Bravely Default Screens Show Off The New Graphical Improvements And Story Events

By Eugene . September 10, 2013 . 12:33pm

While the US will have to wait till next year to pick up Square Enix’s Bravely Default: For The Sequel, new screenshots of the game show how it’s shaping up, and highlight the numerous improvements, from better graphics to better UI. We’ve detailed these features in the past, but now you can see them for yourself below.



The above screens showcase the auto battle system and revamped user interface we previously mentioned. Check out how the equipment list is now longer, requiring less scrolling and utilizing all the white space on the bottom touch screen (which will also have quick-jump buttons)



In this shot, the revamped battle and after-battle (respectively) screens show what skills were used as well as more detailed after-battle reports for players. Note that when players select auto-battle, the game remembers which commands were used and repeats the actions rather than simply using the basic attack command.


Above: the newly updated Job Change class screen.



Additionally, the entire game has gotten a graphical facelift, which you can see in the screens to the right above. Note the obvious added emphasis in the flower gardens to the brighter tones during overland segments, bringing better life to streets, shops, and general eye-candy while walking around.


In response to fan demand, Square Enix are also expanding the number of story events, including minor characters who did not get enough screen time. This includes adding new facial expressions to them, and tweaking later chapters to better explain the ending.


For those who simply cannot wait and want to play through the game with a Japanese 3DS, note that For The Sequel will ship with English voiceovers (alongside French, Italian, German and Spanish). Menus and text will still be in Japanese however.



Other minor improvements include aforementioned expansions to save slots (from one to three), the ability to import your data from the original game, and the ability to fully tweak options such as random battle spawns and the average difficulty.


Bravely Default: For The Sequel will be out for the Nintendo 3DS December 5 in Japan, by end year in Europe, and 2014 in the US.

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  • RovCal

    i cant wait…. i hope gta5 will help pass time.

  • Bur


  • Pockystix

    I really want to play this one

    I also really wish games like this could make their way to the next gen scene

    the next age needs to know the pure awesome-ness of a great turn-based console rpg~

    • PreyMantis

      I hope so, too, but that’s six to teen years from now…

    • At least we’re getting good RPGs on handheld systems :)

  • Ethan_Twain

    Could anyone here clarify the changes to the combat in this rerelease? I know that there’s an update that moves us away from the traditional turn based structure in some manner. Do we know if playing with this updated combat system is optional? Do we know how this new combat system plays?

    See, I’m real keen on this Bravely Default game and all the changes listed here seem good. Improved menus, improved graphics, additional narrative content, that’s all good stuff. But the vibe I’ve gotten is that the combat system in this rerelease is something of a rough draft for the new system in the sequel? That doesn’t sound cool. It’s one thing to send a prototype of your new combat system out as part of a rerelease so that fans can provide feedback and you can test the waters, but if that’s the ONLY release for the rest of the world then I would prefer to have the option to play using the tried and true original system as opposed to something experimental.

    Then again, maybe the new system is way cool and I would never want to play the old system anyway. I just don’t know!

    • Suicunesol

      Maybe you’re thinking something has changed when it really hasn’t? We haven’t received any clarification about a significant change in the battle system other than a Japanese to English translation of a developer’s words that I believe have been taken out of context.

      The vibe I’M getting is that the battle system Bravely Default original had is getting more refined and streamlined in the sequel. And that this re-release is getting those improvements. The core system should not be changing because that’s the blood and soul of Bravely Default; Collect and use brave points to attack more than once per turn, breaking the traditional notion of one action per turn per character. That is what he means by breaking down the concept of turn-based, which the original Bravely Default has already done.

      • “…breaking the traditional notion of one action per turn per character.”

        I bet that’s what got mistranslated and freaked people out (myself included! I even bombed their twitter account in very poor Japanese written with roman letters!).

        • Suicunesol

          Yeah, I don’t think I need to say that it really doesn’t make westerners look very good to bomb/flame SQ’s twitter account when they’ve done nothing wrong. SQ probably had no idea where it all stemmed from.

          But even if the battle system had changed somewhat, I still wouldn’t approve of that behavior. It just looks bad.

          • Thanks for the lecture.

            My first one just said something to the effect of “I want turn-based combat!”, which I’d imagine would either confuse them or just make them think “Yeah, turn-based, woo!”

            My second one was something to the effect of “There is no longer turn-based combat? Why??” I’d imagine that one would be a little confusing.

    • There’s nothing that switches the game from turn-based to action… at least, not that they’ve discussed yet. The full list of changes they discussed in their interview is our last report on the game. At no point did Asano actually say they were dropping the turn-based system. I believe that might have been a mistranslation on someone’s part.

