The Hero Of Fairy Fencer F Is A Party Master

By Sunjun . September 12, 2013 . 4:18am

Compile Heart has shared a trailer for their upcoming RPG Fairy Fencer F starring the protagonist. Fang is a Fencer who can wield Furies, the weapons created by a goddess and evil god in ancient times.


In the video, Fang gives us some lines such as, "I decide my own destiny. My own will is my own destiny," and, "I am a party expert! I am a party master! My nickname as a kid was Fang the Party!" His enthusiastic voice actor is Ryota Ohsaka, who also voices Maou from the anime The Devil is a Part-Timer!


The game uses a battle system similar to that of Hyperdimension Neptunia, with new features like aerial combos and Avalanche Attacks where the entire party can gang up on an enemy. Like the Neptunia games, you can also transform through a a system called Fairize.


Fairy Fencer F will be released for the PlayStation 3 on October 10.

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  • Andrew Arndt

    so ready for this ;D yeah more JRPG goodness ;D

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Heh. I’m liking Fang already. The battle system looks pretty decent in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the other character trailers. :)

    • DyLaN

      Just FYI, Tiara also got her own character PV aka the very first trailer. Though it have very little content compare to Fang one.

  • wow I love him already, he’s awesome

  • bigboss09

    good nice
    now add real city and NPC
    and good OST and it will be the perfect JRPG

    • 1. HDN series used nations so there wasn’t a real need for cities. this game may or may not have them.
      2. HDN did have NPCs just not in the way you are used to or wanted.
      3. Good OST? That’s subjective.

    • DyLaN

      The OST in all the FFF trailer is certainly pleasing my ears. Also Rolo is most likely an NPC and I’ve seen screenshot of shop NPC in some of the scans.

    • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

      I think adding cities and NPC’s would complete Compile Hearts games.

  • I decide my own destiny, too! In this case, my destiny is to buy this game when it arrives on our shores. And it -WILL- arrive on our shores.

    • Will John

      I already decided my destiny is to buy the limited edition regardless of what my wallet says

  • Unsigned Artist Suicide Help

    I’m so hyped it looks so fun

  • Franggio Hogland

    I think I need help…first no nipples and now he is wielding fuRRies…
    Anyway I for one barely ever played any Compile Heart games so I’m looking forward to this furry wielding nippleless bishie and his party.

    • Steven Higgins

      It’s very rare for male anime-style characters to have nipples, especially if the character designer is female.
      I’ve only ever seen them in DQ, DB/Z(yet, oddly not GT) , FF and KH, all of which have male character designers.

  • Anon-non

    I love Neptunia with all my heart, but the battle system is not fun. No tactics at all. Very broken. I wish they spent time working on it, or even a new system. I’m surprised it’s popular enough to be featured in three games now.

  • DyLaN

    Judging by the length+content of the PV, Tiara got the shorter end of the stick compare to Fang….. Hope she have her own updated character PV too.

    Lawl, Ryota Ohsaka uses his Maou voice here XD

    Fang opening line: “the genius and good looking Fencer”
    Fang is shaping up to be an entertaining MC *thumbs up*

    I-i-is that a MALE version of hot spring event!? FINALLY MY PRAYER HAVE BEEN ANSWERED :D
    By the way, Hanagata, Bloody and Bernard has been added in the main site character page.

    • TheMightyKamina

      I would like if as fang get serious,he would use the voice of the demon lord form of maou

    • Milla

      Bernard is extremely HAWT IMHO just the way me lieks it omg yes hes playable prolly since he has Fairy partner i hope <3<3<3

      • DyLaN

        Sorry to dissapoint you, but Bernard is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Dolfa, the antagonists of FFF. All members of FHK are fencers and have fairy.

        Not sure abt being playable or not though.

        • Milla

          Oh really? Why do the pretties boys need to be so bad?! well maybe like cross edge and tri uni the bad guys will be playable end game hahaha.

    • Man Tiara is practically EVERYWHERE, including 70% of the OP, guess they just wanted us to remember that there is actually also a male MC in the game xD

      • DyLaN

        More cool moves or some M stuff for Tiara won’t hurt >_> (She a masochist btw)

  • DyLaN

    The translated character profile of the new characters courtesy of zazza345.

    Hanagata (CV:Gentoku)

    “Yes. However,this is just the first step of our ambition. We have to press on, so that sooner or later the name of our company will resonate in the whole world. ”

    The President and leader of the “Dolfa” company.
    Dolfa is an excellent company which puts a lot of effort into social contribution, such as managing an orphanage.
    However, behind the scenes they’re collecting Furies trying to obtain “that”…

    >Big bad material right there folks.

    Bernard (CV: Kohei Murakami)

    “Of course, it would be nice if the head of the guy I met an instant ago would fall to my feet. ”

    Dolfa’s high executive, Hanagata’s aide.
    He’s also accompanied by the Four Heavenly Kings.
    Calm, collected, calculating and possessing exceptional fighting skill.

    >@Milla Still want him?

    Bloody (CV: Yuri Komagata)

    “…Acknowledged, Master. Control, annihilation.”

    Bernard’s Fairy partner, adult woman type.
    Calm, cool and collected, gifted with both intelligence and beauty. She also acts as secretary to support the busy Bernard.
    Since her abilities are exceptional, the headhunting [for her] from other companies never stops but, calling Bernard “Master”, she boast absolute loyalty to him.

    • zazza345

      Minor correction to Hanagata’s CV (I suppose you took the text before I corrected it, as I noticed it just a a couple minutes afterward), it’s Gentoku.

      • DyLaN

        Thanks for the tip. Corrected.

        Oh and thanks for translating and providing FFF stuff.

  • zazza345

    Just to offer some clarification on Fairize: aside being tied to the Tension Gauge (hence if the latter drops under a certain level, Fury Form gets cancelled), the special skills for Fury Form have stronger requirements (such as 50% HP), to avoid spamming I suppose.

  • HerosLight

    Shalman’s appearance strongly remind me of Kannazuki Kyouhei from Date A Live..

    Also, I like Fang’s voice.

  • Learii

    I be waiting for this

  • Presea

    I really like Fang a lot already, he looks so cool! :D I hope Tiara and the other characters gets awesome character PVs like this, it’d be great. ^^

    • DyLaN

      Technically, Tiara ady had one (the first trailer). But not so awesome aside frm “Splash Saucer!”.

  • DesmaX

    Fang sounds pretty obnoxious

    • DyLaN

      Just curious, do you find his voice or his personality to be obnoxious?

      • DesmaX

        Personality. He reminds me of Tidus

  • MrTyrant

    Well he doesn’t look bad and I like the voice. Yeah I have not complains with the main character choice, the green creature looks horrible though.

    And why the release date is the same as my birthday?

  • I might import this to boost sales so it gets localized faster =^_^=

  • wererat42

    So could it be said that Fang must be the…

    Life of the party?

  • XiaomuArisu

    Ore wa PARTY!

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