Disgaea 4 Return Has New Spells Like Peta Star And A New Storyline With "That Scene"

By Spencer . October 7, 2013 . 9:03pm


Disgaea 4 Return is an enhanced version of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten with all of the downloadable content included with the game. What else is new for Vita?


The game will have new skills and spell. Screenshots show Peta Star, a tier above Tera Star, is one of the new elements. That probably means Disgaea 4 Return will have sixth tier magic for all of the usual spells. Disgaea 4 Return will also have additional storylines that focus on individual characters and Dengeki Online teases "that scene" pictured above is a must see for Disgaea fans.



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  • KuroNathan

    In japanese, sardine is translated as iwashi, but Urume-iwashi and katakuchi-iwashi arne’t even in included in the same family!

    Katakuchi-iwashi, the anchovy, is in the engraulidae family that includes the grenadier anchovy that doesn’t even look like a sardine!

    Sardines would cry if they knew about these vague standards.

    Also I didn’t get the dlc for this game, but I thought they already covered “that” scene in the dark lord valvatorez episode

    • Nah, the Tyrant Valvatorez episode covers what happened long after “that scene” happened, namely him meeting Fenrich. I believe the game actually simulates it by having Tyrant Valvatorez take health damage throughout the battles due to his promise.

      • Wait I thought the Tyrant Valvatorez episode was back when Tyrant Valvatorez 1st met Fenrich before he met her. Even Fenrich knew who she was when they found out.

        • Fenrich says pretty much outright, “if I had only met you sooner, I would’ve been able to stop you from making such a foolish promise”.

          So yeah, it happens /after/ he had met her, and him knowing her spanned basically three days.

          • Lol :P ok I just replayed It and
            and even on the wiki it’s there too

          • Hmm, the wiki honestly doesn’t say anything about the placement– honestly, the Tyrant episode information is a bit just… Put in, and there isn’t really any transition in their summary, pretty much evidenced by the “that scene” segment starting out as though it was the original start of the article in the first place.

            Also the video doesn’t say anything in the place you linked it at, other than “I’m going to the Human World”, which really could be for any number of reasons. While it could be that it’s for the three-day span, and given that I still remember Fenrich saying “if I was there, I would’ve stopped you”… and given that Valvatorez probably would’ve explained things if they had already happened, it really feels more like to me that he met Fenrich afterwards, not before.

            I think this might be partially up to interpretation, but I’m of the belief that Tyrant is after, not before.

          • Why yes it does it reads this at the top. …. wait *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*
            Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

            Before he lost his powers, Valvatorez was a powerful demon feared as the
            Tyrant. It is revealed that Fenrich was assigned by a person named
            Minotrose to assassinate Valvatorez for a reward of 100,000,000 HL.

    • icecoffemix


    • bigboss09

      and you know what the funny ?
      someone in YouTube say that he use information about sardine to make report in the university and he got full mark all thanks to valvatorez
      to me Disgaea 4 is my second best in the series after 2
      and my best game in PS3

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        Disgaea 2 and 4 better than 1? You must be trolling.

        • bigboss09

          no because I like Rozalin so much especially the true form of her and the line “I am being of solitude to me everything is my enemy” was the best line in the game.
          and I really look forward to see a sequel to this game

        • Sardorim

          Nostalgia glasses are harsh to the eyes.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Gameplay is the only thing that was lacking in comparison to later games. Gameplay doesn’t make a game. For all it’s parts, it is still the best received by fans, and critics. Hence why it got an animation(not too great) and the first Direct sequel for NIS–which reviews are even higher than the original. Originality and replay value are what Disgaea is known for, some of the other titles lacked this, thats why they suffered. I’m happy for the peanut gallery on Sili that agrees with you, they must not know good story telling.

        • No I’m not trolling Disgaea 1 was way funny then Disgaea 2 or 3. Plus my fav scene was the one withe the super zombie. LoL O and Disgaea 4 had a great out look on the real world.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            The love story in D2 is so trite, Laharl and Flonne’s love story is far better. Finding out *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*

            That Midboss is actually your father and that Laharl loves Flonne so much he kills an Archangel for her just to revive her. Yeah because damsel in distress is so original and I have to save my family. Only thing better about subsequent games is gameplay. Storyline wise, they went downhill, where as D4 came back to what was funny, taking pop shots at pop culture of the time and randomness. 3 was just absolutely terrible and 2 while better, still pares to 4 and 1. Makai Kingdom has the best range of Humor, and Phantom Brave was a nice heart warming story.

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Disgaea 4 was nice since it played fun at something extremely popular, Twilight. It had a great comedy, and I enjoyed as much as 1 in many ways.

        • RichyGaming

          I like ’em all but I sort of liked Disgaea 2 more than 1. It was….just my style, dood.

        • Disgaea 1 just didn’t have enough sardine loving vampires for me :<

      • ya d4 is my 2nd best 1 after Disgaea 1

    • MikelAL93

      I loved those lines from the game’s dub. Troy Baker FTW!

      and repeating Fuuka and Emizel: Who cares?!

      • KuroNathan

        Haha, yeah D4 is one of those rare times where I preferred dub to original. Troy Baker is one of those guys who takes a hammed up char, and then hams him up even more (like Kanji from persona 4)

  • Ivan Junior

    Hm. No more buying disgaea console games from NIS. They all end up going to portables anyway. Is this something like a bad habit, I wonder?

    • KuroNathan

      It would be… if you’re willing to wait 2 years.

      • Ivan Junior

        No problem waiting that much. Just remembering I don’t have only disgaea games to play.

