One Piece Unlimited World: RED Has The Largest Town Of Any One Piece Game

By Eugene . September 30, 2013 . 3:04pm

4Gamer have the latest bit of news on One Piece Unlimited World: Red and the city-building portion of the game. Red will have the largest town ever yet seen in a One Piece title to date, with the introduction of new city Trans Town.





The large town will be built up by Luffy and crew by hunting down the right raw materials to create new facilities or expansions to the town. A pharmacy (above), factory, general store, restaurant  and museum have been revealed to be buildable so far.




Players can also freely explore the town with Luffy using a new “Rubber rubber action” style that has Luffy’s rubber body extending to grapple up buildings.



Finding building materials will require players to head out into the world to gather wood, animals and the like to be traded in. There’s fishing, insect gathering, plant gathering and other such mini-games.



It’s also been noted that some materials can’t be found unless you use specific characters or have them in tandem with you in co-op. I guess it helps to have more friends pulling on your back when you go fishing for humongous whoppers, right?


One Piece Unlimited World: Red will be out for the Nintendo 3DS November 21st in Japan.



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  • British_Otaku

    How many other One Piece games have had towns or hubs to explore?

    The Grand Battles, I don’t expect it.
    The Pirate Warriors, same as above.
    The Gigant Battle games, same as above.
    The Unlimited series, a different type of hub in every game.

    I’m pretty pleased by most of this, I would like to have the crew doing stuff individually on the Thousand Sunny or in Camp in the previous game (Sanji cooks, Chopper makes medicine), but I see the roles coming directly into gameplay and there is still a shot. I’m not so sure about the dependance on other characters, I guess being able to change between 9 characters on the fly would reduce the impact of being stuck with friends in multiplayer, but still I want a strong single player experience. City building is always good fun in games, so that’ll be nice to see.

    I followed the link and can see… Team attacks?

    And the cover art is so pretty:

    I haven’t seen more costumes, but I’m hoping like all of Ganbarion’s 3D One Piece line up, this game won’t slack and won’t ask for me to pay for it in cold hard Yen. >_>

  • GameWinner

    The game just look so beautiful.

  • TheExile285

    Everybody buy Romance Dawn 3DS localization so we can get this one…

    • Robert Hendrie

      I’ll buy 2 copies!

    • Shadowman

      You don’t have to ask me twice

  • Kalis Konig

    Unlimited World R, Gaist Crusher, Little Battlers, Digimon, Hero Bank, Puzzle&Dragons, Gyrozzetter, Inazuma eleven…all these awesome anime inspired games that we have no word of a US release. It kills me a little bit because I loved these types of games on my GBA and DS.

    • Ugh, don’t get me started on GBA and DS anime titles. Some of them were simply amazing, yeah, but it sucks we’ll never get to see the likes of them again. I want a new Legacy of Goku game! :(

      • British_Otaku

        I would like to see another Legacy of Goku, but I think they already did their job, compressing nearly 300 episodes and a few movies into two great action RPGs and one terrible game which makes you wonder how they got a sequel but glad that they improved so much.

        I assume that Namco Bandai could commission a company to develop a successor to LoG (Webfoot are still around, but the formula is simple) and CON/GNT (hopefully Eighting again, only with the work ethic they had for GNT4)… They seem more interested in trying to make a good DBZ fighter on consoles and under-performing in comparison to games on the PS2 though.

  • Areuto

    This game is gonna be great if was anything like its prequels adventure and cruise, I was really disappointed when cruise sp didn’t come to the west but this should come to west, FULL SUPPORT Ganbarion

    • British_Otaku

      Cruise SP did come to the West. It released in Europe and Japan, just not North America which is really shitty sure, as you need to import a system to play a game in English. It still got localised, just like Adventure did despite never releasing in Europe.

      I hope we have seen the last of leaving a country out for One Piece game localisations especially as the 3DS is region locked and has already got the lion’s share of anime games.

      • Areuto

        I knew that i live in north america pal (no pun intended)

        • British_Otaku

          I’m just a stickler for when people use “West” instead of a country or region, or when people say “Release in America, please” instead of “Worldwide release”. >_>

          I could tell what region you would fall under by how to talked about SP. Rather odd that you have played Cruise (I’m assuming again), but I guess using homebrew is pretty easy.

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