A Brief Look At Pokemon Amie And Super Training In Pokémon X And Y

By Laura . October 12, 2013 . 5:00pm


In addition to Pokémon Amie (above), Super Training is another new feature you’ll find on the bottom screen of the 3DS in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Usually, the screen shows one Pokémon and a punching bag, and as you play the game the Pokémon will idly punch the bag about once a minute. Each punch is one EV, if I recall correctly. On the other hand, you can tap the bag and prompt the Pokémon to beat the bag up furiously, which will hasten the stat boost.


You have different options of bags you use for different stats and EV growth, or you can take part in the shooting game. Goals appear on different parts of a moving Pokémon balloon and you touch the bottom screen to shoot the goal. This could have been easy, but Pokémon X and Y change the usual formula up a bit. The bottom screen is always blank, so you have to keep your eyes trained on the top. You can use the Circle Pad in all directions to move your Pokémon around to avoid balls the balloon shoots at you. Sometimes the balloon will put up barriers or call up mini-balloons to block your blows. These can be destroyed with shots as well.


Your goal is to score a number of points until you reach a certain score. This number increases as you choose higher level stages. In addition, it seems like your Pokémon’s current EV level affects how many points you gain per ball, so it’s best to work up slowly. They also gain different abilities such as rapid-fire.



There is one course for each stat—HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed, and each seems to focus on different styles of play. Defense training will have the balloon occasionally put up a barrier, which you have to destroy, while Speed focuses on using multiple quick shots through several goals to earn points. This little touch was nice, both to change up the formula and to make it feel more like actual training for your Pokémon.


To the left of the Pokémon is a green vertical bar, which will show just how “fully trained” your Pokémon is.  If you play the game with a fully trained Pokémon, not only will you breeze through the course, you unlock Secret Super Training courses, which are more difficult and allow you to earn prize items such as Leaf or Fire Stones.


While Super Training, like Amie, is completely optional, it may greatly help later in the game where you may want to take a more hands-on approach to EV training your Pokémon for competition purposes. The only obstacle may be that Pokémon can’t train too much or else they’ll become exhausted and have to rest for a while, but overall, I like the option of using it instead of grinding with wild Pokémon (which isn’t efficient in XY simply due to the sheer number of Pokémon that can appear in each patch of grass).

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  • I want to see Mewtwo making a huge smile in Amie.

  • Rohan Viajar

    isn’t it that if you haven’t selected a bag to be punched there is a default that is basically there for show? (what I mean is that it doesn’t affect EV’s, right?)

    Additionally that default bag, if punched constantly by a pokemon that is in “energetic” (or I call it smily face) mode then you get new bags until you reach the max of 12 or until the mode dies out (tested it myself)

    • In core training (not the minigames, but the punching bags), the other bags are found randomly. I wasn’t even punching and one of my Pokemon found some. You can only store 12 bags, and any more are discarded. However, you can only use a bag once, so don’t just keep one of each. (<- my mistake)

      There is a default bag that doesn't do anything, yes. There are also other bags that don't increase EVs. Instead, they affect your performance in the minigames, etc. There's also a bag that can reset your Pokemon's EVs to 0.

      • Rohan Viajar

        cool cool. Thanks for confirming about the default bag.

        Yeah what I was getting at though (about the random bags) was that even though your pokemon can find bags randomly, if they are in that “mode” I mentioned (they should have a smiley face next to them) then you get random bags even faster especially if you keep punching the default bag. (in contrast to punching/leaving alone the pokemon with the default bag with no smiley face)

  • Luis Enrique

    Super Training has no lefty mode, blunder of the century.

    • Masengan

      Hopefully they correct that on the 3rd version if there is one.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    does that mean that status increasing items were removed?
    such as calcium, carbos, etc..

    • CamulaHikari

      Nope. they’re still there as well.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        or maybe those super training also affect the use of those status increasing item..

  • Dexward

    Oh god, I spent so much time with Amie, I got some furniture from playing with my Fennekin for too long and from people across the world.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      what do the furnituredo? I dont seethem in the room

      • Dexward

        It’s just to decorate the space you have when you’re on the Amie screen.

  • Azzrem

    damn,i cant surpress myself any longer! i want to play the game really bad.i dont own a 3ds.cannot afford it because the price is hella expensive in my country.im thinking of getting 2ds as i could afford it although i may be broke for a month lol..still cant decide if i should get it x_x

  • VWinds

    The lack of an XYAB movement option in Super Training is really aggravating for left-handers. It turns what should be a fun mingame into a chore.

  • spent so much time in super training My Venusaur is now fully trained.
    (I’ve basically gave him all-round base stats)

  • hawk222

    So, how does this help, exactly? I mean, if I put my Pansear through the tutorial training regimen, it says his Defense goes up by +4. But if I go to check on his stats (through the Pokemon menu option, not through the Super-Training menu), he hasn’t gained 4 Defense points at all! What’s the deal, man?

    • VolticWind

      EVs don’t work like that, they go towards a small increase in a stat when you have enough. You may notice an increase if you use Super Training several times. Don’t be afraid to use Reset Bags to respec you Pokemon if you find the results unsatisfying.

    • Kcin

      Here’s the Quick explaination for EV’s(super training in X/Y)
      A pokemon can only have 510 EV points, and a single stat can have no more than 255 of those 510 points.
      for every 4 points earned you will gain +1 to the corresponding stat.
      255/4 is 63.75 points but the game will round down to 63 points you will add to the stat.
      as an example if you wanted to do 2 stats for +63 put 252 points into those 2 and you’ll be left with 6 points which the most common practice is to dump the last 4 points into another stat as to not waste 3 points since 255 is the EV limit per stat.

      Super Training has 3 difficulty levels that any pokemon can do once you unlock them. They give +4, +8, and +12 EV’s to the stat you choose, and the points from the bags are also EV points.
      Hopefully my explanation was easy to understand.

  • Matt V

    btw, when a pokemon gets tired in super training, their image on the bottom screen has them sideways, with a speech bubble that displays “…”

    if you tap on the speech bubble with the stylus, they will automatically get up again full of energy. (a smiley face will replace the dots that were in the speech bubble)

    results = no wait time for super training.

  • Riseabovethesky

    Pokémon Amie is my friend (Amie est mon ami(e))

  • Vash bane

    so like the game keep up with the numbers? I am really bad at keeping up with them myself (specially in the past games)

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