Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – Hold Hands With A Heroine And Other Tidbits

By Spencer . October 8, 2013 . 2:31am

imageMore information about Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment comes from Dengeki PlayStation. The magazine reports that the PlayStation Vita game will have co-op, but Namco Bandai is keeping the details a secret for now.


Also, the map feels spacious and you can see the horizon on it. In combat, players can continuously attack an enemy by pressing auto attack and the regular attack button. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will have more romance elements between Kirito and the game’s heroines such as holding hands with them.


Namco Bandai is considering to have some kind of save data transfer feature in Hollow Fragment that connects to the PSP game Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. Seven Days Way, the company that created the story for the Sword Art Online series is working on the story for the Vita game.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is slated for release next year on Vita.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    I’m stalking online stores, waiting to pre-order this. HARD.
    I just hope the battle system is more simple unlike the first game on the PSP. I had a hard time understanding it with my limited Japanese knowledge.

    • Raze

      No way dude…

      The PSP one is too simple…
      Skills, buffs, and one passive…

      • AlphaSixNine

        Really? I just couldn’t understand how the battle system actually worked.

        • Raze

          It has auto nomal attack like MMO

          Use skills when needed…Chain your skills with your partner….
          Use some buff…Equip one passive skill…

          It’s pretty simple I think….

  • fyi1191

    Will give this a thumbs up if we create our own hero and conquer the girls.
    I had enough of him getting the ladies.

    • neocatzon

      Well said. As far as we know, he is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything in SAO series.

    • icecoffemix

      Impossibru, he’s the author self-insert. He’s perfection given shape.

    • Draparde

      i can’t agree enough with this. these offline MMO games like .hack and SAO not letting you make your own characters, its crazy ~!

      • Ferrick

        they’re not mmos to begin with, just meant to emulate mmos in their own way, though .hack did have an actual MMO, but it didn’t work out (iirc, they gave everyone data drain too lol)

        • Draparde

          I know there not MMO’s lol. i was reffering to the fact that each game takes place within an MMO. and could easily have you create your own character.

          (especially since they all have alot of different classes and you rarely get to use them being stuck playing as the MC all the time)

          yeah i heard about that mmo. i wish it had worked out. (that and the tales of eternia mmo are two i would have wanted to try out lol)

          • Ferrick

            problem is that they’re story driven, sure CC2 could’ve taken the bethesta route and take away every single dialogue your MCs could have and incorporate them into the story, but the impact it would’ve given isn’t as much as making premade characters
            (that problem was remedied at .hack//G.U, SAO on the other hand, you’re stuck with kirito and one weapon type)

            i actually wish that they would make a new one, especially now that we have the oculus rift

          • Draparde

            I suppose. i was mostly referring to SAO. (since i agree, Hasseo being able to use more than one weapon did help that problem alot)

            This game in particular has its own story, and pretty much allows you to do what you want as far as relationships. im not sure about other people since the game got flack for it, but i wouldn’t even mind getting the White knight chronicles-tag along treatment if i got to make/play as my own character.

            (though i suppose Fire emblem: Awakening’s a better choice. since you and Chrom have story in that game)

            but yeah, i understand why they choose not to do it. since they are story driven rpgs. similar to a “tales of” or something. i just feel like the setting they have for them opens the door for more customization and whatnot.

            I would love them to try again with an online version. but i think the closest we’ll get is probably a online multiplayer aspect to an offline .hack game in some way sadly.

    • John Diamond

      guy’s so annoying man how does he get all the girls

    • Croix Zapp

      let us kill kirito and let asuna get laped by the scientists~~
      Ultimate evil route >=D

      • . . . Laped? I know what you mean, but seriously . . . Laped?

    • Dark Zerato

      You should give Bamco a thumb up if they bring this game oversea.

  • Virevolte

    – The next innovative romantical feature which is totally ICO-like : holding hands !
    – Okay…?

    • Chiupon

      it’s the pinnacle of innovation

      • s07195

        Even Shining Ark had that.

  • Dark Zerato

    Even the anime has more romance elements than holding hands.

    • David García Abril

      And then there’s chapter 16.5…

      • InfectedAI

        Do tell?

