Soul Sacrifice Delta’s Dark Versions Of Snow White And Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf

By Spencer . September 19, 2013 . 3:48am

Soul Sacrifice Delta uses Grimm as source material and added new monsters based on those fairy tales. Here’s a look at twisted takes on Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.


Snow White

cts1_img slide1_1 slide1_3 slide1_2


The enemy inspired by Little Red Riding Hood is a man dressed in jet black armor that makes him look like a wolf.

 cts2_img slide2_1 slide2_2


Soul Sacrifice Delta arms players with new spells like a technique that raises the ground which makes it easier to hit flying monsters and a skill that releases parasitic flowers that slow monsters down.


slide1_1 (1) slide1_2 (1) slide2_1 (1)  slide2_2 (2)


Yggdrassil, a skill from the Grimm magician faction turns your body into a giant tree that blooms and fires throns at enemies.


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Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release in March 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • SHSL Big Bro

    ….Why does this look so good, yet people keep talking shit about Soul Sacrifice?

    • TheExile285

      Haters gonna hate. Every game gets it.

      EDIT: Although if they are giving their opinion and not blindly bashing, that’s different.

      • Balalaika

        Damm you said exactly what I was going to say. But as to the other comment, People troll and complain about anything that’s popular and know it will rustle peoples jimmies, but even so there are people who will be insightful and offer valid points and opinions so don’t get too hung up on the derp comments.

      • jujubee88

        Soul Sacrifice has haters? Hmmmmm…..

        “Save or sacrifice?”

    • Go2hell66


    • Namuro

      I suppose people keeps comparing this game to Monster Hunter and call it a poor attempt to outshine Monster Hunter. They need to calm down and see that it’s only similar in a party-game nature, while the combat is vastly different (as well as the story, theme, etc.)

      I do love the new enemies here. I don’t think I’ll ever look at Snow White the same way again…

      • Balalaika

        Good point, the comparing of Monster hunter and Soul Sacrifice is like people Comparing every other shooter to Call of Duty.

    • tubers

      I’m confident these are bullshots. Unless you’ve already factored that in.

      SS (not SSD) is below native res with AA giving the final game a somewhat muddy/vaseline smeared look.

      Who knows, maybe SSD developers have made improvements but we’ll need actual in game screenshots to gauge that properly.

      Still looks decent overall.

      Framerate doesn’t seem to be perfect and has occasional screen tearing (just like the original ss):

    • Mando44646

      its a great game. definitely a lot better than Monster Hunter on the 3DS (I’ve played both)

  • pure_white

    Amazing! *^*
    Can’t wait to play this one! I just finished all the Forgotten Pacts…

  • As if Soul Sacrifice wasn’t Berserk enough now we get a monster that practically wears the Berserker armor~ <3

    • Namuro

      Dang, you beat me to it! But y’know? They might as well do a collaboration with Berserk, like adding in the Dragon Slayer or special boss like Zodd or something. That’ll be awesome…

      • That’d be so goddamn awesome, I need more Berserk collaborations in my video games!

        I remember playing Dragon’s Dogma only with the Berserk set, lol.

        • Namuro

          Yeah, the armours and weapons are awesome. Even after I ditched Guts’ armour later on in the game, I still had my female pawn wearing Griffith’s armour at all times. Such a shame that the Berserker armour didn’t make it in the game… I was really hoping that they would include it in Dark Arisen…orz

    • Ferrick

      i do hope that this time they’d include special melee spells, because that’s the only category that didn’t get a special spell

      • Yes I hope so as well, melee was my preferable spell class but eventually it lacked behind, lol.

        • Ferrick

          yeah, felt the same here, at first, i felt that melee was really fun, especially when you combine it with the flash teleportation feather, but after the giant blobs, it seems that melee is not even a viable option anymore, because by now people do golem spams and us melee will get knocked around by golems more than boss

      • Mugen555

        Do not fear young sorcerer
        There are TGS video while ago on youtube
        They really upgrade melee spell and you can combo(Arm spell+boulder spell=bowling)

        also 3rd faction is called Grims with Grimms fairy tale as monster source material

        • Ferrick

          sure do hope so. and i do want to get the hunter’s sword =D

    • tubers

      Now I’m interested in a Berserk VITA game.

  • Judgephoenix

    I like Monster Hunter and all, but I am glad others of particular genre exist it would be a boring world without competition. I already have God Eater Burst and Soul Sacrifice. I’ll make sure to pick up the rest too. Go VITA!

  • Xed51

    I still don’t get this, is delta an updated version with more content or a new game altoghether? I’ve seen conflicting news about this

  • KuroNathan

    Oh man, does this mean we’re going to have factional exclusive spells? Yggdrasil looks like a black arts to me so maybe its only for those?

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to playing this game again.
    I however think I go down a little with Chaos as new Enemy require time to learn pattern AKA not dying in 2 hits

  • tubers

    The best particle effects for the portable hunting genre.

    Well, spells are what makes this game unique.

  • I’m more than ready for this, going to platinum this one too

    • Syn

      Platinum FTW!!!!! U should add me me so we can aim for plats from day one. Syn_v3

  • leingod

    That looks sick… in a good way. And hey, the game appears to have a wider color pallette this time around too.

  • natchu96

    I see a “hold L and R at once on dead body” option in one of these pictures . . .

    Lost the skull and I would’ve mistaken the wolf for Chrome Disaster.

  • Göran Isacson

    Snow white and the giant sickening eye. YYYUP, that one’s gonna be a doozy to fight while keeping your lunch down.

  • Arcana Wiz

    looks neat

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Ok, you got me Hype.

  • Syn

    haha!!!*singing* Guess whose Berserk!!!!!*

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    Please tell me melee combat is finally viable. Because the blood spray got replaced by a Berserker Barrage knockoff that still uses your health, thus stopping me from circlestrafing.

  • jujubee88

    So what is the third option after “save” or “sacrifice” going to be like?

    Is it just “let them die of natural battle wounds”? I wonder.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Wondering if the guy in wolf armor is the huntsman maybe?
    Edit: lol that’s the one from the first trailer that could block projectiles right? fun.

    Red Riding Hood as a fellow sorceror? XD

  • Lester Paredes

    Snow white looks freaky… Love the monster designs in this game.

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