Drakengard 3’s Weapon Switching System In Action

By Spencer . September 10, 2013 . 3:33am

Zero, the heroine (antagonist?) in Drakengard 3, is armed with a sword, spear, chakram, and claws. Players can switch weapons in battle and as seen in this livestream, each weapon is assigned to a different face button. Zero also has different combos assigned to each weapon.


The chakram has a lot of horizontal range but doesn’t deal as much damage. The sword that Zero switches to shaves more HP off enemies. Zero isn’t alone in the game, she has two companions traveling with her. Access Games, the developers behind Deadly Premonition and Lord of Apocalypse, are developing Drakengard 3 and they added more platforming elements. Good thing Zero has an air dash!

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  • I watched this on the streaming and I was really impressed by how much the combat has improved since previous games: it seems even better than NieR’s. Honestly, the game seems fun! And jumping IS USEFUL!

    I’m really glad Access games is handling this so well. Also, allies speak a lot, like on NieR! This is something I always thought Drakengard lacked, and you can switch weapons without stopping the game.

    I really hope this is localized. If it’s not, maybe I’ll have to learn japanese.

    • Tom

      I totally agree. And thumbs up for your avatar, I love Nier!

  • Crazy_O

    Is this running on 60fps? I can understand the scaled down graphics if it does, would make the whole fighting much better.

  • Alexander Aubert


    • We’ll see , SE has their new business model

  • Armane

    So weapon switching isn’t on the fly? Battle system seems lacking in depth too, so on the fly weapon switching could have helped a lot.

    • Ferrick

      drakengard 2 and nier didn’t have weapon switching on the fly and they still did fine. Gameplay-wise that is

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        yeah, basically the only thing they did are make “Weapon Switch” FASTER.
        Instead of “pausing” to change weapon (with weapon wheels), they changed real-time now.

      • Armane

        You have a strange definition of fine if you think Nier’s combat was fine. I didn’t play Drakengard 2 though.

        • Ferrick

          oh i’m sorry, i didn’t know that nier was a hack and slash game… oh wait, it’s not, it’s an JArpg, so it’s still in the level of “FINE”

  • I believe this is the reaction most of us can relate to after watching this lol. The combat looks freakin awesome:


  • Nate

    Wow that gameplay looks fun. I’ve never heard of this game.

    • deadMastershiro

      Your going to love playing this game.

  • Virevolte

    “Hooo ! Sugoiiii ! Nanjakoewaaaa ! Hooooo !”
    I’m always amazed by how much these guys are trying to seem impressed.

    • Neophoton

      I must admit, I giggled at how “enthused” they seemed to be.

    • Kelohmello

      It’s their job to fake enthusiasm after all. Honestly it’s pretty grating on me. I just wanna watch some gameplay man.

  • Neophoton

    Someone mentioned there was new dragon gameplay footage? I missed the stream, so I was hoping it’d be on Youtube, but I haven’t found it yet. :/

    • I don’t think there has been gameplay about air stages, but they promised a new trailer on TGS; I hope we see something then!

      • Neophoton

        That explains why I haven’t found anything. Guessing the comments must just be geared out of concern for how the dragon gameplay looked in the last trailer.

        Here’s to hoping we get some new footage for it at TGS~

  • Flynn Scifo

    I remember when I played Drakengard of PS2… This will be a great game.

  • Death Saved

    Only things i need to know are will the weapons change form when they level up and do they still have a background story?

    • deadMastershiro

      I’m pretty sure they announced weapon stories coming back. Not sure about the weapons changing when they level up. I really hope they bring that back to.

      • Death Saved

        Yeah same here, when they removed it from 2 it felt lacking.

        • deadMastershiro

          I hope they add dlc allies to. If they do can’t wait for caim.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I swear to god… if this doesn’t get localized, I’m learning Japanese, ASSAP

  • Audie Bakerson

    Protagonist/Antagonist actually has nothing to do with mortality, just who the story focuses on.

    The classic academia example of this is Paradise Lost

  • Jimmy Russell

    This game is dangerously misogynistic and needs to be banned.

  • Göran Isacson

    I wonder if you can change the weapons assigned to each facebutton, or if every button has a “set” weapon to it. Also what is the jump button if all the face buttons are weapons?

  • abysswalker

    I don’t know if I can’t see clearly because my eyes are shedding tears of joy or because of the shitty resolution…

    Seriously all the gameplay videos I’ve watched look like this

    • Jerry Hu

      The NICONICO stream’s video quality is very bad.

      • abysswalker

        Totally I just hope we get a proper video at TGS.

        By the way your avatar is amazing :)

        • Jerry Hu

          You can download these avatars in Drakengard 3’s official website. :)

  • Jerry Hu

    I hate 240P.

  • Vash bane

    LoA? oh crap that’s awesome more hype XD

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