      • Dark Zerato

        It’s not only about waiting time. Portable vers are always on the next gen portables. PS2 -> PSP, PS3->VITA. So you probably need to get a new handheld for Disgaea D2 or Disgaea 5.

        • Disgaea D2 doesn’t make sense in that logic. After all, it’s a PS3 game, so it’s considered to be “last gen” as of the middle of next month.

          • Dark Zerato

            I’m not sure about D2 but i feel that it’ll be 2-3 years until NIS ports it to handheld. The handheld ports usually come out in early years of a handheld life span. It is not only NIS but a lot of companies do the same. Porting old console games to a new handheld is profitable. And after that, they start making new games for the handheld. VITA scene now lacks new games, so porting old ones is a good choice. But 2-3 more years, it would be different. A lot of new games will come out. People will most likely choose new games over old porting ones.

          • Actually, looking at the release schedule of ported Disgaea games, they all come out at an average of three years after the release of the original. So, who knows.

    • Though remember, the sales of the console versions /probably/ help motivate portable versions to be made in the first place. That’s why they add so many extras like new storylines to this.

      • Ivan Junior

        Do these extras and new storylines ever come to the original console version as DLC or something? If so, it’ll be really great.

        • Nnnope. Because it’s meant to be, you know, a reason to buy the portable version. Wouldn’t make much sense to then release it as DLC for a game that’s a few years old. Disgaea 4 Vita’s being released just one month before it’d be three years since the PS3 version’s original release would be, and funnily, it’s the same span of time between Disgaea 3 and the Vita version for that.

          I mean, yeah, people would probably feel gypped on it, but NIS would be banking on the idea that people stopped playing the PS3 version by now, and that they probably do not have staff working on the PS3 additions anymore– instead, they’d be working on other projects, or outright the Vita games.

    • Punny Fuzz


  • NicheHero

    DAY 1 PRE ORDER AS SOON AS SOON AS NISA OPENS PRE ORDERS!(I mean of course NISA will bring over the vita port of the [imo] best Disgaea game ever right?) (sadly my japanese is not good enough…so no importing for me >______<)

    • I think the Vita is still fresh enough that they’ll be trying, at least. I certainly want it…

  • Kuhile Brodeur

    I wonder if Human Artina will be playable. Not necessary, IMO, but I would like to see the events they told us about like her interactions with Nemo. But what is necessary are new characters. I wonder who they will be. Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday since they’ve been excluded from DD2, but Kurtis and Krichevskoy (who have relevance to D2) are not in the game, but are in 4.

    • icecoffemix

      I’m kinda disappointed with D2 because of that. It was also kinda lacking in the comedic routine department, need moar….

      Yeah those kinda, they did a lot of (mostly technical things) right but again fall rather short on the story department. I guess a D2 Vita remake will kinda solve the problem.

  • NicheHero

    the Power of Sardines. that is all dood

    • And it’s good for the body too.

  • GameWinner

    I’m there day one as soon as NISA announces the localized game!

  • Croix Zapp

    When is it coming to NA!??

    • NicheHero

      hopefully…. august at latest? maybe earlier? it comes out in january for japan…(i’m not sure I can even wait that long, i’ve been having a huge urge to play disgaea 4 again)

  • TheExile285

    “Disgaea 4 Return will also have additional storylines that focus on individual characters”

    Awesome dood! :D

    • Shady Shariest

      “Fen Fen Time!”

  • Suriel Cruz

    I. NEED. A. PSVITA. NOW!!!

  • Go2hell66

    can’t wait to see DAT SCENE

  • HerokÔÖ×

    D4 was the first game in the series I did post game for so I will definitely pick this up and does anyone know if they will put D3 back on PS+?

    • There is no evidence that Sony cycles their PS+ offerings, far as I know. Everything I’ve seen from them since subscribing, in terms of additions, have always been unique. I suggest just picking up the game.

  • echokanon

    How I met your sardine episode

    • Shady Shariest

      *Canned Episode

      • In oil or tomato sauce?

        • Shady Shariest

          The best RosenQueen can offer:
          “The Mystical Pudding Deluxe : Sensation”-sauce!

  • DesmaX

    My only complain about D4 story is that it’s backstory is just thrown away, with barely any explanation. Hopefully they’ll fix that here

    • Punny Fuzz

      I’m also hoping they could give Valvatorez some actual character development as well.

  • Raltrios

    I have no idea what ‘that scene’ is (don’t have the game), but I want to see it. Once this comes out over here I’ll grab it for the Vita I plan to buy when Demon Gaze comes out.

  • Sardines, werewolf and a vampire. Disgaea has never been this great, personally.

  • Derek E Nay

    Dat scene… *leaves to buy a Vita*

  • chibiwall

    I want mounts

  • EtherealEarth

    Another round of endless Fuuka’s theme… Lan lan lan La! La lan lan la lan lan lan (loop) XD

  • Pinkemon

    “Dengeki Online teases “that scene” pictured above is a must see for Disgaea fans.”

    They’re trying to reel people in with the power of shipping and feels?
    Well played.

  • ZekeFreek

    Still holding out for an Emizel & Axel Mode.

  • $36487238

    Glad to have a PSVITA :-D

    Time to get back into Disgaea 3 while I wait for this.

  • artemisthemp

    So their gonna be a love drama in Disgaea 4: Return

  • ShadowDivz

    And here i was thinking of buying the original.

  • WingsOfEternity

    What is “that” scene?

    Do a little dance,
    make a little love,
    Get down tonight.

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