New Gravity Rush Game Trailer Brings Kat Back

By Ishaan . September 19, 2013 . 7:30am

Sony have shared a teaser trailer for the next project by the developers of Gravity Rush. Watch the teaser below:



Thus far, no announcements have been made regarding this game’s title—ie; whether it is “Gravity Rush 2”—or what platforms it is in development for.

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  • TheExile285

    People were saying Famitsu confirmed it was for Vita. Is that not true?

    • artemisthemp

      It’s presume to be Vita, since Gravity Rush is one of the amazing exclusive to Vita.

      • sherimae1324

        no, its actually confirmed too, in twitter

        • On “Twitter”? Whose Twitter, exactly? Because no one involved with the game has made any mention of platform, and multiple people at SCEJ have tweeted about this teaser.

          • chibiwall

            was not yosp?

          • Nope.

      • TheExile285

        Yeah it SHOULD be Vita. I just hope its exclusive to Vita like the first game.

        • artemisthemp

          You think players with the first one will get anything special for importing their Save?

          • TheExile285

            Don’t know. Maybe.

  • artemisthemp

    Where is my western release date?

  • idrawrobots

    I will take this.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Ps3 hrnnghh pleaseee

    • Wake

      That’s what a PS Vita TV is for.

      • KuroNathan

        I’m somewhat confused on the vita tv. I thought that it doesn’t have a back touch pad? You need that for the game

        • Pdugna

          Actually you can play all of Gravity rush without even touching anything

          • tubers

            How do you gravity slide then?

          • The dualshock controller has two additional shoulder triggers and two additional thumbstick “buttons.” Surely the touch-based abilities could be mapped onto some of those extra inputs.

          • benhofb

            I am sure that is something they can remap. Like L+R+ Dpad and tilt or something. Patches/fixes happen.

          • Isaac Newton

            Actually you can play all of Graviry rush without even touching anything

            Oh god me and my innuendo!

          • Yoona

            Actually there’s an early boss you need to touch the screen so Kat delivers the final move. I think it’s the same boss that there is in the demo.

          • KuroNathan

            that’s all the bosses actually. I assume they’ll make it automatic instead?

      • RovCal

        gravity rush will not run on vita tv btw. cuz of touch mechanics i think i read it somewhere

        • Mental

          They could always incorporate the DS4’s touchpad when the PS4 remote play update comes along for Vita TV.

          • Anime10121

            Key word, COULD, just like they COULD have left software BC in PS3’s so I wouldnt have to rebuy a lot of my PS2 games. I hope Sony adds compatibility for Gravity Rush, but do I expect it? Hell no :(

      • Guest

        Nope. It’s definitely not going to make it to PS Vita TV unfortunately.

    • SlickRoach

      As soon as Pokemon X & Y get ported to N-Gage.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        You made me laugh at work

  • ivanchu77

    DAY 1!!!!

    I loved the first game and these news made me extremelly happy ^_^ (I just hope they improve the controls a little for this game)

  • Nate

    I absolutely loved gravity rush. Great game.

  • wahyudil

    I will scream if this was made for 3DS …. I know its impossible, thats why I will scream

    • TheExile285

      Its a Sony first party game…….

    • WhyWai

      I would run naked to buy it in store if Pokemon comes to PSVita …

    • benhofb

      Yeah… not gonna happen… It looks too gorgeous on Vita anyways.

    • British_Otaku

      I don’t have a Vita myself, but that’s just how things roll.
      Both systems have some really cool exclusives which will never shift to another platform, get a cheap Vita sometime or get a friend to sell one for cheap.

      Between this, Freedom Wars, Valkyria Chronicles and the definitive ports of Disgaea 1-4 and Persona 3 and 4, it’s a great system to get.

      • RichyGaming

        Who the hell plays Disgaea, dood?

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    My body IS ready!!! Gimme more Kat!!

  • Brimfyre

    Just beat the first one last night! What amazing timing.

    I was really hoping too since it has one of the worst cliffhangers I’ve seen in a game. Absolutely no part of the story is resolved. ha

    Also I hope it has more levels like the Echocrome like puzzle level. I really wanted the entire game to kind of be like that.

