Well, That’s It For Square Enix’s Gyrozetter

By Spencer . October 2, 2013 . 2:40am

image Square Enix is shutting service down for the Gyrozetter arcade game on February 2, 2014. The series will go out with one last Arcadia Grand Prix event scheduled for November and December.


Gyrozetter machines started popping up in arcades last year and were quickly followed by a manga and anime series. Square Enix also released a Nintendo 3DS game, which didn’t sell that well. Basically, Gyrozetter was Square Enix’s experiment with a mixed media series like Level-5’s Inazuma Eleven or .hack from Namco Bandai.


We’ll always remember Gyrozetter for its wild transforming arcade cabinet and this elaborate April Fool’s joke.

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  • Godmars

    So…once again Square’s inability to judge the market comes to their aid?

    Wonder how that gun game is doing…?

    • almostautumn

      Man— I forgot about that game. I want to play that sooooo bad; even if I would feel kind-of dorky conjoining my plastic arcade guns together— I’d still feel badass all the same :P

  • komiko12

    Does this mean it’s a flop?

    • Lynx

      Yes. ;_;

      Square can’t into marketing.
      Japan has an aging population and kids tend to prefer videogames and cardgames over arcade games.

      I believe if they just released a console game, it might’ve been able to recover but…..

      Or they could’ve promoted the franchise in other places other then Japan. Well, at least I have the anime.

      • almostautumn

        Remember that handhelds are supreme in Japan, and so they’re releasing it for 3DS is akin to releasing a title for PS3/360 in the states. The fact that it didn’t sell well on the current market-dominant system, as well as having all the additional media a’la arcade and pop-media, means that the series really just failed. I’m pretty surprised, because everything I’ve seen about Gyrozetter seems downright slick and exciting— but maybe cars just aren’t “in” right now in Japan. Shame really, because I highly doubt Gyrozetter will get a chance over in the states because of its overall failure in Japan.

        • $36598391

          It doesn’t help that Square Enix seems to have lost their passion for making games, there are some interesting gems that they’ve been coming out with every now and then but they’re all not leaving Japan and what we get is a Final Fantasy V remake for cellphones with only touch screen controls

          I don’t mind that it’s on cellphones but touch screen controls… no thank you

          They need to port it to 3DS and VITA
          There are 2D games on 3DS and VITA so it would work

          • Godmars

            Wada followed after Bobby Kotick who’s motto was, “Take the Fun Out of Making Games”. And even though Wada is gone – technically – his influence will be felt for a while.

            May already be to late.

          • $36598391

            There are always smaller companies that are like how Squaresoft used to be and coming out with excellent games

            Nihon Falcom, Marvelous AQL, and Gamearts are a few of them
            Games like Ys, Legend of Heroes, Harvest Moon,
            Rune Factory and Lunar may not have
            Final Fantasy XIII(13) level detail but they have the fun factor that the original Final Fantasy had
            Each of those series have their own fanbase, not everyone may enjoy those, but everyone has their own favorite series

            There are even new ideas from time to time
            Look at Golden Sun for the GBA, they tried to make it as detailed as the system could handle so the battles ended up kinda choppy but still Golden Sun had amazing spell effects and an excellent storyline

  • $36598391

    How can they shut down an arcade game, they announce this like it’s just an MMO they could pull the plug on

    • KuroNathan

      they can stop updating the software, stop servicing the machines, etc etc. They won’t take away the arcade machine itself but they’ll stop giving support

    • Hetare Kaiser

      Many arcade games nowadays have a constant internet connection to prevent piracy.

      • Just Tim

        Just like Games for Windows? Geez, that concept seems to be impractical in practice, especially when certain places such as the United States don’t have collective uniform access to uncapped internet, and not to mention how lopsided copyright laws are in here.

  • TrevHead

    Aren’t Arcade Cabs expensive enough? I can’t think of anything that would kill off the industry quicker than machines getting turned off in 2 years.

    Isn’t Online DRM great

  • Repede91

    But… But… What will I do without Rinne-chan??? Yet another Waifu meets a tragic end at the hands of big business and market trends…

  • Unfortunately, I expect the same thing to happen with Gaist Crusher.

  • If anyone’s interested in reading up on the failings of Gyrozetter in more detail, you might find this enlightening: http://www.siliconera.com/2012/12/14/why-square-enixs-fancy-new-arcade-game-gyrozetter-hasnt-taken-off/

  • leingod

    Didn’t even know this existed… but it actually sounded cool in paper. A shame they didn’t make it work.

  • Göran Isacson

    Welp, sad on such a cool-sounding concept… but then again, I say that having not actually PLAYED the darn thing. Maybe it really was just dull as dishwater to actually play, no matter how cool it sounds.

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