Original Legend of Zelda Available For 3DS As Club Nintendo Reward

By Ishaan . October 7, 2013 . 3:52pm

This month’s downloadable Club Nintendo rewards have been announced for the U.S., and as always, there are four games to choose from:


The Legend of Zelda (3DS VC) – 150 coins

Touch Solitaire (DSiWare on 3DS) – 100 coins

Super Mario Kart (Wii VC) – 150 coins

ThruSpace (WiiWare) – 150 coins


All four games will be available in exchange for Club Nintendo coins until November 3rd.

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  • TheExile285

    Hmmm, I have like 350 coins. Wonder if I should jump on this

  • Another month, no coins spent. (cause I got Zelda due to the Ambassador’s program, and Super Mario Kart as a part of this forever ago…)

  • Why does the EUR Club nintendo suck so much?

  • Seta Soujiro

    tired of having all these coins laying around doing nothing….i’ll get zelda just for the heck of it.

    • Draparde

      Same here. i kinda wish you could trade in coins for Eshop money XD.

  • InfectedAI

    I’m worried the game will be too dated to enjoy now. Especially since I already have the Oracle games on my 3DS.

  • How are you supposed to play this without the bundled guide?

    • British_Otaku

      You could use the digital manual which you can access for most 3DS software? I haven’t played much of LoZ’s roots so you will have to be clear what needs you to have a guide aside from how open ended and vague it can be.

      • Nearly everything in the game is guide heavy. The in-game Hyrule map is a featureless black box with a dot, the game hints are innately vague AND poorly translated and a lot of the game just doesnt explain itelf at all if you dont have a guide constantly to help you. The game was designed with a guide in mind.
        Remember how in ALttP and future games cracked walls usually mean you can bomb them? Or how you can poke them with your sword to verify if they are hiding something (which works even if the wall looks exactly the same)?
        You dont have any of that here. Every single wall tile looks the same.
        Might as well bomb every pixel of the game in hopes you find something.

        Sorry I needed to vent it out :p The game’ s REALLY frustrating without a guide, trust me.

        The vagueness is almost as bad as Simon’s Quest!

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          WHAT A
          NIGHT TO
          HAVE A CURSE.

          Sorry, mentioning Simon’s Quest means someone has to post one of the hundreds of absolutely moronic messages the game had.

          Now for something more on topic I can confirm this is a game that’s virtually unplayable for 98% of gamers without a guide. It’s not a bad game (On the contrary, it’s absolutely amazing) but it’s insanely obscure and the lack of hints or even objectives is mind boggling. It’s similar to Riven in the sense that you probably should download a guide or if you still live in the 80’s-90’s buy the official guide in case you want to play it and you know BEAT IT.

            Pfft! Hahahaha!

            Anyways! I’d say I dunno if it’s nostalgia or something but I like LoZ1’s guide-centric gameplay. It sort of feels like D&D? I dont even like D&D too much but the whole “real life information to beat fictional world stuff” felt really cool back then.
            Nowadays? It’s a huge pain in the ass and big entry barrier. It’s easy to pin it down as “poor design”; but they were different times.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            You want to know why it’s poorly designed even for it’s time? Check the image below.

            Lets not forget that game guides were incredibly profitable back then.

            The gameplay itself is fine, the dungeons are challenging, intense and some of the puzzles INSIDE are pretty clever and ingenious. The problem is finding them or finding out what to do…

          • Exkaiser

            Hey, man, A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE is classic.

        • British_Otaku

          Almost Simon’s Quest vague?

          Really… >_>
          I hope that manual is a good one.
          At the least, someone who downloads it probably has frequent access to the internet or knowledge of it’s reputation with any luck…

          I heard of the walls looking the same before and basically managed with that in Etrian Odyssey, but that’s when I’m looking through every nook and cranny and looking in the direction… That digital manual has got to be good, on top of a touch up on the translation like Simon’s Quest unofficially got.

        • Niko Sandwich

          What? I thought the original Zelda was all about Exploration! It’s entirely beatable without outside help (except for 2nd Quest which is literally, and I mean LITERALLY, impossible, it being necessary to bomb one completely non-descript wall that’s among all of Death Mountain AND is on the other side of a river.) so I don’t think it needs a guide.

          Most bombable walls from first quest are not required, I believe.

          But it looks like most people don’t enjoy aimlessly wandering around forever like I do, so I guess a guide makes sense.

          • I have two words for you: GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE.
            If you know what I mean ;)

          • Niko Sandwich

            Ah, I believe you got me there! ;p

  • Shadowman

    Nothing guess ill wait till next time

  • British_Otaku

    I came in hoping that this was for the Japanese Club Nintendo store and remembered I haven’t cashed in on a single coin or point… >_>

    *Let’s see if there is something good up there*


    I didn’t see much else worth caring about or just searched poorly as I don’t understand Japanese, but I’ll be saving now… >_>

    • TheCrimsonSpeed

      Gah, I really wish the US Club Nintendo had more stuff like this. I would totally get that Wonderful 101 or Wind Waker shirt. T^T

  • Suicunesol

    ……….The Legend of Zelda for NES was an Ambassador Freebie for 3DS owners as well. Why this game again, hm?

    • British_Otaku

      To get people excited for A Link Between Worlds perhaps?
      It doesn’t cost them anything to give given that it is a rom of a 20 year old game which sells on nostalgia and it gets people who are already invested in getting Nintendo codes looking into getting more of them.

  • SprintsMcGee

    I had 300 coins to spare so I got The Legend of Zelda. I was going to get it eventually so this saved me a few bucks.

  • This might be the most boring month yet rewards-wise.

  • Dagobert

    Nintendo has had some really lame rewards recently. I remember the previous years I would spend all my points on things. This year I haven’t spent a single point on anything. I mean at least last year they had that fan which was nice I guess but that sold out pretty fast. Yeah this year sucks ass.

  • How many in the Miiverse had a harder time with the original Legend of Zelda than they had with Super Metroid?

  • VenerableSage

    How many coins would it cost me to get a shared library of VC titles across platforms? :(

    (But seriously, not spending any on these this month. I’m just glad that Super Mario RPG didn’t end up as a reward choice. I just bought a Wii Points Card over the weekend (none of my local stores that stock gift card type stuff have anything older than the Wii U/3DS cards any more so I had to get one while I was out shopping and I don’t go out to that place very often) for the express purpose of getting it and I would have been extremely displeased if I could have just spent coins to get it.)

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