New Wii U Bundle For Japan Includes 32GB Console, Mario U, And Wii Party U

By Spencer . September 23, 2013 . 10:57pm

imageNintendo has a new Wii U bundle for Japan that includes a 32 GB console plus two video games. The Instant Play Family Premium Set comes with codes to download New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Party U, a 30 code for Wii Karaoke U, one MotionPlus Wii Remote, a sensor bar, a Wii U GamePad, and membership to Nintendo Network Premium.

Basically, it’s a Wii U Deluxe package with New Super Mario Bros. U, a karaoke code, and Wii Party U instead on Nintendo Land. The bundle will retail for 32,800 yen ($332) on October 31 and it sounds like a good deal considering a Wii U Deluxe package is 31,500 yen ($318) in Japan.

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  • XypherCode

    What a sweet deal! Good Japan. :D

  • TheGioG

    *Looks back at Zelda Wii U Bundle just waiting to be played*
    I regret NOTHING! >:)

    • Cero55

      Your icon makes your comment even better.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    Neat i will get it to play Smash U.

    Cant wait.

  • Man c’mon Nintendo, I’m thirsty for a new Direct. Make me want the Wii U bad enough to actually start saving up for it.

    • James Enk

      for me they did that with that one Direct (you know which one;p) but my problem with the WiiU and i guess a lot of gamer’s problem is that even though Nintendo announced a lot of awesome games there is no much trust that the will continue releasing top quality games for core gamers for the full lifespan of the console

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Gamers sure are paranoid lmao

        • James Enk

          yep including me:) i know i will get a WiiU at some point too many games i can’t resist but i am still playing hard to get lol

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Well let me break it down for ya. If we compare the real world value of the WiiU with everything else on the market, it holds up remarkably well. Get one and buy TW101, download Toki Tori 2 and get dizzy because the WiiU is about to get some Fuzzy.

            They need to release that on the VC next. I need my SNES Yoshi

      • Guest

        Yeah, it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy!

        But Nintendo damaged the Wii brand in Japan when they stopped releasing bigger hitters for the Wii quite before the Wii U launched. Now they have to work hard to change that perception that Wii U is not going to receive games at one point.

        Look at the PS4, it’s selling only on the promise of Kingdom Hearts 3 for many people :P

  • SuBw00FeR

    Hmm not bad, been looking at getting one in prep for Mario Kart and Smash Brothers.

  • IxisNaugus

    I really am curious as to how Wii Party U will perform in Japan. The original did very well in Japan, selling more than 2 million LTD if I’m not wrong, and that was only 2 or 3 years back. I wonder if there’s still potential for strong numbers. Does anyone know if the original Wii Party had a console bundle?

    • Guest

      It looks like Wii Party sold 223.595 copies at launch and had amazing legs week after week selling 2’361.016 (I don’t question why, great game, it was really fun! :D), but at the release there was a bigger audience with the Wii, 10’424.055 potential buyers versus 1’072.902 right now with the Wii U.

      Indeed, Wii Party had a bundle but a year after its release, on November 2011, and it helped to push the numbers from around 3.000 to 40.000 weekly sold copies.

      I think Wii Party U may help to move some units, but I doubt it will be significant.

      • IxisNaugus

        You bring up a great point in the respective install bases of the Wii vs the Wii U at the time the first game launched, in comparison to when this game will be releasing. The first games amazing legs were most likely down to the install base, and the kinds of games that base was most receptive to, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, New SMB Wii and etc. (basically family games). The Wii U will have similar “family” games by the time, or around the time Wii Party U releases (New SMB/NSL U, Wii Fit U, I feel like I’m missing something else), but of course, these games won’t have been on the market as long as previous entries were by the time the original Wii Party released, and the argument can most certainly be made that these kinds of games aren’t as strong as they once were.

        Just to be clear I’m not wondering if Wii Party U will sell perfectly in line with the first game, by the numbers. I don’t believe there’s any room for that, realistically. I do, however, think the selling trend of the first game has a chance to carry over to the sequel (good opening with strong legs), and in that, potentially good sales for the software, with respect to the Wii U’s currently poor momentum, of course.

        Thanks for answering my question!

        • Guest

          There are some other titles that may help to gain momentum to the Wii U, like Taiko no Tatsujin which is directed to the same audience, which also will help on the Wii Party U sales. Also it will be interesting to see the bundles sales on December when everything it’s said and done!

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