• http://people.ign.com/princerevolver Surgeon Of Death

    Red’s face disturbes me. It’s like I’m looking at Caeser clown’s father.

    • Shady Shariest

      “No, i am your father…!”
      “No. no, it can’t be… NOOOOO”
      *Falls into the sea*

    • Hatkhora

      It’s like looking at both his father’s and mother’s face at the same time. O_o

  • Chris Yuen

    Oh boy…a racoon…incoming comparisons/”I’m not a racoon!” jokes from Chopper…

    • komiko12

      There would be jokes like how they look alike or Pat being mistaken as Chopper.

  • Brutal2D

    Another One Piece game I can’t play….

    • British_Otaku

      With any luck, you might get localised soon given both America and Europe are consistently getting One Piece games now and the whole Unlimited line up were localised given that you consider it localised when they constantly miss out on one region or another… >_>

      Are you in the States? I’m not sure if Namco Bandai even know than the digital store front exists for the 3DS, given that you guys never got Unlimited Cruise SP in any form and the 3DS has been rocking the market and will be rocking the market for the next 3 or 4 years.

      • Brutal2D

        I hope so, until then all I can do is salivate over Europeans getting it.

        And yes, I am American.

  • British_Otaku

    Unlimited Adventure and Cruise (Popola and Gaburi) both had original characters designed by Oda (on top of debuting some characters in motion as they have been ahead of the anime, like Naruto games tend to be nowadays), they were mascots who you went around with during the adventure at a point or bumped heads with occasional before teaming up.

    I expect Pat to go for the mascot role… Since this is the first Unlimited game I’ve following from the start, I think it’s rather unusual for them to spotlight the villain from the start which is usually some legendary fusion demon god of destiny, it does seem to be a character though.

    I’ll be interested in what services will be avaliable in the hub town, probably sleeping and storing resources in the Inn owned by this new character Yodoya… I would like to see separate working spaces of individual characters like before though, like a workshop for Franky and Usopp, an infirmary for Chopper (perhaps an alternative would be one which requires you have money and not a bunch of dragon’s scales and herbs) and so on.

    Oh and Eugene, it’s One Piece Unlimited World: RED (not Works), I’ve seen others make typos on ANN (often cleaned up after a comment quickly addresses it for major articles), Destructoid and here but still…

  • SlickRoach

    The thing about making characters just for games is that if you wind up liking them and getting attached to them it becomes depressing when you realize that they aren’t going to be present in the anime/manga.

  • http://bassoonhero.deviantart.com/ Michael Wootton

    This game keeps looking better and better. Hoping we’ll see it localized, though I doubt they’ll bother bringing it to the states.

  • Death Saved

    exactly how are they new?

    They look like a retarded chooper and a bad ass Caeser.

    • British_Otaku

      From a design standpoint, I agree that Pat and Red have some similarities to Chopper (an actual tanuki or not) and Caesar.

      They are plenty distinct in that Red is going only serve a villain role here and be acknowledged here, probably have a devil fruit power completely different and fighting style very different to Caesar (I expect a lot of Haki) and a backstory and motivation completely separate. Pat isn’t going to be part of the crew in the same sense or a doctor, the voice and personality of the character will be different even if we can expect some humour around having an actual tanuki for once.

      It’s enough given that Red isn’t going to end up being a reskin of Clown or exactly the same and the same can be said for Pat.

      Oda has had characters resemble each much more than this, especially in his female line up.

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