        • xXDGFXx

          Sexual intercourse in the story, but not “canon”

          • InfectedAI

            From what I hear technically canon since it was written by the author in the original online version, but left out of the published version. So not quite canon, but not fan fiction either. Was it in the real world or VR world?

          • David García Abril

            Yeah, pretty much that.

            However, judging by the writing style in that chapter (which is VERY different from the rest of the book), that chapter seems to be more a joke from the author than anything else. Hence why it was not included in the published version.

      • X_Bacon

        Two years worth of semen…

  • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

    Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna.

    • Chiupon

      i’m glad i’m not the only one who comes here to mock SAO

  • Croix Zapp

    Is there a NTR route?
    i don’t like Asuna! =3

    • Wappuli

      I have a feeling that you have misunderstood what NTR stands for.

    • Sangaz

      We’ll have some wincest holding hands with Suguha instead.

  • Captain Levi

  • TheExile285

    We should all spam endlessly Namco about localizing this so they can at least consider it….

    • Renaldi Saputra

      petition, anyone?

      • TheExile285

        I don’t have the time to make one but I can support it and spread it around if someone does.

        Probably should wait for some more details about the game but that could be a good idea so this doesn’t end up like OP Pirate Warriors 2 on Vita >_>

        • Renaldi Saputra

          yeah, maybe we should wait more..
          if it’s like IM battle system, maybe no..

  • David García Abril

    For me, this whole “choose your own girl” in games based on anime that have a canon pair don’t make much sense. I could understand it if the main character was the player’s avatar, so it would be wish fulfillment.

    But an already established character? I know that Kirito is far from being an example of good characterization (ESPECIALLY in ALO), but still he has the minimum required to make it weird if he hooks up with, say, Lizbeth. Or worse, Silica or Sugu.

    So yeah, if I ever play this game, I will go with Asuna. As long as she is the badass adorable from SAO, and not the distressed damsel who almost gets raped twice (once by tentacles! Yuk!) in ALO.

    • TheExile285

      Its just for fanservice.

      Tbh, Asuna would not be my first choice.

      • David García Abril

        That’s my point.

        If it’s for fanservice, wouldn’t it make more sense if the character who the girls fall for is your avatar, rather than an established character and, well, taking him out of character?

        Again, I know that Kirito doesn’t have that much of a character, but he has enough to make it feel “wrong”. At least for me.

    • Göran Isacson

      Indeed, it makes it pretty obvious that they’re mostly just interested in letting the players insert themselves into the story and get with the girls, rather than furthering Kiritos story. But apparently, that’s what sells to this particular audience…

    • ShadowDivz

      I was with you until you said Yuk because of tentacle rape.
      Then i just shook my head in disappointment.

      You should learn to love Yivo the tentacle as it loves all of us.
      (Futurama reference)

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      Yeah i agree, fanservice like this is not worth at all.

  • Heropon

    SAO never cease to amaze me with those fanservice .Heheh

    ok , Namco bandai ,instead of funding in this horrible series and making mediocre game like this, how about revive .Hack// series with hold new cast of character and world written by original creator Kazunori Ito , Yoshiyuki Sadamoto as character design

  • Thrasher429

    hold hands…is that what those crazy kids call it these days

  • artemisthemp

    So I can make all the girls… … … how to say this in a proper way… … … fall in love with Kirito and be his girl

  • Aristides

    My soul weeps ;_; If this game is connected to the first PSP game then chances of localization are slim to say the least…

    • InfectedAI

      You’re more optimistic than me thinking it stands a chance of getting localized.

  • Could we get a variation on this gameplay system and apply it to a new .hack//? Please! I’m begging here Namco Bandai, do not abandon the franchise that got me into both anime and Japanese RPGs!

    Anyway, the game looks like fun. Maybe not the greatest game that I’ve seen for the Vita, but definitely fun looking. Probably going to import and try it out.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      I would had rather them work on the dungeons, i didnt had any problems with the battle system but the dungeons were a chore to play.

      • Really? Interesting. I’ve only watched footage for Infinity Moment, so I don’t know entirely, but that’s an interesting point to look into.

  • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

    i hope the auto attack battle system can be switch to manual attack, cause the Psp SAO was auto and that was awful

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