    EDIT: Rereading it sounded like I was kind of down on the game, but I’m not. It’s fantastic and had a lot of great ideas, that a sequel can only improve upon.

  • Slayven19

    I’ll buy it at a high price! My vita needs games and this will do me justice for at least a little while until vita actually picks up the pace with good games.

  • tubers

    Watched the official PSjp trailer in YT.

    Platform wasn’t mentioned.

    Maybe a multi-plat? A sort of PS3 remake/up-port?

    • Chris Yuen

      Famitsu reported that it will be a Vita title.

  • ZekeFreek

    Hope they fix that broken-ass combat.

  • leingod

    Gravity Rush trading card game for android and iOS!

    *throws himself out the window*

    • zferolie

      *assists you in doing so*
      You made me almost lose my drink

    • Don’t worry, Kat will save you ^_^

    • TheExile285

      Kind of sad, but if this wasn’t a 1st party series that might be possible >_>

    • Jelly

      DONT JINX IT =( But highly unlikely

    • supervamp

      That’d be pretty cool

    • Prinnydoom

      You had best hope that isn’t it -__-

  • (Starts crying) I knew it would happen, I just knew it. =^_^=

    • TheExile285


      What are you doing man?


      *Saves pic to “special” folder

      • Loving the TGS announcements lol =^_^=

      • Spider-Man

        …let me see the contents of that folder.

    • xXDGFXx

      These costumes… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      • I hope so lol =)

      • Nexus

        Crossing my fingers so that I can play as Raven in a high school uniform in the next title. And more unlockable in-game costumes! Make it happen, Team Gravity!

  • Shady Shariest

    Well well… Looks like the Kat is out of the bag…
    Hue Hue Hue

    • Pfft XD. Nice one lol.

      • Shady Shariest

        Pepsi fuels my puns to the Overlörd levels!

    • Wtv

      So Schrodinger Kat’s was alive.

      • Shady Shariest


  • Yes!

    Gravity Rush was one of the best, most creative games that I played in recent years. The story in the first game ended with a lot of mysteries regarding Kat’s memories and past, so I’m glad there’s a sequel planned to unveil them.

    Day one buy :D

  • Mitsuru Tendrill

    Yay new powers!Also some new floaty things in the background + looks native res too

    Hope Kat becomes a Princess in this one

  • Balalaika

    This looks like it was made for the vita based on how similar the textures and the world is from the first game. If it was for the PS3 or PS4 the gameplay would have been more smoother and would have had HQ textures but the gameplay still looks amazing and it would show how strong the Vita hardware is when games are coded and optimized properly (killzone Merc is a perfect example of how good games can look on a PSVITA)

  • British_Otaku

    I haven’t played Gravity Rush, but it is definitely one of the games I’m looking most forward to on the Vita based on the reception, how fresh it looks and how the lead artist and lead composer are favourites of mine.

    Glad to hear it’s done well enough to get a successor.

  • Göran Isacson

    Hype meters growing to dangerous levels. I did like Gravity Rush, so I wonder what kind of new twists we’ll see here…


    Console please.

  • brandon

    Yep. It’s Gravity Rush 2.

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  • Arcana Wiz

    Great the vita sure is seeing more love these days.

  • Ronldbx6

    I never heard of Gravity Rush until PSASBR.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I have been waiting for this moment…
    Finally… finally… ;w;

  • Balalaika

    Here are some pictures from the video above so you can see more subtle details that the video rushes over.

  • IshimaruKaito

    would anyone recommend gravity rush……i always wanted to get it but other games were coming out so i never really thought to go buy it…should i get it?

    • TheExile285

      Yes, you should

    • Nexus

      It’s definitely worth purchase. The game is top-notch quality.

  • Rei

    Best game ever for the Vita

  • Silent

    Thank youuuuu T.T

    Well, actually I would really thank you when we will get it in Europe. But this trailer already warms my little heart up :3

  • Aristides

    My life is complete, of course I’m assuming it’s for Vita otherwise my heart will be broken X_X

  • Touma

    I hope it stays for vita. I read somewhere that the majority of people (including me) who bought the vita bought gravity rush with it. Vita needs this boost.

  • Raiger

    awesome ^^ i have to play the first one asap.

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