Fairy Fencer F Shows More Transformations

By Spencer . October 1, 2013 . 3:13am


Fairy Fencer F from Compile Heart uses the Neptunia battle system as a base for a brand new RPG.  The game has transformations and here’s a look at look at three more characters Shalman, Gald, and Effole.


Fairy Fencer F comes out in Japan next week. So far, the PS3 game has not been announced for North America, but Idea Factory International just opened so maybe this will be one of their first titles.



fairyf-01 fairyf-03 fairyf-02 fairyf-04 fairyf-10 fairyf-09 fairyf-08 fairyf-07 fairyf-06 fairyf-05

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  • Victor Wesker

    Idea Factory International must localize this game!

    • Right there with you. Who Better to spearhead localization of Compile Heart’s most promising looking title yet, than the US subsidiary of their parent company.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      With a freaking worthy limited edition!

      • AkiraScare

        Exactly…. im already a HDN FAN!!! but i know that if this comes out i will also be a FFFF( Fairy Fenver F FAn) (0_0)

    • Ric Vazquez

      And a vita version

    • Robbyfishersora

      I won’t be surprise if this come here.

  • Loving that scythe! Bring this game over NYAO!

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    They’re Busou Shinki? HmmMMMmm….

  • DriftSlave

    It looks like that is the case, but it’s going to be a minute since they haven’t completely set up base here in California. So the announcement of a localization maybe alittle off.

    But now we may get speedy localizations and more games to come here, like Date a Live hopefully? Anyways, im hyped for Fairy Fencer f.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      no clue for date a live.. but since it’s visual novel, and anime based, maybe no
      also… cero D.. means there’re quite a lot of “those” things

  • DyLaN

    Super late update frm SE, but better than never. For those who are wondering abt the new characters, just go to the previous posts and look up my comments.

    Zank jacket looks REALLY like Victory Neptune jacket to me @[email protected]

    By the way, here are the countdown bonus art:



    Here the 7 day countdown art obtained through…. means.

  • Jordan Coleman

    What was the point of getting Amano if you’re just going to use you’re usual artist? Whats was the point of making this whole new label at all if you’re just going to make the same stuff?

    This was the only IF game I had some interests in and I guess I was wrong to expect something, anything. Because this just looks like thier usual stuff, except even more gaudy.

    • DyLaN

      Yeah, look the same like Neptunia doesn’t it?

      Amano doing the concept design for this game ie enemies/world/art direction etc. And do you really expect Amano style can be rendered into 3D model properly?

      They aim to attract more fans that are not into the Neptunia series. This looks more serious than Neptunia or Mugen Souls.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Is that sarcasm? Because yes it looks like Neptunia. The presentation, the art, the combat, ect ect. Except the art direction is worse here because it just seems like they threw in whatever the hell they wanted without any united or distinct ideas. Is Amano doing the the concept work? Because if he is it looks pretty bad so far, then again I heard it was just the monster designs. While sure it would be hard to get his designs in 3d and probably beyond IF’s capabilities, but I’d take failure over what we have now. It would probably look better, Hell I still like the character designs of Mospeada and Gathaman even though they don’t replicate his work great.

        Did they aim to attract more fans? Someone told me an Anime News Network that they aimed at delivering exactly what thier fans wanted hence the “For Japan” part of the label. I thought the other way in that this was some sort of big rpg aimed at you’re more mainstream fan who likes Tales or FF. I can’t tell either way because it looks no different.

        Does it look more serious? Yes, it even looks like a more serious rpg effort, but I have my doubt it will be good.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          seeing the objective of Galapagos RPG…. only in Japan.. maybe you’re right

    • AxionAzure

      Well, then just don’t buy it? It can’t get any more simple than that.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Well gee, what great advice. I probably won’t. But you know what? I like jrpgs and check up on each one I see. I thought it was pretty obvious I was interested at first, but have became uninterested. And I thought I could say that without dumb replies like this. I guess I was wrong.

        • AxionAzure

          From your past comments, you make it sound as if everyone here must be fully aware of your irrelevant disappointments. They’re not making this game exclusively for you, so naturally the fact you’re displeased with what you’ve seen about it is unimportant and not worthy of a proper discussion. Have a good day.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Let’s please try to express future concerns without being rude. Endless circles are hard to break. Thanks.

          • AxionAzure

            No intention to keep this up, there’s no real right answer to silence and somethings are indeed better off ignored. Sorry for the pollution caused.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Irrelevant huh? Och I’m so hurt.

            It’s funny, people try to use that as an insult all the time, it’s like they don’t grasp the simple idea that if you’re posting anything on the internet, it’s pretty irrelevant. You’re opinion is irrelevant, mine is, and every bodies is. Where posting in the comments section of a niche game blog, so please don’t try and pull that stupid attack. Escpically since I didn’t even come out swinging.

            It must be nice to live in a world where no one can say anything bad, sadly I don’t live in this world so I’m going to say what I want and if I say it nicely there’s no problem.

            You say, they aren’t making the game for me? Ok, dosen’t mean I can’t say what want about. You and others keep saying this? Why? Do you people never have anything to say about stuff? It’s a terrible defense actually because no, this game is made for JRPG fans. I’m JRPG fan and guess what this game is aimed at me. Hell it’s a game, it wants my money of course it’s aimed at me. It’s freaking consumer product for christ sake.

            You say unimportant like I assumed it was and not worthy of a proper discussion? Um who are you to judge? Or do you just like to attend circle jerks? That must be it, I sure hope I come across a post where you voice something I don’t like so I can do this exact some idiiotic thing.

            The ironic part here? You’re comment is the one who didn’t add anything.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          The concern is not your own thoughts or even that you shared them. It is that things don’t need to be repeated on every thread. Our community reads all our threads, your concerns are known.


    • Robbyfishersora

      He only there as a concept artist not doing character design.

  • Kornelious

    You know every post about FFF I always see someone wanting the localization and- oh who am I kidding, LOCALIZE THIS GAME!
    Also, Holy crap, Fang can Smile! :0

  • Vash bane

    im not one known to even give these types of games buy( anything similar to Valkyrie chronicles … strategy rpg like games …. VC is just the first to come to mind atm or like that game where the cast is all female hyper something) but the characters are becoming quite interesting to me. so im guessing are these like the bad guys?

    because the lady in the hood looks really cool to me

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