Retro Anime Game Nostalgia Overload, Thanks To Namco Bandai

By Spencer . September 24, 2013 . 12:10am

J Legend Biography is a collection of anime video games, which should make Japanese gamers nostalgic. The only title on the list that kind of made it to North America was Dragon Ball: Shenlong’s Riddle which was heavily edited to create Dragon Power.


Other games in the collection include Super Famicom game Ackman 3, two Saint Seiya RPGs, and a bunch of Dragon Ball titles. The games are straight ports with a hint feature on the bottom screen. Reserve J-Legend Biography and you’ll get a code for Dragon Ball Z II: Frieza the Planet Destroyer as a bonus.

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  • brian

    So this is a physical release or digital only?

    • British_Otaku

      There is going to be a physical release which can preorder to get a bonus, perhaps there will be a digital one as well or at least the option to buy the preorder bonus game (Dragon Ball Z II: Frieza the Planet Destroyer) if you are a little late.

      I support the physical release of compilations of games from many generations ago, not so much when the selection seems sorta iffy and they are selectively holding back ROMs from us. >_> I’ll be curious about how well this sells on Week 1.

  • almostautumn

    I’ll totally pre-order!!!


    *Spits on floor and walks away*

    • Namuro

      So… Which console did you think it was for?

    • sfried

      Haters gonna hate. Don’t see why people would dislike it on being on 3DS.

      • InfectedAI

        Region lock prevents importing?

        • sfried

          Funny that didn’t stop fans from wanting a localization of games like Project Diva.

          Here’s hoping NamcoBandai could score a TvC proportions licencing deal with Jump to bring it over.

  • $36598391

    I hope this comes to NA

    • British_Otaku

      Pretty low chance of it leaving Japan, given that most of the games have never been translated (the reason why it is so budget is that all they needed to do was collect a bunch of games, add a bottom screen guide/manual and call it a day) and perhaps it has some of the licensing hell that other anime/manga crossover games have as well. >_>

      No one would pay money to play Dragon Power either.

      • Many people who want this either part of the Dragon Power cult or never heard of Dragon Power.

        Terrible game, but the other games not localized probably decent.

        • British_Otaku

          There is a cult fanbase for poorly translated version of a terrible game? I would understand if it was a one off like Big Rigs, but there are plenty of good Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z games now… The NES and SNES had Super Saiyan Densetsu and Hyper Dimension. >_>

          The others have some potential to be decent yep.

  • Alicemagic

    Skimmed through to look for the greatest Dragon Ball game of all time. Was pleasantly surprised. Not the SFC remake, sure, but I’ll take it.

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