  • Text will still be in Japanese? I thought the japanese website showed Airy’s dialogue text in English? Well that’s still better than nothing I guess.

  • mojack411

    What, they’ll have English voice overs? And actual English not Engrish?! Graaaaaaah, freaking licensing and release schedule issues! This makes it seem like the game is practically done being localized!

    • Well, probably story-wise it might be done, but there’d still be all the text to translate and handle (which goes for story/dialogue text and menus, etc). It’s kind of too bad but also good that the JP version won’t have full English. ^u^;

      • Auvers

        probably takes time to cast and do voice recording too. I figure that’s probably what the bulk of the wait is.

        • mojack411

          But this version has the English voice acting in it already if I’m understanding correctly. Unless they plan on using different VA’s for the EU and NA versions that mean that part is done. Furthermore, that also means the English script is done as well and they simply need to type those out. From there, translating menus can’t take THAT long, the only thing left are item and move descriptions, which could be variable.

          • Audie Bakerson

            Holding completed games for a better release date is a relatively common practice.

            Some publishers do it really badly (Sega rushing a studio, then holding that game for months not even letting them make bug fixes comes to mind), but making it so this doesn’t go against Pokemon is fine by me. I’ve seen plenty of great games screwed over simply because they released on the same day as Half-Life 2 (while using an older version of the same engine) or during E3, and I’d rather not see it happen again.

          • mojack411

            Yeah, hence why I mentioned scheduling release issues. I understand why they do it but it doesn’t change the fact that I want the game now and hearing that the VA is done makes it seem like it’s so very close when it’s not.

          • Auvers

            Well that’s news to me, I thought it was just english option as in text. But I see it says in this one it’s been done already.

      • mojack411

        Yeah, I understand that localizing games means more than just recording voices but still, they’re definitely a big chunk. Hearing that they’re done just makes the localized game seem so tantalizingly close when in reality it’s not.

    • It probably IS done. You’d think so, if there are voiceovers, or near done. Nintendo just has a stick up their rear about when they want to release it where. :) Otherwise US/EU wouldn’t be getting it at different times. But at least we’re getting it! yay

  • John Diamond

    just in time for me to get my… 2ds

    • Suicunesol

      Pardon me for saying so, but I really think the game should be tried in 3D, if possible. It uses unusual techniques to give depth to 2D backgrounds rendered in 3D, and is the only game on the market to have something like that.

      • John Diamond

        haha, im mostly getting a 2ds cause i’m quite the cheapskate, but if i find a 2nd hand 3ds i’ll definitely get that instead

  • Presea

    Bravely Default looks so good, I can’t wait for its release :D

  • JMaster3000

    As a European i’m really happy now.
    Bravely Default,Inazuma,SMT IV,Harvest Moon and Rune Factory 4! Yes i’m serious! Rune Factory 4 is coming out in Europe! Check google for the interview. Btw Zen United is releasing it again. I’m fine with that.

    Anyways, Games all over the place!
    Lets support the 3DS so we can see more awesome games for it!

    • Make Nintendo release Inazuma Eleven in the US! I imported the British versions of the first two, but my American 3DS is region-locked. :(

  • The original already looked very pretty, aesthetically and graphic-wise, but the updated/FtS really brings even more flavor and charm to everything (from the new parts added to color fixes and lightening). All the added details and sharpness are really nice~.

    Waiting for this game is so hard. But, it’s also incredibly worth it. ♥

  • CirnoLakes

    This really does look like the best Square Enix game in years and years. And I refuse to retract that statement.

    This looks more like Final Fantasy than all of the Final Fantasy games we see today. And I mean that in all of the best ways. Everything I hear and see about this game is something good.

    It looks like a 16-bit Final Fantasy game given modern form. And goodness knows how long people have been asking for exactly that. If it weren’t for all of the horrible decisions teaching me otherwise, this sort of thing would make me think Square Enix were getting their company back on track. It’s too bad something as great looking as this isn’t representative of the company at all.

    I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this game. And for me to say this about a modern, Square Enix game, is extremely rare. Everything about this game looks right.

  • Ren

    This translates to:
    “Text Options
    – Japanese
    – English
    – French
    – Italian
    – German
    – Spanish
    The text is currently set to Japanese”
    The site says there are only English and Japanese voiceovers, but all European text localizations are included in the Japanese release. Maybe you should fix that.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Does BD have a ridiculous difficulty spike like 4HoL did? That was just bananas in some areas.

    • That, combined with how ugly it was (I hated the attempts at 3D RPGs on DS… reminded me of the PSOne era) sort of distanced me from the game. I’ve been meaning to start it over and have another try at it.

  • zeta

    Dear Square Enix dont screw this one up by bringing BD to IOS and Android.

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