Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Teases A Look At Its Mystery Heroine

By Sato . October 8, 2013 . 5:50pm


Namco Bandai recently announced a new Sword Art Online game for PlayStation Vita, titled Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, which will include co-op to go with spacious fields for Kirito and co. to explore. Dengeki gives us a glimpse of the game’s new heroine and a few more details on the game.



The new character’s name has yet to be revealed, but thus far, we know that she’ll be meeting Kirito in the new unexplored “Hollow Area” of a reborn Aincrad.


03_cs1w1_720x 02_cs1w1_720x

The above is a look at the new Hollow Area, that appears to be part of some sort of ruins. There’s a certain reason as to why this new area hasn’t been explored, until now.


According to the report, Namco Bandai will be using fan feedback gathered from their previous PSP game, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, to vastly improve the upcoming game’s system. They say they will be adding a variety of interesting content to appeal to fans of the Sword Art Online series.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is slated for release next year for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Kornelious

    localization…..that is all.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I doubt.. it’s Namdai and spin off of existing anime series
      also isn’t a part of Jump series

      • Erwin MadJelly

        I’m sure namco bandai will figure it out.. their localizing is not bad compared to shit SEGA

        • Renaldi Saputra

          not bad?
          Namdai haven’t brought us any of niche RPG titles that were spin-offs from existing anime..

          those that they brought are Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, JoJo, etc.. those are all shounen and part of Jump series.. SAO? no

          • Erwin MadJelly

            Things can happen. All we get from sega is Sonic, sonic and more sonic!!

          • Renaldi Saputra

            i know.. maybe you can start a petition to do..
            just like Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode in order to convince Namdai

          • neocatzon

            or psst.. coughhackingcough. It would take a while though, a long “while”.

          • DivinePhoenix69

            Project Diva F and Anarchy Reigns says hi.

          • Brion Valkerion

            SAO was and is a world wide hit though, random no name series not getting localized is one thing, money in the bank is another.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            i know, but look at gundam, accel world, kamen rider, precure, and maybe Madoka (the PSP one).. gundam is so popular not only in Japan so is Kamen Rider

            did they got localized? no…
            same like SAO..

          • David García Abril

            SAO is a world wide hit… among anime fans.

            In other words, it is VERY niche in the general market.

            And if it is anything like the PSP game, it will have way too many words to translate and be profitable.

            The series would need to become a “Naruto” level phenomenon to be a good investment. And even if it achieves it, it won’t be before some time passes.

          • Renaldi Saputra


        • SMT

          If it was for the 3DS or a PS3 game, maybe… But this is for the Vita. Remember, Namco didn’t want to release “Tales of Hearts” here, because according to them, the Vita has too small of a fanbase to make a profit out of localization for a niche title. And if “Tales of Hearts” didn’t stand a chance (After they went through the effort of localizing every game in the series for the PS3 barring Vesperia, simply because it was too late for it), neither will this.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            whatever the platform, it doesn’t matter.. look at those gundam and SRW games, even accel world.. the same thing happened

          • Kornelious

            It seems like were looking at this from the perspective of “how popular the anime is” but what about just being a really good game on its own?

          • Renaldi Saputra

            well bcos it’s based on anime
            and also we haven’t known much about this game so let’s just see whether it will be good or not

    • Dark Zerato

      They are going to use fan feedback. So they should better know what people want.

      • YouGusta

        Fan feedback from Japan, since original games never been localized.

  • Erwin MadJelly

    Localization is the key!! My 2nd game apart from god eater 2 (This will always be first).

  • Oh look, another female that Kirito can woo.

    Aside from that, the fact it’s on Vita means it has a lot more potential over Infinity Moment.

    • Dark Zerato

      You mean many things to do with the touch screen ?

    • DyLaN

      I wouldn’t be so sure about it. The original character in SAO: IM doesn’t get her own ending.

      • I meant in terms of the look and maybe better gameplay / touch screen integration like Zerato mentioned.

        EDIT: Oh, you meant the wooing. Well it doesn’t bother me; I don’t have a Vita.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    With SAO’s recent growth in popularity internationally as well as the anime currently airing on Toonami, im gonna go out on a limb and say that this has a fair/decent shot of localization.

    Even though it doesnt guarantee it will be, Namco have been getting better lately when it comes to localizing some of their titles ie: Tales, Jojos, Saint Seiya(in the US atleast since Europe has gotten the recent titles),The One Piece games, Project X Zone etc.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      note that those are included in Jump series.. and Tales wasn’t a series that was spin-off or based on anime..

      Project X Zone is likely collaboration with many other franchise’s characters, so it doesn’t count

    • David García Abril

      SAO is popular among anime fans, but in the general market it’s still a VERY niche product.

      • DivinePhoenix69

        Never said anything about it being popular among mainstream masses though. It not being a Jump series doesnt really matter, what does matter is if there is a market for it(which it is safe to say that there is).

        Jojos and Saint Seiya are nowhere near Dragonball/Naruto levels of popularity(atleast not in the US their not,Europe is a different story), yet they are still being brought over. Im not saying this SAO game is guaranteed to get localized(it may not since being on the Vita means the chances are slim already) but i wouldnt count out the possibility just yet.

        • Kelohmello

          You’re forgetting that this is Namco Bandai. Regardless of how popular it is among anime fans, it’s still niche. If Xseed or some other small publisher that localized niche japanese games could get their hands on it, then you’d have something to work with, but Namco Bandai’s tendencies mostly shift towards only larger projected profit margins from their games. Something that has no chance of selling that well overseas (It’s a anime game for the vita of all consoles) won’t get brought over.

          • DivinePhoenix69

            Which is why i said the chances are slim to begin with :p.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          there’s always possibility, only the chance is slim

  • Nyekun

    Lack of busty imouto makes me sad.

    • DyLaN

      Give it some time. There just no way they are only putting in Asuna.

  • YouGusta

    What a great year for handheld.

    3DS – Attack on Titan
    Vita – Sword Art Online

  • Sergio Briceño

    My nephew loved the anime so I’m considering importing this for him. It’ll help him learn a foreign language in the most effective way possible, slamming it into your face with a videogame.

  • Guest

    And Kirito has yet another woman~

  • Raltrios

    Can I please make my own character instead of using Kirito? …Please?

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