This Week In Imports: An Extra Phantom Breaker On An Extra Console

By Spencer . September 16, 2013 . 4:35pm

imagePhantom Breaker Extra is an enhanced version of Mages fighting game with more characters and it’s multiplatform. We don’t know when (if?) 7sitxy will release Phantom Breaker in the West (even though it’s fully localized), but 7Sixty doesn’t have the rights to Phantom Breaker Extra so another publisher could pick this version up.


PlayStation 3
Phantom Breaker: Extra


Xbox 360
Phantom Breaker: Extra


Nintendo 3DS
Jewel Master
Nobunaga’s Ambition
Romance of the Three Kingdoms


PlayStation Vita
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Game


Key European Releases
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (3DS)
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (3DS)


Key Domestic Releases
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Xbox 360)

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  • xAtKx

    Must be a slow week.

  • Combo

    I really hope someone else picks up PB Extra. Judging by their website and their Facebook page, everyone at 7Sixty has spontaneously combusted or been abducted by aliens or something.

  • DesmaX

    GTA V isn’t releasing in Japan this week?

    Poor fellas

    • School Idol Addict

      10 october in japan.

    • zaidandzhadow

      i doubt it to even sell 40 000 copies in japan

      • Vesperion

        Uhhh GTA doesn’t do too bad in Japan

    • MasterScrub

      I don’t think Japan particuarly cares about it.

      • School Idol Addict

        GTAIV was the top selling games the week it was released in japan, selling over 160K copies.
        It isn’t anywhere near what GTA sell in the west, but not many games in Japan sell that much in a week.

        • Vesperion

          On the internet hating American games is about as cool as hating gamestop

    • TheExile285

      MH4 just came out in Japan……

  • FetusZero

    “but 7Sixty doesn’t have the rights to Phantom Breaker Extra”
    I wonder why…

    With that said, the good news of this is it’s on PS3, meaning we finally get a good d-pad to play with. Plus, region free, so if it doesn’t get picked up, it’s not that bad.

    • Erikdayo

      D-pad? PS3 d-pad is hardly better than the 360’s for fighters. Great way to destroy your thumb. Arcade stick or bust.

      • I’m as hardcore stick advocate as the next, but apparently there’s a large number of pad players who really feel that the dualshock’s D-pad is really good and like it.

        I’ve never understood it but I have mad respect for anyone who’s good with pad. It takes skills that I don’t have, that’s for sure.

        • Erikdayo

          Indeed. One of my friends plays with a controller, and he does alright. But always complains about his thumb hurting after 10+ matches and doesn’t want to take the time to make the transition to stick.

          This sort of issue isn’t even a thing with a stick. :P Could go several hundred rounds without pain.

          The Saturn controller is probably one of the only pads I could get behind. I still prefer a stick for easier inputs with both left and right hands, but that is one solid d-pad that I can cope with for at least a while.

          • FetusZero

            Your thumb gets used to it :p but of course it’s never going to be like an arcade stick. But at least with the dualshock, the direction you press is the one reflected in the game, unlike on the X360 where the direction you press means 2-3 directions at the same time, messing everything up (gotta love left and right only to end up jumping all over the place).

          • Nick Sniezek

            It is good that this game is coming out. I’ll totally buy it on PS3. It all comes down to preference as to what controller you like, pad or stick. I tried stick and it don’t feel right to me. I use pad now as it is comfortable. For PS3/PC, I use the Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro. It is a really good game pad and plays great.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            I used to be a decent pad player, but recently made the switch to stick. Must say I prefer the stick although a lot of my friends are the opposite. I know people who also play with the analog, so in the end it’s really just a toss up.

          • I play using a hand-built arcade stick dual-modded for PS3 and Xbox. There’s just nothing like being able to sit down with a solid piece of arcade equipment in my opinion.

            Also works well for shmups (which seem to be on the out, not many being released these days).

            Back on topic though, as I understand it, Phantom Breaker Extra is actually shipping with English already so hopefully people will just import it and not cross their fingers for a local distributor to pick it up. More people to play with sooner.

          • DanteJones

            How do you play and not lose from hnngghh’ing each match with that? I don’t even use stick and I want it, haha.

          • Erikdayo

            I pre-ordered but wait, English? As in story mode in English option? Or just English menus like a majority of fighters already use?

      • XiaomuArisu

        The D-Pad is sooooo much better then the 360.
        The stick of the 360 aint precise enough and the 360 pad sucks for 2d games.
        And the thumb,well you get used to it.My Thumb stopped hurting a long while ago.

        • Erikdayo

          Whatever works. I find them both awful.

          Why get used to it when you can have no pain, no cramps, and no calluses on a stick.

      • Yan Zhao

        “PS3 d-pad is hardly better than the 360’s for fighters”

        I lol’d, hard.

        • Erikdayo

          Funny. The 360 d-pad isn’t any better or worse for fighters for me. They’re both awful.

          The Vita d-pad is the first one Sony has gotten right. Too bad the DS4 isn’t using a similar dpad.

  • Curan_Altea

    Unsurprising that there’s nothing major launching alongside GTA V.
    It’s a slow week throughout though.

  • Left out Fairy Fencer f. That’s coming out on the 19th as well.

    • TheExile285


      Oh god, MH4 is gonna kill it.

      It looked good too :(

  • TheExile285

    The devs for the “My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Game” should have pushed it back like a month. Its getting sent to die :(

  • s07195

    I’ve been waiting for the ‘My Teenage Romcom SNAFU’ game for so long, and there’s no news about it until NOW? Haven’t even gotten the Vita yet!

  • s07195

    ‘My Teenage Romcom Snafu’ comes out THIS WEEK? 0_0
    I haven’t gotten a Vita yet… >.<

  • NeoStrayCat

    If anyone might reads this, just to let you know, besides the PS3 version of Phantom Breaker: Extra obviously Region Free, the 360 version of the same game is also Region Free as well, thanks to a pal over at TA to test it out on his NA/US 360. Importers Rejoice! :3

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