game, but I do feel like giving this one a try :-)

    • Peace Legacy

      Well, it is a sequel of the previous game, so the story is linked
      …but in the previous game, everything is wrapped up very nicely with no loose hanging threads, so I honestly think newcomer can try the second one without too much confusion aside from some basic background setting research
      …but I do recommend you to try the first game out. It is an excellent game, pure fun and joy

  • Go2hell66

    “Badass” my favourite word

    • TrevHead

      Badass is usually the word that comes to my mind when seeing P* gameplay trailers.

      And Bayo 2 seems to have more badass than a Chicken Vindaloo curry eating competition

  • I haven’t beat the first one

    • Go for it. Trust me its awesome. Here I’ll lend you mine.

      *Tosses copy to Shin*

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        *grabs copy*
        Hehe, now this is mine

    • Testsubject909

      Is it because of the difficulty/pride in the way of you lowering the difficulty setting.

      Or just because you didn’t get around to it?

  • wahyudil

    Smash Bros and this and X, then I will ready to buy a Wii U

  • This article just guaranteed a Wii U sale next year. =P

    • TrevHead

      Yup same here, but I’m grabbing W101 soon to help prop up those abysmal sales (plus it looks really fun)

      • Robgoro

        The Wonderful 101 is absolutely spectacular.

  • Testsubject909

    I wonder if she actually is sexier in this one.

    I’ve heard some complaints on some comment board. Someone being rather pissed that every demo he saw/played showed a more restrained Bayonetta in terms of how raunchy and sexy she is being portrayed.

    Mind you the guy was blaming Nintendo too, so it’s to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Still makes me wonder if she’s going to be as daring/more daring/less daring and sexy in this one.

    • Robgoro

      I don’t think so at all. I never got the impression that they dulled down that part of her character. She’s pretty much naked about 90% of the time during battle, and still retorts with witty quips.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Never played the first one, but I DO love the music I’ve heard, and the combat system is the over-the-top Action games I like (with RPG elements fixed in as well for me) so I should go about checking out the first one for the PS3… though I’m not sure about the 90% naked all the time in battle thing. Do we need the fanservice? Oh well I’ve seen worse features so this isn’t a deal-breaking for me.

    I need more Wii U games and I like Action and RPG games and I might get this. Though I need to save up a lot of money now with FFXIV: ARR in my pocket (and my Account finally fixed and with my CE content gear, whoo-ho!) and I did fully pay off Wind Waker HD and there’s Pokemon X and Y… oh! And Sonic Lost World for the Wii U as well which I pre-order, don’t want to forget about that and then there’s Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and I’m picking up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix this Tuesday.

    I’m glad for a job with more work hours and pay, but it feels like I have little time to play the games but I still get around. Now I need to see my budget to see if I can get this game as well… I love fun games like this and the over-the-top Action like Metal Gear Rising did.

    • Göran Isacson

      Welp, the whole 90 % naked all the time…

      I think that the only way I can really defend it (because actually seriously, she IS extremely lightly dressed a lot of times), is that it FEELS different from most games who go down that route. It’s like…

      Those other games with fanservice essentially seems to serve you girls who are like dolls, it’s like they want to say “oh no man it’s alright guy, look at how cute and innocent they are, and OOPS man you just ACCIDENTALLY looked at her panties, but it’s alright man, you’re such a nice guy and she’s so innocent, she doesn’t know that you looked, it’s aaaalll goooood, you can just keep on looking because it’s all so niicce and innoccccent and you’re not gonna do anything that hurtsss her,” (you can imagine the guy saying this turning into an actual snake at this point and hissing whenever he makes an “s”-sound), “and you’re just a guy, it’s totally okay if you just so happen to catch a glimpse of her panties, she shouldn’t be wearing such skimpy outfits in the first place” etc, etc.

      Whereas Bayonetta knows you’re watching, you naughty boy/girl, knows that she’s there to provide you with the visual firework of the century, and even if she (and the previously mentioned girls) are fake creations made of polygons you get the feeling she’s stripping and fighting and HAVING AN EFFING BOXING MATCH ON TOP OF A CRUISE MISSILE EFF YEAAAH because she LIKES the attention, she WANTS you to look. You want to be aroused? Be aroused man, just be honest about it.

      And that right there is the difference, I think. Bayonetta is just as crass as any other game that draws peoples attentions with fanservice. But it’s an HONEST game. Now if you don’t like extremely actionpacked and kinda stupid stories with a bunch of fanservice and no restraints, that’s okay. I’m not saying people who are uncomfortable with fanservice shouldn’t be so here. I just think that this honesty and blatant crassness puts it in a different league from most other fanservice games, which always seems to have this weasely dishonesty about it. It’s like the difference between one of those namby pamby harem anime where the milquetoast lead just OH SO ACCIDENTALLY HAPPENS TO FALL ON their many love interests and oops they just happened to cop a feel or two, and a show where the main character just walks up to a hot piece o’ ass and asks them out directly while ogling their assets. Maybe they get turned down, maybe this makes them look like a sleazy ass, but at least they are HONEST about who they are.

      Man this got very long for a reply that just centers around, like, 5 % of your post. Forgive me, I have a lot of feels surrounding Bayonetta.

      • Christopher Nunes


        I wanted to know about the GAMEPLAY, not the “naked” part. I’m alright with it, but felt it was kinda unnecessary.

        I like Action games like I said, but that was one weird long post.

        Well more power to ya.

        • Göran Isacson

          Ha ha the thing is, the gameplay needs no defenders or explanation. It is awesome, and that is pretty much all I have to say about that. I can confidently say that if you liked Devil May Cry, you will like this. But the fanservice is the stuff that could use some insight, some explanation and some perspective as to why it’s there, that’s all. Kamiya pretty much got supersick and tired by how fanservice always seemed to be linked to helpless moe girls these days, and set out to make something as far away from that as possible.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I see.

  • The first one’s OST was drop dead epic especially during the boss fights Looking forward to this one’s music as well.

  • kangms872

    X, B, and A were assigned attacks (Punch, Kick, and Special, respectively, I believe)

    is that right? i think, A is kick, B is jump, Y is gunfire..

  • Robgoro


    There has apparently been some speculation as to whether or not the claims in my article are true, so, I’m going to offer a more precise account of how I came to these conclusions to clarify my statements.

    I was told that the Bayonetta 2 Demo was running at 60 frames per second, and that it being displayed in “high definition.” I asked if it was being displayed at 1080p, to which the person guiding me through the demo nodded and said “yep! looks great doesn’t it?”

    I did not, however, ask (specifically) whether or not the demo itself had been upscaled for PAX, or if the entire game would be playable at that resolution by the time of its release. My questions were restricted to the demo – and the answers I received were, too, restricted to the demo.

    1080p/60fps would certainly be a feat that’d push the Wii U to it’s limits, but I don’t think that such a feat is impossible.

    • Suicunesol

      I see. I was afraid of that. If you ask me, I would not put my trust in a PAX demo guide. “Yep! Looks great doesn’t it,” seems like a response I would be wary of. I believe 720p qualifies as “high-definition” in today’s world. 1080p 60 FPS the Wii U can do. But for this game? I’d say it’s possible too, but unlikely.

      Wish I could ask Kami-kami.

  • Paladinrja

    Wonder if that means that Bayonetta will get the same treatment for Wii U? Sure hope so. Mikami should re-release Vanquish on Wii U as well. Undoubtably Nintendo is a better home for it than PS360 was.

  • Elem187

    This guy is just making things up. Platinum Games already confirmed that Bayo2 will be rendered natively at 720p/60fps … His 1080p claim is pretty dubious.

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