Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming In March 2014

By Spencer . September 8, 2013 . 11:18pm

imageSony announced Soul Sacrifice Delta for PlayStation Vita. The game is slated for release in March 2014. Keiji Inafune from Comcept said Soul Sacrifice Delta is not an update with new monsters. It is a brand new game with new elements and a new kind of force – "neutral force."


Soul Sacrifice Delta will be playable at Tokyo Game Show.

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  • Byas

    All aboard the hype train. Cho Cho!

    • zaidandzhadow

      rofl best day comment


    I’m so not waiting for the localized version

  • benhofb

    Well, this definitely looks interesting… I bought Soul Sacrifice on launch and loved it to pieces, so granted this adds a lot of new features/improvements I will probably be all over it. I know they announced the new Neutral alignment, but hopefully they’ll add some other tweaks like… jumping… for example.

    • xXDGFXx

      Looks like they added weapons. Finally, I can still be useful without sacrifices. Hell, even if the damage is minimal, it works. Hopefully they toss the point system, or make it irrelevant to the items I get at the end.

      • benhofb

        Hmm, that would be a huge plus. I loved the weapon variety in the original, but I hated the fact that they were used up over time.

        • Testsubject909

          Sacrifices and draining up certain points in the area to refuel your weapons are usually more then enough. Plus the amount of use you have with them felt relatively generous to me since you only really need to worry about using them once they flash red. Meaning don’t use it anymore or it breaks and there goes some lacrima.

    • Elvick

      I saw them climbing up ledges in the short trailer they had. So there’s that.

  • 栗場 江理久

    Yay :D

  • Ferrick

    neutral is buffed ?! Sweet!

  • DragKudo

    I wonder what the story will be about. a prequel or continue from one of the endings

  • Ah! But I’m not even done with the first one!

    • XiaomuArisu

      Me too!
      Its just to hard for me

      • TheExile285

        I can help you out on some pacts.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Sure but sadly the Storymode is singleplayer onlyXD

      • Testsubject909

        When I first jumped in, I ended up joining a random team of high leveled characters who were going up against Leviathan.

        I stayed, they didn’t mind, and I caught on rather quickly on how to avoid the Leviathan’s attacks just by following their lead.

        And from there, it wasn’t so much me getting boosted, but rather just me discovering that… This game is really skill based.

        Even at a low level, if you’re good at staying safe, you can outlast any enemy.

        Mind you, the ones where you fight two bosses at the same time are rather vexing, stressing and downright difficult. It will require a good team.

        … If ever you guys wanna play…

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          I need to get back into SS. DC and TLOU have taken way too much of my time lately. But for a team up? Sign me up.

        • .:Raphællius:.

          Totally agreed! it’s not about magic or life level, it’s about playing long enough to find out that every boss has his/her weaknesses and attack pattern. boosting your tactical skills is more important than farming SE and LE in this game.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Sure just give me a call!

      • God damn Magusar T_T, i remember my first try against him…then i remembered that i had Persona on the vita and never looked back.

  • Shady Shariest

    Hmh~m… Comcept is getting busy these days

    • Testsubject909

      Mighty No 9 currently at 1,894,623$

  • A sequel then? I hope the story is not connected with the first game since I didnt buy it

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      It’s more like Bravery Default, an upgraded original game that can’t just be a DLC release. I’m guessing it’ll be a testing ground for new features.

  • Mugen555

    Inafune also said that the demo will available on TGS this month

  • Chardo

    it also has pvp now, and 3 factions in war, Good, Evil and neutral

  • DyLaN

    >Neutral force

    • Testsubject909

      You have defeated the Harpy, what do?

      > Save
      > Sacrifice
      > Eh… whatever…

  • TheExile285


    Looking forward to the TGS demo to see what other changes there are. I hope they add a hub world in Avalon since the story isn’t going to be different. Also, bigger variety of offerings Inafune!!!

    • Ben Sylvia

      There. Are no. Words.

  • charles addow

    Best news i’ve heard all day

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I got gamer boner.
    I’m LOVING the first one, is just done so right, and has made have serious amounts of FEELS

  • brian
  • Fango

    Wow. I am fully surprised they didnt pull a capcom and just add a few monsters/items released as a standalone and charge $40 for it.

  • .:Raphællius:.

    Some say it’s an update, some say it’s a brand new game… to be frank, i really don’t know what to believe anymore. All i know is that i will be getting this game when it gets localized!

  • wat_wat

    I think Inafune also mentioned Soul Sacrifice 2 a year after Delta releases. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Assuming this is the “paid content” they said it would have.

    Hope it has new trophies.

    Isn’t the force element in the base game already neutral?

  • artemisthemp

    When can I buy this in EU?

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