Exstetra’s Battle System Is Sealed With A Kiss

By Spencer . October 4, 2013 . 3:42am


Exstetra from Unchained Blades developer Furyu turns kisses into power. When Ryoma defeats monsters he absorbs EXS energy. EXS energy can be used to activate special techniques.




He’s the only one who can do this, but EXS energy can be passed down to other characters… with a kiss. Extetra has a kissing mini-game where if you press a button on time your kiss becomes more passionate and  you increase the power of the EXS skill.



Exstetra comes out for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on November 7.

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  • Lemon

    But will there be tongue? Anyway, I’m hoping there’s also a relationship system akin to Persona’s Social Links in this. The closer you are to a girl (or guy), the more powerful the abilities become.

    • That would be ideal.

    • Frederick Anchores Panahon

      I would like this too, but…considering there are male Extetra knights, I don’t know.. o.o

    • XiaomuArisu

      Lv 10: you now can use frenchkisses which are super effective!

  • Passionate… can kiss a dude…*Shivers*

    • Time Sage

      Bah, a little gay action never hurt anyones. Sides, it’s JUST A kiss.

      • fyi1191

        Oh, it might kill the localization chance. Just look at Luminous Arc 3.

        • Göran Isacson

          Oooh? Luminous Arc 3 contained subtext or outright text between guys? Or just “slashy” moments?

          • British_Otaku

            I googled it a bit, apparently there are gay options for relationships and a gay ending.

            Since Fire Emblem Awakening still implied mild degrees of incest between cousins. >_>

          • Göran Isacson

            Ha ha oh man, I remember that. They rewrote that and that relationship alone to “companions” instead of “spouse”, didn’t they?

          • British_Otaku

            They did, but the game had them saying “I love you, *insert poetic language*” everytime they were paired and went to those item points so they must be hiding it from everyone else.. >_>

            I thought they dodged a bullet, not that it causes any harm in video games, or is necessarily problematic from the get go but fell on a field of spikes there… >_>

          • Luke Blackwood

            Not only between cousins, since it’s possible to marry Morgan and Lucina even if Morgan is Chrom’s son o_o

          • British_Otaku

            I have only finished the game once with the Lucina (Can’t remember the mother to be honest, probably the one who trips over a lot) /Owain (Lonqu was the father, SWORD HAND DOWN) ship complete.

            I never got Morgan for whatever reason, but that’s something I’m glad Nintendo didn’t take out, even if they censored the DLC and some of the UK localisation script to find another way to make me annoyed… >_>

          • J_Joestar

            Pretty sure that Morgan and Lucina only have up to A support if they are Brother/Sister.

          • Luke Blackwood

            I’m not sure if that was A or S support conversation, but there were clear implications of love between the two of them. I’ll see if i can find that video and link it here

            Nevermind, it’s just a glitch where the support conversation log keeps the hair color of your last loaded data, so it was actually a Morgan who did not had Chrom as a father but that had Chrom’s hair color through that glitch xd

        • British_Otaku

          It’s not going to get as a Sarkeesian amount of backlash, but I don’t think games can get away with not being localised without some sort of backlash.

          I doubt there was an explicit announcement that the gay options in Luminous Arc 3 were the reason why it didn’t get localised. Sales being low for the second one or something would make sense. The localisation companies are playing it safe for whatever reason would also make sense.

        • Hraesvelgr

          I don’t think that was why Luminous Arc 3 wasn’t localized.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        They dont want their jimmies rustled lol

    • komiko12

      They have to do it if they want to include male characters. Now that they already put males in, they might as well apply the same mini-game to the male characters.

    • XiaomuArisu

      If they do that.
      There is the possibility that they chicken out and give us something else like a brofist

      • Virevolte

        Yeah, while keeping the hearts and the pink background. ^^”

        Press A to make your brofist more… “passionate”. Hahem.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Its not gay its guylove!!!

          • Richard N

            It’s like I’ve married my best friend…

            But in a totally manly way!!

          • Göran Isacson

            Guy love, between two guys
            And when I say “I love you” it’s not what it impliiieees…

          • XiaomuArisu

            If I call my bro chocobear and he call me Vanilllebear ingame I will get hypeXD

  • Jesse

    PLEASE don’t chicken out with this when it comes to the male Prism Knights. I’ll be very disappointed if you guys do.

    • FFmax

      That would be impressive if they kept the mechanic with the guys too.

    • Wiccan1109

      I’ve seen no images of him kissing guys, but plenty of him kissing various girls, and release date is drawing close. Whilst i wouldnt say we could rule it out, I would expect at the very least to only have 1 or 2 kissable males but its more likely they would have some alternate system in place for them. Like…a handshake.

      Whilst its not as in your face ‘boobs, sex and cosplay/undressing’ as say, agarest or Ar Tonelico, two RPGs of this nature clearly aimed at guys, it may still be targeting that demographic. Its pretty rare for guys who pick up games expecting to see sexy panty shots and jiggly anime girls to look for malexmale gameplay elements, so itd be a pretty wasted function unless they use it for comic relief. Which i hope they dont.

      I’m hoping it turns out to be one of those games where the story and gameplay is a much higher focus than the kissing/dating elements, as its those games that tend to present homosexuality normally and simply not make a big deal out of it. But when a core system is entirely based on kissing, i really do wonder. =S It could go both ways. Literally!.

    • Theob Vious Choice

      Traps? I’m totally for it.

  • jugss

    Localization chance?

    • Steven Higgins

      Depends on how passionate the “bros’ get. The more passionate, the lower the chance.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Pretty low, I would think. XSEED said they weren’t likely to localize it, and I doubt there are many other localization studios lining up to grab it.

  • Aristides

    I’m rather curious if someone would actually pick this up for localization. This looks like NISA territory lol.

    • Zeonsilt

      XSeed or Aksys will fit nice too.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        XSeed had refused to do it

        • leingod

          really, refused? It doesn’t sound like them.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            I checked the facebook page, someone asked about it but XSeed later replied that they seem doesn’t like to do it

  • Lots of kisses for my many misses =^_^=

    • Demeanor

      Every time I see your new avatar I freak out and run for cover. Especially creepy if you’re spreading love like in this post XD ahahah

  • I’m still very interested in this game and hope for a localization announcement, but as the newly minted “Smart” version (no one actually minted me that way), I’m going to import a copy of the Vita version just in case. Looks way too fun a game to pass up, I think that they could have some fun with the entire concept of kissing giving power.

  • If only Makoto knew of such a world…. *brief silence*

    Forget him! Where are my waifus at?! Let’s save the world! :D

    • British_Otaku

      He would find a way to screw himself over still, he ended up dead in a world where he DIDN’T power up those he forced himself onto after all.

  • Zonned87

    I would buy this for 3DS if its localized.

  • Ric Vazquez

    I just hope the guys are actually traps lol

  • DyLaN

    At least its just a kissing minigame instead of a bathing/massage minigame which means it should have higher chance to come over.

    So… do we get to pick who you want to end up with?

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